Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Has the Gene Pool Run Out?

enator Ramon Magsaysay, Jr. has just revealed to ABSCBN News ANC Anchors Carmina Constantino and Pinky Webb the existence of a BLACKMAIL attempt on him by Undersecretary Belinda Gonzales and an Assistant Secretary of the Department of Agriculture in order to halt the Senate investigation into the 2004 Fertilizer Fund Scam. ABSCBN television is carrying the banner that Senator Ramon Magsaysay, Jr. Bares Attempt to Stop Fertilizer Fund Scam investigation. Contacted by phone, the accused official of the Dept. of Agriculture seemed to be sweating bullets under the grilling of ABSCBN's noon time anchor women. The stuttering and the muttering we have seen and heard so much in this ghastly season of cover-up and stonewalling. But who is more credible now in the glare of the klieg lights, her or Senator Magsaysay?

This is serious. Malacanang Palace has survived the Gloriagate Crisis for one rather outstanding reason--there hasn't been any credible replacement to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to arise from the silent ranks of Presidential Timbre over at the Senate. As if the Gene Pool had run out. I shall have to withdraw my characterization of all senators as being pusillanimous. It's just most of them, as it turns out.

Maybe now, something else has run out on the sitting President -- the patience and forebearance of just and patriotic men. Ramon Magsaysay, Senior is the President who defeated the communist insurgency in the 1950s. May the bloodline run strong in his most worthy son.

And don't even pay attention to this ABSCBN News report that someone else is suddenly smelling the stench and maybe starting balimbing season early?

I think it is generally conceded that only the baptism of a free election can possibly give democracy a new lease on life in the Philippines. Given the President's apparent intention to make the people wait until 2010 for that, though it seems an infinity away, I'm beginning to like the original suggestion of the Minority Leader, Sen. Aquilino Pimentel, that the President and Vice President both resign, honorably and with the country's best interest foremost, then allow the prescribed Constitutional process to take over. Senate President Franklin Drilon would assume caretaker status as acting President, until elections can be held in about 6 weeks as prescribed by Law.

The President can make a great valedictory speech of resignation on December 30, 2005, the 40th anniversary of her own father's last day in office (Pres. Diosdado Macapagal), and the 3rd anniversary of her own speech promising [sic!] not to run in the 2004 elections--that insufferable Gordian Knot in Philippine politics. By Valentine's Day 2006, it could be a whole new deal...

I know, I know...it's just that I wanna write a letter to Santa Claus early this year for all the little children in this blasted Archipelago of the monster ego in deceptively petite packages.

FOR CONTINENTAL FILIPINOS: Two key witnesses in the Fertilizer Scam investigation wanted by the Philippine Senate are former Secretary of Agriculture Cito Lorenzo and his Undersecretary JOC JOC BOLANTE, who was the "mechanic". Like Garci these persons have gone desaparecido. I'm sure some of you in the United States have sat next to Joc Joc in one of those places where Fil Ams gather, like Tito Rey of the Islands in Daly City or Disneyland, or have heard of people who know the whereabouts of that fugitive from Justice. If you do, tackle the lil runaway until the Media can get there. You will have done this country and America a great service. (I doubt you'll run into Cito Lorenzo in such places though, since he is the CEO of La Panday Philippines, which not too long ago owned 17% of the world banana market. Personally, I think he was probably forced to approve these releases, which is why he did resign under mysterious circumstances. But I could be wrong. Maybe the angels have sprouted horns. Anything's possible here. ) Send Philippine Commentary email or text tips to 63 919 618 5456.

CODDLERS: So they only use remote controlled [devices for blowing off the feet of innocent civilians and combatant soldiers of the class enemy] hah? Shame on you again Philippine Daily INQLiar for printing this and steadfastly ignoring this and this.

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BOOK CHECKOUT: Filipino bloggers may be interested in reading a book by James C. Bennett of Albion's Seedlings entitled, The Anglosphere Challenge Check it out folks! Haven't read it, but I will publish your reviews and comments on it. About half of it is available on-line, the author informs me. "Albion" in case you haven't googled for it yet, is the old name for "England."


mlq3 said...

His nickname is Jun (for Junior). I think Jun Magsaysay would make a great president.

Rizalist said...

I stand corrected!

Rizalist said...

Noli? Noli who? I'm sure he'll go along with it, rather than face...Noligate!

Anonymous said...

I remember one prof in Philgov said that the great president was CIA diyos ko sabi ko bat ba to pinayagang magturo dito

I believe given more time the Sen can become one too

but one of the personalities involved now in the agri scam I am disappointed with is Cito Lorenzo

kung tingnan mo kasi matinong tao
at mukhang masipag....pero don't have to judge someone nga pala baka makita muta ko eh....

Rizalist said...

i don't believe for one minute that cito would've condoned this. my recollection is he was very unhappy with it and left under "cloudy" circumstances. in fact, he was appointed to head the Land Bank. But I know he was in govt for the real front line action of promoting our agriculture, not futzing around in a bank. I bet HE would have an interesting story to tell. And I would believe him.

Anonymous said...

Yes DJB,

I remember he on ce defended himself well to those questioning his frequent milage

that he was just doing his job
and the frequent miles were in the Philippines not around the globe as some perople I know who are called public servants

Rizalist said...

Cito is a billionaire who didn't need any of this sh*t being in the government. But he wanted to do it, because he had a lot of great ideas and solid track record. Some years back the Chinese built a hiway in Guangdong Province, naming it the Mabuhay Highway, after the Mabuhay Banana, duties on the importation of which from the Philippines, financed the construction. I think "Mabuhay" and not "dole" is how Southern Chinese call imported bananas!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks as always for the info