Sunday, November 13, 2005

Scrapping VFA Will Only FREE Accused Rapists

crapping the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) is a very strange idea if you're real interest is for justice to be done in the case of six U.S. servicemen accused of raping a 22 year old Filipina in Subic. Why?

Because the immediate effect would most certainly be the immediate release of those six men. (Or at very least it would mean the end of any legal process of investigation, prosecution and trial within Philippine jurisdiction. )

I think that this simple observation reveals the depths of our depravity when we even indulge the idea.

I am dead set against SCRAP THE VFA because this utterly insensitive Leftist slogan really means FREE THE ACCUSED NOW.

That's what the Main Stream Media should be saying whenever they cover the upcoming events of the Organized Left, instead of participating in a conspiracy of silence, or worse, an amplification of this criminal attempt to obstruct Justice. They should not indulge the persecution complexes of the Organized Left.

I call on Philippine Daily Inquirer specifically to take your blinders off folks, and look at who you are in bed with, coddling.


Rizalist said...

Frequent Emailer QTpi asks why we cannot scrap the VFA AND prosecute the accused. To me, it's a legal issue involving abandoning a criminal suit. Abrogation of the VFA would mean we won't abide by the agreed-to process, so even if the US Military would be conducting its own internal investigation of them, they cannot also release the men to our leftist Mobs, or dare I say, the People's Tribunal.

1289347102947 said...

"Abrogation of the VFA would mean we won't abide by the agreed-to process"

No, the agreed to process won't be abandoned. They would still be covered by the old VFA. Abrogation won't have a retroactive effect.

You're obvious apologist for the Americans. I dunno why. Maybe it's in your mentality.

Amadeo said...

We have to face up to the fact that those who are ardently anti-something will always, whether knowingly or unknowingly, find sufficient rationalization to promote that agenda.

They may actually be truly convinced that what they are proposing is for some perceived good. And when emotions rather than rationality or even practicability get in the way, then we may encounter this myopia that appears very easy for many to discern but not by others.

Rizalist said...

Amadeo, Hi! Glad you dropped in Traveler. You know I can't remember anymore which blog it is out there that has this motto which I liked so much I saved it but not the URL:

I'll meet you 'round the bend
my friend,
where hearts can heal
and souls can mend...

Amadeo said...

Here's the URL:

Rizalist said...

Hey thanks A! That's the old Baghdad Burning site, now I remember...Just blogrolled it nga eh. It's mostly the slogan I like there, the rest is so hard to bear reading...but we are on the other side of the world a century thence.

manuelbuencamino said...


Continuing our thread from the other post, I think it is not accurate to say the immediate effect of abrogating the VFA would most certainly be the immediate release of those six men. "(Or at very least it would mean the end of any legal process of investigation, prosecution and trial within Philippine jurisdiction. ) "

They will not be released. Without the VFA those men will be charged like any other person who is alleged to have broken our laws. They will be arraigned and detained if they are not granted bail.

The Americans will have to take them away. And that would be disregarding and mocking our laws. That is different from saying the accused will be released.

The left argues that the VFA is the root cause of it all and should be abrogated. I won't go that far. Like I said, we have to look for parity, some kind of real quid pro quo.

As to our prisons. I don't think their prisons, especially state prisons, are better than our city jails. And certainly, Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib are not vacation resorts. I just say this because although I agree that america may be better at good things, they are just as bad , if not worse, at bad things. As a matter of fact, I see more of their bad side leaking into their good side than the other way around.But this is beside the point.

The VFA cannot stand as is, Regardless of the outcome of this case, if changes are not made, we will see the same thing happening again.

I don't understand why Americans want to be immune from our laws. Our laws are not alien to them. We abhor the same types of crimes. We also believe in innocence until proven guilty and we have habeas corpus just like they do . Our jurisprudence is based on theirs. So what is the problem?

Without this immunity thing, I doubt if there is anything more to complain about.

What you think? Shouldn't we focus on this immunity thing so we can save the agreement?

Rizalist said...

I think I'm gonna let you have the last word on the immunity issue MB, because I really do have to think about this one some and you are right that it is certainly in the interests of both countries to save the Agreement and not let these inequities fester.

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