Monday, February 27, 2006

As the Sun Sets and Darkness Falls Over My Sad Archipelago

CAN YOU SPELL F-A-S-C-I-S-M General? (Just asking!)

I feel a supernal ENVY for those most fortunate descendants of the great American Freedom Fighter Justice Frederick O. Douglass who said, "Your forefathers were men of peace; but they preferred revolution to peaceful submission to bondage. They were quiet men but they did not shrink from agitating against oppression. They showed forebearance but they knew its limits. They believed in order but not the order of tyranny. With them nothing was "settled" that was not right. With them, justice, liberty and humanity were "final" -- but not slavery and oppression. You may well cherish the memory of such men, for they seized upon eternal principles, and set a glorious example in their defense. Mark them."

And now I am about to violate the Copyrights of the ABSCBN Network by posting below the audio recording I made last Friday night of a most excellent discussion on Proclamation 1017, worthy of the Volokh Conspiracy, except it suffers from the evanescent ethereality of all television. If you didn't watch it or have a good DVD recorder, you won't benefit from the discussion. So for the vast asynchronous audience that doesn't have a clue as to what is really going on in the Philippine Archipelago of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, I hereby willingly violate the Intellectual Property Rights Act of the Philippines, begging only the indulgence of that huge ABSCBN Network, considering that Philippine Commentary is still Google ad-free. This discussion may be the last truly free public discussion of this issue. As this is an issue "tainted with public interest," my conscience is clear even as I publicly confess my crime to the party whose commercial and proprietary interests may be damaged hereby--

Here are lawyers, Dong Puno, Marichu Lambino, Dean Raul Pangalangan (University of the Philippines Law School and Harvard University) and Amado Valdez. (audio portion of Dong Puno Live telecast by ABSCBN News on ANC 24 February 2006 2100 gmt+8)

Legal Analysis of Proclamation 1017 on Dong Puno Live (Part 1)

Legal Analysis of Proclamation 1017 on Dong Puno Live (Part 2)

Philippine Commentary releases to the public domain for as wide distribution as possible the following audio recording of President Arroyo announcing Proclamation 1017 and an accompanying English Translation of it.

The Original in Pilipino (MP3)
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
Exec. Order No. 1017
24 February 2006
1125 am GMT+8
Manila, Philippines

I have translated the President's remarks into English for non-speakers of Pilipino national language. But I would appreciate suggestions for improving its fidelity to the letter and spirit, or should I say, the sound and the sense of the above original from Readers in the Comment Thread. Salamat in advance.
PRES. ARROYO: "My Countrymen, I have declared a state of emergency because of a clear and present danger to the Republic which we detected and foiled. There are several who attempted to deviate from the chain of command, in violation of civilian government, and to establish an unconstitutional regime. We defeated this plot. Part of our action was to capture the military and civilian conspirators. We shall also not let pass the financial and political support for the rebellion. The govt has stopped this illegal action. Aside from the few who who broke away, all officers of the military are properly in line down to batallion level. As Commanderj-in-Chief I have full control of the situation. I just finished meeting with my Cabinet, who are united in the public service inspite of the security calamity. I am calling on all local govts to continue to serve. The people's safety and security should not be endangered. Meantime, I am leaving to the Chief of the AFP and the Chief of the Police, all required actions. They will report to media about what will happen next. The Foreign Affairs Secretary will brief the diplomatic embassies. But here is my warning to those plotting against the nation, the full force of the law will fall on your treachery. You are harming the poor in dragging us down from our proper level in the world (senseless phrase here she read the prompter wrong!) You are unmooring the economy from its strengthening fundamentals. My countrymen I ask you all to stay calm. I ask the Media to report events according to public duty, and don't allow harmful rumor and wrong news. Thank you for believing in our naton and our bright future. May God bless the Filipino nation."
Here is Proclamation 1017 itself--

WHEREAS, over these past months, elements in the political opposition have conspired with authoritarians of the extreme Left represented by the NDF-CPP-NPA and the extreme Right, represented by military adventurists — the historical enemies of the democratic Philippine State — who are now in tactical alliance and engaged in a concerted and systematic conspiracy, over a broad front, to bring down the duly constituted Government elected in May 2004.

