Monday, October 17, 2005

A New Weblog Is Being Created Every Second

TECHNORATI's Dave Sifry reports on the explosive growth of the blogosphere in this weblog post (of course!) He summarizes the most interesting stats:
* As of October 2005, Technorati is now tracking 19.6 million weblogs
* The total number of weblogs tracked continues to double about every 5 months
* The blogosphere is now over 30 times as big as it was 3 years ago, with no signs of letup in growth
* About 70,000 new weblogs are created every day
* About a new weblog is created each second
* 2% - 8% of new weblogs per day are fake or spam weblogs
* Between 700,000 and 1.3 million posts are made each day
* About 33,000 posts are created per hour, or 9.2 posts per second
* An additional 5.8% of posts (or about 50,000 posts/day) seen each day are from spam or fake blogs, on average.

Well that makes the CBCP's plan to make every Bishop a blogger a far-sighted one. At least they know where all the sheep are gonna be. And the wolves.

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