Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Civil Rights Pioneer Rosa Parks Dies At 92

Stop-the-ACLU carries the entitled sad news and delivers a tribute that those unfamiliar with the site might find surprising:
A true hero in the civil rights movement. This woman’s courage to face arrest for equality helped to spark a revolution that awakened America from judging someone on the basis of their skin color. She will go down in history as an individual that helped change the world for the better. This woman’s courage changed the course of history. May she rest in peace.
The example of Rosa Parks goes beyond the struggle for racial equality. For pure civil libertarians fighting dictatorships and tyrannical regimes, she proved that "people power" begins with the smallest minority--that of a single brave person. In her simple but defiant stand for what was indubitably right, by the light of her conscience and faith in God, I am reminded of our own sublimely gentle, but righteously defiant Rosa Parks, in Corazon Aquino, whose struggles on behalf of Liberty are far from over.

To Rosa Parks--Our Liberty IS Your Liberty, Sister!

And look what could happen next.

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