WHEREAS, these conspirators have repeatedly tried to bring down the President;

WHEREAS, the claims of these elements have been recklessly magnified by certain segments of the national media;

WHEREAS, this series of actions is hurting the Philippine State — by obstructing governance including hindering the growth of the economy and sabotaging the people’s confidence in government and their faith in the future of this country;

WHEREAS, these actions are adversely affecting the economy;

WHEREAS, these activities give totalitarian forces of both the extreme Left and extreme Right the opening to intensity their avowed aims to bring down the democratic Philippine State;

WHEREAS, Article 2, Section 4 of our Constitution makes the defense and preservation of the democratic institutions and the State the primary duty of Government;

WHEREAS, the activities above-described, their consequences, ramifications and collateral effects constitute a clear and present danger to the safety and the integrity of the Philippine State and of the Filipino people;

NOW, THEREFORE, I Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President of the Republic of the Philippines and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested upon me by Section 18, Article 7 of the Philippine Constitution which states that: “ The President…whenever it becomes necessary,…may call out (the) armed forces to prevent or suppress…rebellion…, “ and in my capacity as their Commander-in-Chief, do hereby command the Armed Forces of the Philippines, to maintain law and order throughout the Philippines, prevent or suppress all forms of lawless violence as well any act of insurrection or rebellion and to enforce obedience to all the laws and to all decrees, orders and regulations promulgated by me personally or upon my direction; and as provided in Section 17, Article 12 of the Constitution do hereby declare a State of National Emergency.

IN WITNESS HEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Republic of the Philippines to be affixed.

Done in the City of Manila, this 24th day of February, in the year of Our Lord, two thousand and six.

Republic of the Philippines
At this point I want to thank blogs that have paid attention to our grievous situation in the Philippine Archipelago--Austin Bay and the Belmont Club.

God Bless Us All!


Who Is Col. Ariel Querubin?
PCIJ/blog has the backgrounder on the Marine officer at the center of yesterday's action at Fort Bonifacio.

Manuel L. Quezon III
was actually at the scene yesterday and gives a first person account...also how Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will discover what it is to take on the people who buy ink by the barrel. MLQ3 posts the Transcript of the Media Press Freedom Converence.


Unknown said...

Hi, DJB. Thanks for the coverage and the commentary. It's mighty difficult to know what's really going on out here in the boondocks.

Deany Bocobo said...

The boondocks? haha you must be a reader of Ye Olde Philippine Commentary--"Original, Nonanonynmous Writing from the Boondocks of the Archipelago"

a warm welcome dominique

manuelbuencamino said...


It's now a war of attrition. We'll make sure she never gets a good night's sleep againL Let's see how long she can hold out in her bunker

Dave Llorito said...

at this time, seems like impeachment might work. what do you think?

Coffee with Amee said...


thanks for posting the mp3s. i regularly check your blog for updates.

Dave Llorito said...

ha ha. supposing lomibao takes over tribune. that should be good coz he will require 120,000 cops to buy the paper each day. that's a joke of course, but its not funny.

Deany Bocobo said...

WB--But it IS funny. I was listening to Maria Ressa, Gani Yambot and Vergel O Santos taking NTC's Ronaldo Solis apart last night. I just wish I had recorded the program! Just think, they literally need an uber-media org to keep tabs on everybody. I think the absurdity of 1017 will show up in the attempt to crackdown on media. yeah stick your fist in a cobra nest. hahahaha is all i can say. she's cruisin for a bruisin, she's gonna get it now.

And so what if it's a fight between one small group and another small group? One of them is right and one of them is wrong. I'm gonna be on the right side. So what if most people prefer to be sheep? I've lived as a freeman in America, I'm not gonna let this country become Uganda or Sudan or North Korea which is what this boils down to:: a descent into the unfree.

Dave Llorito said...

you did live in america? oh my, and why did you return? two months ago, i was on a month's media tour and got what seems like an offer to work as journalist in the mid-west. i said no, knowing ill be violating my j1 visa requirement. i now wonder if i did the right thing, with all these stupid things happening around. now tell why did you return? ha ha

Unknown said...


