Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No Blog Is An Island

I have been watching
the Blogosphere growing,
one leaf,
one page,
one name at a time
at the Blogger Home,
the only place I know
that maxes out
the lil green Google bar at Logarithm Ten.

As from a well of souls
the baby blogs arrive
one per second,
minute by minute,
hour after hour,
as if by magic.

the names flow by
in an endless stream.
Each a blogger born.
Each a synapse made.
A single-file parade of blogspot names
Some clever, some lame...
YoungerNext Year,
a s h l e y,
Oles blogg,
Chroniques d'un Comte,
Sweet Red Delicious,
Parece Mentira...

Be a Linker and Father,
Or a Thinker and Mother.

Or both.
Or better yet,
Be a Meme
Be a Viral Idea
Be a Nightmare or a Dream
Of the Global Brain!
Pajaros de Sal
The Hurting
Redgaards de perfecto
The Penman Ozer Daily
box full of sharp objects
I'm no tai-tai okay?
African Spirit
Cheryl's Tea House
Pixel Paradigm

(You need a Blogger account to participate in comment threads at Philippine Commentary--an unfortunate necessity in a splog pandemic. But it's the fastest, easiest signup-setup in the Blogosphere. Lazybones!)


aa said...

wow, djb. growing at a geometric rate huh. will it, like a bubble, burst, in the future? doubt it.

btw, whatta poem. :)

Rizalist said...

Welcome AA!

And how are the novelists of our tribe doing: telling the truth through fiction, revealing the plot of life, our deepest connection?

heather said...

Totally excellent, and the Rainbow "Warriors" will, I hope, enjoy your prison system for a LONG time.

Don't you love the sensitive, aesthetic remarks by these jerks, as they boat onto Filipino territory? I would expect they think of your country as a 'sh*tty little 3rd world country" fit only to be a backdrop for their ongoing adventurous twenties...

remmaps said...
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Econblogger said...


Great, incisive blog. I'll reciprocate your link soon.

Incidentally, Google also has a page rank 10.

Trosp said...

I should have posted my previous comment here. At any rate, more power to your blog.

Rizalist said...

Thanks TROSP!

We learn the most from those who disagree with us. I appreciate the lessons!

To ECONBlogger: My link policy is: I have none other than that I link to blogs I like to read. If the feeling is mutual, that is GREATLY appreciated.

Rizalist said...

You never know, MCL, maybe MLQ read this post last year and learned to read Confessions with a more appreciative and less dismissive eye. My karma has been generally good!