Thursday, November 17, 2005

Open Source Media Launches

16 Nov 2005
10:00 PM Manila Time
10:00AM in New York
Open Source Media has launched!
(This was Pajamas Media, renamed.)
Listen to the BLOGJAM party live here. (Real Player)
Here is the list of blogs that make up the new blog collective of 70+ top blogs from around the world

There is a Filipino, a Filipino-American and Filipino-Australian blogger in the group:

Manuel L. Quezon III,
whom everyone knows in the local blogosphere, our self-styled Glenn Reynold's (Instapundit). Also runs The Manolo Shoe Blog for the collective. [UPDATE 17-NOV: I have just received word that this information may be WRONG. MLQ3 does not own the Shoe Blog. I have confirmed this with knowledgeable authority. Then there is mounting evidence from a founder of OSM, Roger Simon that the Manolo could be any one of three other equally famous persons.I am persuaded by this that the Mystery of the Manolo continues and may never be solved. Surely not before we find Garci! Hat Tip:Political Junkie]
Michelle Malkin, syndicated U.S.-based columnist and neoconservative blogger (usually ranked in the Top 10 on's Top 500).
Richard Fernandez, the pseudonymous Wretchard of the highly analytical Belmont Club in Australia. ("History and history in the making.") He is a product of the De La Salle schools in Manila and Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. Great chess player too! Wretchard posts from the Big Apple. He says Glenn Reynolds looks like "your average nice guy".

Speakers Snippets:

Roger L. Simon: "We have the potential to be more accurate than the main stream media...fully capable of scooping traditional media...we will publicize our errors on our front the search for truth...our guiding principle will be citizen journalism...from the grassroots by citizens." Roger just introduced Wretchard to appreciative applause...who is well-loved in the global blogosphere for an incandescent thoughtfulness...
Charles Johnson of the conservative blog Little Green Footballs is showing the main web site of Open Source Media. He explains that the collective aims to unite the blogosphere and main stream journalism.

Here is a snapshot of (L-R) Austin Bay, Richard Fernandez, Roger L. Simon: (Hat tip: W.)

Political Roundtable (Paraphrase of live event...)

David Corn:"A lot of blogging would not exist without the main stream media...But blogging day to day is like going on television everyday...without getting interruped. I find writing to be better than going on TV..."

Richard Fernandez:"...The power of the blog is the ability basically to take you forward in deductive and inductive ways to a conclusion ... without arguing from a position of personal authority..." (up until one month ago, the author the Belmont Club was anonymous yet his blog is Top 100 in the blogosphere.)

Larry Kudlow: "Blogging is allows me to vent...easier than jogging around Central Park...cheaper than therapy...QUESTION: Should every blog be balanced? or will objectivity come from a large number of competing liberal and conservative blogs..."

David Corn: "Bloggers can put stuff up faster than the New York Times."

Claudia Rosetti:"Transactions costs have dropped dramatically."

Richard Fernandez:"All the fun goes out of blogging when you have to be too careful on what you write...but the market will decide the fate of your blog...the only thing you have to know about a blog is: DOES IT FOLLOW?"

Claudia: "...If you set yourself up as someone selling the truth, you have to be really careful...situation is different for fiction, gossip sites, and opinion blogs... "

David Corn:"...The voice of Omniscience is dead..."

Claudia Rosetti:"There are more ways for people to lie now...but also far more ways to check...there is a far bigger market for the truth than for the lies...[on the UN takeover plan of the WWW:] When there is man with a plan..look out."

Austin Bay:"Geographic Dispersion ... we are learning who has credibility and analytic capability...the Internet has allowed local knowledge to take on parachute journalism..."

Richard Landis:"...Bloggers should be modest even as they gain influence in the world..."

Finally, the guy in this picture is the most famous blogger in the world, the No. 1, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. She is the lady in Atlas Shrugs where these pix come from...

Good night folks! Gotta get in my pajamas...


Rizalist said...

A Warm Welcome Traveler! It is cloudy in the Archipelago...
Was this a Gutenberg Moment in New York? I just hope the fun doesn't go out of it because of COLLECTIVIZATION.

AmericanPainter said...


Thanks milions! As a newbie to the world of blogging I appreciate the info on these blogging sites!

J. Angelo Racoma said...

Great development!

Tracking back. My post here.


Rizalist said...

It was great event. Hope you guys caught it.

john marzan said...

Dean, I did not know MLQ3 is THE Manolo Shoe Blogger.

And wasn't Manolo trying to keep his identity a secret?

Rizalist said...

Gee John, "MANOLO" has got to be a dead giveaway don't you think? Perhaps it was more of the marketing they had to do for the Launch, where "the Manolo" was a big part of the first half of the launch, which had a lighter mood to it before they got into the political round table. and the fact that the Daily Dose of MLQ3 comes just b4 Manolo Blog in the OSM blogs list.

Rizalist said...

Just been over browsing at OSM. Boy I wonder if Gutenberg's Press was this SLOW?

Hehe must be the heavy traffic. Or are they using FRAMES on that site?

john marzan said...

Gee John, "MANOLO" has got to be a dead giveaway don't you think?

uhmmm... not really. but thanks for this info about mlq3.

and the fact that the Daily Dose of MLQ3 comes just b4 Manolo Blog in the OSM blogs list.

OTOH, i checked mlq3's blog, and the shoeblog is not listed there.

john marzan said...

anyway, it's cool that manolo has two blogs listed in OSM.

Rizalist said...

Check my update John! You and I were WRONG! I didn't out him coz MLQ3 does not own the Shoe Blog after all. And they steadfastly refuse to tell me at OSM hq (I begged them to tell me) who the Manolo really is. No one seems to know...

john marzan said...

And they steadfastly refuse to tell me at OSM hq (I begged them to tell me) who the Manolo really is.

Yup. Roger and his attorneys contractually not allowed to reveal the true identity of Manolo to just anybody who comes askin.

No amount of begging will get them to do that. ;)

Rizalist said...

Wretchard's right, that Glenn Reynolds looks like an ordinary nice guy. But boy look at that wicked looking Atlas Shrugged, huh? My favorite though is Roger L. Simon, heck I'VE got a hat like that and wear it all the time when I'm in the mountains. Galing!