Rizalist is absolutely spot on: there was no coup d'état. I don't believe there was even an attemtp to launch a coup d'état.

At the rate the things are going, in the scheme of things backed by Gloria's own overreaction with her SEO, she and her government have just provided the grounds for the already dissatisfied and confused elements in the military to organize and attempt a coup d'état in the not so distant future.

Gloria herself wreaked the last remaininng fibers of a semblance of government.

Those who ask her to step down have a legitimate reason for doing that - Gloria's mandate is heavily tainted with fraud but Gloria herself and her government didn't have to push of discontent this far.

People are not dumb, they react because it's their right. Their reactions were not based solely on one criterion: hate of the president! It was more than just raw emotions as you put it American painter.

No, Gloria's continuing provocation of the people, the corruption (need I remind everbody here of the Bing Rodriguez affair that actually involved Mike Arroyo?), the abuse, the mismanagement, etc. from day 1 of her ascension to power have added to a litany of very serious charges already weighing against her, i.e., plotting to overthrow a duly elected president of the Republic, attempted coup d'état (with MajGen Espinoza), inciting to mutiny, breach of the Constitution, thwarting the Rule of Law, etc., and now the worst move she could have ever made: EMERGENCY RULE, a covert declaration of Martial Law!

When you cross-check these elements against the people's reactions today, AP, you will find that the people overall have reacted quite lamely.

Gloria knows her people - she's been advised to cow her people - she believes that her people can be easily cowed (and she's right!) so she cracks the whip. But she is playing a dangerous game here. She may cow a segment of society today but she is absolute wrong to believe that she can vanquish the power of resistance of those who believe she's wronged the nation. In the midst of all these people, there are trained, disciplined and armed components - the military.

Gloria has shown nothing but contempt for the institutions that the Republic. She's dealth with both civilian and military institutions as if they were spoils of war to do as she pleased. She's so politicised the military, corrupted their ranks, disillusioned their members and has treated them like her private army. Not content with alienating them from their solemn vow, i.e., protect the Republic and the people, she's converted the fighting men after decorating them with stars into mere ladies-in-waiting, to pay homage to her in her court at Malacanang.

In other words, AP, in a political and social environment where you expect your president and her government do not uphold Constitution and no longer respect the Law, where institutions have been dismantled, where freedom of speech is leaning towards the brink of history, you cannot expect the people to LOVE their president.

Unknown said...

Geez, DJB,

Just re-read my posting and am embarassed. Sorry, there are so many errors in the above post coz I never or very very rarely only, re-read or edit myself - I just pound the comp with what I'm thinking - typing straight in the little Blogger box that says "leave your comment" then, push the button "send".

So most of the time, my postings become so gibberish! I do hope the post above makes sense just the same or that my message came across ok.

Unknown said...


You may want to delete my earlier comment to replace it with the following (I re-read and sort of "edited" myself and hope my posting is more comprehensible - they are really my gut reactions to AP's comments). Thanks.


Rizalist is absolutely spot on: there was no coup d’état. I don’t believe there was even an attempt to launch a coup d’état. However, I am inclined to believe that there was an attempt to incite fellow officers to commit mutiny. Coup d’état or even just attempted coup d’etat is very different from inciting to mutiny.

But at the rate things are going, in the scheme of things backed by Gloria’s own overreaction with her SEO, she and her government have just provided the grounds for the already dissatisfied and confused elements in the military to organize and attempt a coup d’état in the not so distant future.

Gloria herself wreaked havoc on the last remaininng fibers of a semblance of government.

Those who ask her to step down have a legitimate reason for doing that - Gloria’s mandate is heavily tainted with fraud but Gloria herself and her government didn’t have to push the level of discontent in the military this far. She’s listening to bad advisers.

People are not dumb, they react because they believe it’s their right to exercise freedom of speech. Overall, their reactions were not based solely on one criterion: hate of the president! Their reactions were a manifestation of what Gloria poor and putrid governance and not, as one blogger put it just raw emotions.

