Monday, January 2, 2006

Are the Garci Tapes Studio Fakes?

DI COLUMNIST Randy David ("Hello, Garci Happy New Year!") is dismayed and disdainful at the claim of fellow columnist Honesto General ( that The Garci Tapes are Fake
No voice expert--certainly not Randy David--can authenticate the Garci tapes by just playing the tapes, even repeatedly. Only a similar set of equipment that produced them can detect the fakery... Somehow, I cannot get rid of this sneaky feeling that those who have been crying for the whole truth do not really want the whole truth to come out because they know the whole truth is that the Garci tapes are fake.
There is something quite amazing about Honesto's General's theory that Randy completely ignored in his riposte. Although Mr. General opines that the Garci Tapes are fake, he BETS that the FAKERY was done using the Intelligence Services of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) --
Technology, equipment and expertise are now available in Metro Manila for taping the voices of two real people engaged in a conversation that never took place. I am prepared to bet a case of pale pilsen beer that one place where the technology, equipment and expertise are available is the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, (Isafp). Did you not catch the testimony of Marietta Santos, T/Sgt. Doble's number three, at Senator Biazon's committee hearings? She said, among many other things, Isafp was wiretapping the President's telephones. Do you wonder why? The Garci tapes are the recordings of the authentic voices of President Arroyo and Garcillano...
He is not specific about how ISAFP wiretaps might have become the variants of the Garci Tapes, but Mr. General actually invents a character (mysteriously called "Lobo") who presumably gets a hold of ISAFP's trove of tapes and splices together what should be an Oscar-winning 2005 effort for Audio Editing Mastery and True-to-Life Realism. Not impossible, but Mr. General probably just saw the Senate Defense Comittee hearing of Rodolfo Biazon and Senate President Frank Drilon and figured out a good way to stick it to Randy David. The main point of course is that no matter what the contents of the Garci conversations, and even if they were studio spliced fakes, it is the mere fact that they contain the Commander-in-chief's voice that makes them a matter of grave concern that National Security is the Highest National Interest.

Missing this point is very common among pundits like Mr. General who are in the habit of betting cases of pale pilsen beer on something that was just telecast nationwide from the Senate halls and happens to be the most plausible theory of how the Garci recordings came to be made. I only wish Randy David would not use the termlike "hermeneutics and ethnomethodology" to describe his otherwise excellent use of common sense in comprehending the conversations encountered in the Garci recordings, which have indeed entered the public domain of common indignation as the Garci Tapes. (Still available in all their eternal MP3 glory at this PCIJ webpage). See also, The Dilemma of the Poisoned Fruits.

But if the Opposition politicians and media continue to deal with Gloriagate as an extended 2004 election protest, then the wiretappers will get away with the biggest crime against National Security since R.A. 4200 was signed into Law in 1965. That crime is "content neutral" -- it would be as grievous WHATEVER Garci and the President were discussing.


manuelbuencamino said...

DJB, happy new year.

The following comment does not ignore your case on wiretapping. It only seeks to point out the absurdity of arguing that the Garci tapes are fake.

Honesto neglects to mention something which I don't think is within the capbalility of Lobo. Those conversations between Garci and Gloria Arroyo referred to actual events. Events that can be verified even without the tapes. Does Honesto honestly believe that Lobo also spliced those actual incidents into reality? I'll bet a case of pale pilsen that Honesto is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Rizalist said...

MB--Remember that Honesto General allows for the RAW MATERIAL of the Garci Tapes to have been wiretaps of REAL CONVERSATIONS. Also we know that Doble probably chose material interesting to the people buying the tapes from him. I think the mental mistake is to treat the Garci tapes as evidence of voterigging, when they are clearly evidence of wiretapping. That's why the case has gone nowhere. People are barking up the wrong tree because "national security" is not a politically correct issue.

manuelbuencamino said...

To concentrate on it as purely vote rigging is limited because a kidnapping, among other crimes was also discussed.

But I agree with you that investigating the tapes as a purely wiretapping deal can produce more serious consequences for Arroyo.

My comment was simply following General's story to its absurd conclusion. If we follow his splicing theory then we have to explain events that occured within his theory. Then you have a real Hollywood production involving a cast of thousands. Then you have to ask yourself did Lobo pick certain incidents and then create the dialogue to fit them? Let's call General's bet and double it.

Rizalist said...

CHEERS to that MB! Have a blessed New Year!