Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Garcillano Hypothesis

is the grain of sand
encased in a new-made pearl,
the glorious secret hidden in the hard stone ball
that imprisons them

just love Internet Radio. One of my favorite old time Radio sites is the SHERLOCK HOLMES SOCIETY of LONDON's amazing trove of MP3's containing radio dramatizations of such classics as Murder in the Locked Room and The Disappearing Scientists. I decided to revisit that old haunt because there was an interesting conversation around the question "Where Is Garci?" over at Ricky Carandang Reporting last night.

The theory currently in favor and being discussed by several of the comment-posters, is that VIRGILIO GARCILLANO is in South America, in places like Brazil or Argentina. This theory is being stoked, it seems, by curious leaks from the Department of Foreign Affairs, which is controverted by further curious leaks from the same Department, suggesting Garci is in Europe, maybe Poland...maybe Timbuktoo!

Know what I think? I think Garcillano is right here in the Philippines.

He's gotta be. I've come to this HYPOTHESIS by applying Sherlock Holmes' famous dictum to the present mysterious case: Once you have eliminated every other logical explanation or solution to a mystery, the one that remains, no matter how improbable, must be true!

The mystery of course, is:
"Where is Garci?"

Well, there are two distinct and mutually exclusive possibilities. One, he is outside the country. Two, he is inside the country.

I think the most logical place to hide Virgilio Garcillano is right here in the Philippines.

Why? One, it’s easier for him to be found in all those foreign places cause he isn’t from there. Which means he could stick out like a sore thumb to some observant local hombre or, as as Fate would probably choose, an OFW working as a nanny, waiter or delivery man.

Two, there would be more positive control of him here, should more drastic measures be necessary to keep his secrets untold.

Those DFA “sources” of "tips" as to the missing Commissioner's whereabouts, might just be conduit for misdirection leaks to far away places like Brazil and Argentina.

But folks, put yourself in GMA's shoes. Wouldn't you want Garci close enough to put a sock in his mouth if he so much as yawns? Would you want him gallivaunting around making cell phone calls to bar girls in Rio de Janeiro or Cancun? Or hiding out at some Monastery or Motel in the wine country of Germany or France? Or Lichtenstein, a favorite retirement ground for Filipino cronies on the lam?

If I were in GMA's shoes, I wouldn’t want to be stuck here fighting for my life at a Palace by the Pasig, fending off mobs, coups d'etat, and nosey critics every day while the guy who holds all my deepest, darkest secrets, Virgilio Garcillano, is living it up in a villa by the Seine or sipping mou-tai in a Shanghai bordello, thinking, “Gee this is nice, who needs Manila. I can sing to TIME Magazine or write a cell-n-tell BLOG! I Get rich and famous by turning GMA in!"


The chances are simply much greater that the garrulous mug of the rolly-polly Missing Commissioner of our miseries will be spotted if he is OUTSIDE the Philippines. It would be an unacceptable risk, no matter what venue you chose to hide him in. In whatever country he goes, some OFW working as a maid or waiter or secretary would eventually realize who he is and that would be the end of the hunt for him (such as it is!)

Which is why I am quite convinced that GARCI is here, probably within kilometers of where I sit making this speculation. It would simply be too dangerous, illogical, foolish, and even, suicidal for him to be out in the wide world.

Control freaks want you where they can well, control you. If Garci is in some foreign location outside the Philippines, there would be too many uncontrollable factors that could create big trouble. Unless of course, he's dead...

Now, I don't want to sound macabre about this, but I think it is also a fair question to ask the related question:Is Garci still ALIVE?

This creates the following MATRIX of possible conditions for us to investigate Dr. Watson:
GARCI is ALIVE and INSIDE the Philippines.

GARCI is ALIVE and OUTSIDE the Philippines.

GARCI is DEAD and INSIDE the Philippines.

GARCI is DEAD and OUTSIDE the Philippines.

Regarding yesterday's post, (which was my rendition of that modern classic called a BLOG RANT), I must thank MLQ3 for sending me a proper riposte from the Society of Jesus Father Provincial and his confreres, to the poison pen letter of Mr. Morato. But I'm all calmed down now...


john marzan said...

OT dean, pero napansin ko yung title ng blog mo is UNTITLED.

kaya puro Untitled rin ang search results sa google kapag hinanap mo yung philippine commentary.

john marzan said...

I agree with your hypothesis, btw.

Rizalist said...

thanks for the heads up John. I think its fixed now. just a few lil things left to tidy up.