No, Gloria’s continuing provocation of the people, the corruption (need I remind everbody here of the Bing Rodriguez affair that actually involved Mike Arroyo?), the abuse, the mismanagement, etc. from day 1 of her ascension to power have added to a litany of very serious charges already weighing against her, i.e., plotting to overthrow a duly elected president of the Republic, attempted coup d’état (with MajGen Espinoza that was luckily waylaid by the mutiny of the other generals with whom she herself had conspired long before the impeachment of Erap), inciting to mutiny (Angie and company), breach of the Constitution (with Davide), thwarting the Rule of Law (election fraud), etc., and now the worst move she could make: EMERGENCY RULE, a covert declaration of Martial Law!

When you cross-check these elements against the people’s reactions today, you will find that the people overall have reacted, surprisingly quite lamely!

Gloria knows her people - she believes that her people can be easily cowed (and she’s right to believe that!) - she’s been advised by trapo members in her government to cow her people - so she cracks the whip. But she is playing a dangerous game here. She may cow a segment of society today but she is absolutely wrong to believe that she can vanquish the power of resistance of those who believe deeply that she’s wronged the nation. In the midst of all these people, there are trained, disciplined and armed components - the military.

Gloria has shown nothing but veiled contempt for the institutions of the Republic. She’s dealth with both civilian and military institutions as if they were spoils of war to do as she pleased. She’s so politicised the military, corrupted their ranks, disillusioned their members and has treated them like her private army. Not content with alienating them from their solemn vow, i.e., protect the Republic and the people, she’s converted the fighting men after decorating them with stars into mere ladies-in-waiting, to pay homage to her in her court at Malacanang.

In other words, in a political and social environment where you expect your president and her government to uphold the Constitution and respect the law and do not, people can no longer be expected to go by the rules. When they start seeing that institutions are being dismantled, that freedom of speech is being relegated to history, you cannot expect the people to continue to LOVE their president or obey and follow her. No! That will be the height of idiocy…

Deany Bocobo said...

It's what you say that matters HB But you know what the central factual mystery reamins: WAS THERE REALLY A COUP D'ETAT AFOOT, because otherwise this whole Proc 1017 will be what gets gloria impeached, that's what dean amado valdez said on dong puno's show.

Sad thing is people abroad only hear the sound bytes...even my blog friends think there WAS a coup afoot coz they read or hear "Left -Right alliance...gringo charged...beltran charged..ergo coup d'etat ergo 1017!"

It's nuts. But what are the technical elements of a military coup d'etat anyway?

I've said I don't believe there was a coup because I can't see any of the elements. I mean surely a combat veteran like Danilo Lim or Querubin (Medal of Honor battle of Kauswagan!)
intended to overthrow the govt by demonstrating in their barracks...he said they were going to demonstrate, so maybe that's all danilo lim was gonna do too...but I don't know yet...

Really suspicious too that bunye said nelly sindayan's Time article "confirms" their intel b4 friday of a coup plot. Maybe SHE was the intel and they were spooked by what was a nothing meeting at peping's house, where you have all these fabulists and fantabulists talking dark plots and coups, over sanz rival and scotch!

Unknown said...

Simple DJB!

The government should have produced illico - right on the spot when Emergency Rule was proclaimed - the physical evidences of a coup d'état:

1. names of leaders and officers in the military with or without their civilian supporters and presented them to the media (after all she does that all the time)

2: weapons cache

3: movements of troops

Where are these evidences?

But the government did NOT! That's why it was all a spin - their conspiracy theory is just a theory!

To say that there was an imminent coup d'état demands PROOF because a coup d'état is not just a mere rebellion by a sector - the purpose is THE VIOLENT OVERTHROW OF THE GOVERNMENT and not some weak lip service like "withdrawal of support".

The Oakwood even, which they call a mutiny, was a COUP D'ETAT ATTEMPT and FOILED. Now, those guys were charged under Article of War for MUTINY.

Gloria's perceived coup d'etat or imminent coup d'état is just that: A PERCEPTION OF AN IMMINENCE! Therefore her declaration of Emergency Rule is an over-reaction.

