Saturday, December 31, 2005

Philippine Commentary Since Reboot

hese are all the posts of Philippine Commentary since this old blog was resurrected in mid-October, 2005. (It's surprising how much of its previous incarnation as survives in the global caches, sometimes embarrassingly, sometimes satisfyingly). Even as we look forward to the year that is yet to be in 2006, this seems to be a good time for a retrospective listing for the convenience of the Readers and Travelers that come to this Archipelago of Philippine Commentaries. There is plenty new in store this coming year, but suffer the recent past of my humble efforts as preparation...

OCTOBER, 2005:

Democracy and the War on Terror

Where Will America Stand As The Iron Fist Falls?

Upping the Ante--Abolish the Senate

The Ominous Silence of Washington

Debating the Anti-Terrorism Bill

Beauty Bares the Nobility of the Nanny

A New Weblog Is Created Every Second

One Bishop Blogging, Four Bishops Blogging

The Good Manoling Morato

The Garcillano Hypothesis

Tribes At War

American Blogger in Mindanao on Civil Liberties

Visual Maps of the Filipino Blogosphere

Civil Rights Pioneer Rosa Parks Dies at 92

19 Clicks is the Diameter of the Blogosphere

The Power Laws of Blogosphere Popularity

America's Interests and the Fate of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

Game Theory and Gloriagate

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the Veto-holders

ABSCBN Anchor Tags Defensor Man in Terror Suspect's Bail Release


Halloween in the Demagagosphere

A Tribute to a True Leader

The Julius Babao Affair and the Missing Terrorist

Rizalist and I

Can the Left Please Explain the Parisian Intifida?

Six U.S. Marines Held For Raping a Filipina in Subic

Will Bloggers Get Clobbered in the Philippines

Is Terrorism a Tactic?

Philippine Government Captured the Wrong One Armed Terrorist?

The Fly in the Ointment

Paris as a Memetic Outbreak

Personal Abhorrence

Before We Won the War and Lost the Peace

ABSCBN Empire Strikes a Blow for Press Freedom?

The Opposition in Full Retreat

Visiting Forces Aggrievement

Scrapping the VFA Will Only Free the Accused Rapists

Bunye & Goebbels -- Masters of the Big Lie Technique

How Secure Are the Southeast Asian Games?

Attack of the Rainbow Warrior

No Blog Is An Island

Land Ho! Oops, the Tubbataha Reefs

Open Source Media Launches

Was This A Gutenberg Moment?

A Future Poem

A Little Yellow Journalism by Leftist Hate-mongers

Orphans of the Anglosphere

Has the Gene Pool Run Out?

Garci's Back -- GMA's Safe For Now?

Metaphor of the Single Jetliner

How Could I Forget?

The Paradox of People Power

To Parry the Coming Offensive

The Wire Tapping. The Wire Tapping!

The Stone of Scone and the Bells of Balangiga

Was the Adam and Eve of All Tapes Digital?

Overhearing the Palace Thinking


And So The Retreat Begins?

Rope-a-Dope Trap: Garci as Poisoned Pawn?

Gold Silver Bronze Black Eye

Fingerprinting the Human Voice

Sunday In Iraq -- Cradle of Civilization

China's New East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

Judas Goat On Top Of Mount Pinatubo

The Day After Pearl Harbor

Supreme Court Will Now Rule in Garci's Favor

Stunning Break in Gloriagate Controversy

Russia, China Big in ASEAN. Where's America?

Fourteen Soldiers Are Hostages of ISAFP

Science Sunday -- the Nuclear Nobel

Long Live the Anti Wire Tapping Law!

The Right to Privacy and the Public's Right to Know

Only the Opposition Can Save GMA

Dilemma of the Poisoned Fruits

Our Love Goes to Democratic Iraq!

Big Wiretapping Issue in America Too

Bush Addresses the Wiretapping Issue

What WAS the Star of Bethlehem

Democratic Iraq -- First and Only in the Arab World

Davide Retires -- Good Riddance

Iraq is a Project Like Japan or Germany

Freedom and Garci's Second Petition

FVR Calls on GMA to Cut and Cut Cleanly

Chief Justice Panaganiban In His Own Words

Bells of the Archipelago Called Earth

Future American Leaders Are In Iraq

Democratic Iraq Is A Baby In Bloody Swaddling Clothes

National Security is the Highest National Interest

Nobody Died Today...It's All A Vile Rumour

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Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Many thanks as well for shining a light in our paths.

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Thanks for all your insightful posts. Definitely one of the better reads out there in the blogosphere. Carry on!