Gloria made a huge blunder! By not showing the evidences on the spot of an imminent coup d'état transformed her whole act into a scared act - an over reaction! Moreover, Defensor saying that they FOILED a coup d'état which is absurd in the extreme merely adds to my belief that Gloria although she had already toyed with the idea of calling on her emergency powers, reacted in panic!

Ed Ermita should have advised her against this! Absolutely stupid!

Now, we are pushed into a situation when we have to DEFEND the stat against her!

How stupid! Absolute rubbish!

Deany Bocobo said...

I find it very strange that NO ONE has actually been ARRESTED for the "clear and present danger" that gma says in tagalog when she announced 1017. But Is danilo lim under arrest and charged? is querubin? Even beltran and gringo are charged for crimes years old.

Then tonight Civilian Relations Chief Mike Samson claimed that it was SUBVERSIVE DOCUMENTS found on Lt. San Juan last week that prove there was a Left-Right alliance. Yet Senga I thought said in his Friday press con that the coup had nothing to do with magdalo. very strange!

So who really are the coup plotters. Even peping today seemed nonchalant about being accused. The other items you mention are nowhere in sight.

I think this is the point that needs to be driven to the ground about 1017. It's unfounded on legitimate reasons. That's a culpable violaton of the constitution says Dean Amado Valdez

Unknown said...


I was one blogger (in your blog, MLQ3's and Ricky's) who reacted right away against Palace spin that there was a foiled, imminent, attempted coup d'etat and that was day after she proclaimed Emergency Rule because I was waiting for her to present her evidence to the nation.

Coup d'état is an extremely serious charge!

The culprits who are caught executed.

To me, it was pure fallacy, an invention that's why I said her proclamation was an over-reaction. She was simply scared!

Bunye added a stupid, absolutely stupid remark to confuse the nation, i.e., that a component of the military was in cahoots with the NPA!

So what?

But the basis of the emergency proclamation was a FOILED COUP d'ETAT and even if she clothed her proclamation words with legalesse like "conspiracy", imminent, etc. the bottom line is what she said was UNTRUE!

The foundation of her 1017 is WRONG!

However, she will have one pretty soon!

Unknown said...

Ah DJB, you and I are thinking along similar lines. I've asked precisely the same question yesterday (can't remembr where I posted it yours, ricky's or mlq3's) - why haven't Lim and Querubin been charged if truly there was an imminent coup d'état!

I posted this a while ago on MLQ3's blog.

1. a de brux wrote on February 27th, 2006 at 7:51 pm


Re InqNews update today: “REBELLION charges have been filed by police against 16 political and military personalities and civilians before the Department of Justice, according to Chief Superintendent Jesus Versoza, director of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group.”

But I don’t see the names of big players: BGen Danilo Lim and Col Ariel Querubin!

If Gloria is not playing hooky with the Law why are the two military superiors who were physically caught on camera with rebellion (even if they were quashed, the charges should have been made)?

In a legitmate republican setting with a professional military, these military officers will be considered as having committed a far serious offence than those two lieutenants by the sheer weight of their instrument: their command! They violated the military code of conduct that is under the terms of the Articles of War yet their “commander in chief” has deemed fit to charge and punish the othes just on the basis of being in the lower ranks - she’s converting the senior officers (rank of colonel is already deemed a senior officer’s rank in the military) into mere LADIES IN WAITING to pay hommage to her in her court in Malacanang.

Isn’t it obvious? Gloria is continuing to convert the AFP into one big private and personal army!

How on earth do you expect a population NOT to be confused?

Sowing general confusion and playing hookie with the military institution will unleash a torrent of dissatisfaction. Gloria is sowing more indiscipline in the military.

The people of the Republic must not allow her to do this. They have to make a decision and must call on the military to do the same before it’s too late. The military is the backbone of a Republic.

When that backbone is broken, the Republic will be like a prostitute, someone that needs to be paid to perform a service!

Deany Bocobo said...

There is a very interesting problem with regards to the foreign media and blogs on this whole issue. The soundbyte heard the world round now, even to people sympathetic to views we seem to share, is "attempted coup foiled."

Yet I am persuaded now by this lil conversation we just had, that really, something else was afoot here. But it wasn't also something they've been planning for months, though likely it's been considered. What I am looking for is the MEME or THOUGHT or WORD to replace "attempted coup foiled"

"panic" has been suggested by MLQ3 which feels partly right to me. But panicked by what? can't have been just the general atmosphere of the last 8 months. Something maybe DID panic them and they decided to pull out Plan M (for martial law, heheh). But what was it? was it really "subversive documents" or was it nelly sindayen whispering to one of her many amigas ... she's an info trader from my judgment trafficking on both sides of the fence -- of course as Time Mag in Manila, all doors are open to her...(we see each other a lot at Chitang Nakpil's Wednesday lunches at Cafe Havana). I find this an intriguing possibility. Maybe she's been passing information she didn't realize would be taken so seriously her info and something ELSE we don't know about yet caused this to happen. And something we used to call the "New Second in command syndrome" on the part of Mike Defensor.

Unknown said...

DJB, here's one of my posts yesterday (in your blog actually...)

12:26 AM, February 27, 2006  


Did you notice that Gloria, commander-in-chief (daw) has not said a word on the military future of BGen Lim?
Traditionally, an officer of that rank who's committed such military offence (inciting to mutiny), would have been immediately ordered arrested under Article of War.

Deany Bocobo said...

Yes, I saw that yesterday? Time's a blur!

But here's a treat for the regulars here, a preview of something i'm posting soon. its Peping Talkng to Pia Hontiveros about Nelly Sindayen and Time Magazine article on philippine coup plot!


Unknown said...


I tend to agree with MLQ3. Malacanang panicked!

It was really Gen Senga, CSAFP who caused Gloria to panic when he reported that the same Gloria golden boy - BGen Danny Lim, commander of the PA Rangers, the first one from his class on whom she's placed a gallant star - had actually asked him to join his group in their withdrawal of support for Gloria.

Moreover, Lim was as infamous as he is famous - he was a veteran putschist. Remember when he took over the top of the Atrium building with a rebel faction of the military during the August coup d'état against Cory Aquino? This guy CAN NOT BE BOUGHT (Shit, he's a goddamn West Pointer which Roy Golez is not)! This surely gave the Palace folks more than a symbolic jitter - they got friggin scared! Yet they haven't charged him with anything (Senga should be demoted by the way, for not filing the appropriate military charge) because Malacanang is shit scared that if they charge Lim properly in a military tribunal, the shit will hit the fan in the military! Hah! There's their imminent coup d'état for real!

Anyway, it was obvious that Lim factor added to the already heightened state of panic which Gloria has been finding herself in lately but I reckon, the Lim act precipitated her into a panic mode (after all, she'd been toying with the idea long before - all the ingredients were there for her to call on her emergency powers so why not now?).

(Anyway, too late for Gloria and her government to present evidences of an imminent coup d'état foiled - just won't wash! But I'm sceptical of Pinoys, they might just bite the coup d'état spin if ever government decides to produce "evidences" at a later stage - so watch out DJB! you and I are two tiny none credulous drops in the bucket of the generally credulous!)

My initial reaction was she over-reacted or as soon as I read she's declared Emergency Rule (that's what it is - Emergency Rule, one step to Martial Rule)

The Emergency Rule, in spite of all the legalese, is absurd and thoroughly UNJUSTIFIED!

Deany Bocobo said...

hehe HB naughty you, Roy Golez is Naval Academy (Annapolis) as you must know...but I didn't know danilo lim was gma's golden boy although i keep seeing lots of pictures of them together eating at boodle fights and standing shoulder to shoulder they seem to be about the same height. i don't wanna make more of it than that but novelistically speaking i can see why he would be a golden boy to her given his training and record. Trillanes was like that too and I've often wondered what that other mysterious character and gma talked and argued about in the wee hours of the morning just before the Oakwood Mutiny happened. Were they whistle blowing to her then got kicked in the teeth or what? And did some thing like that happen with this danilo lim?

Unknown said...

Hehe! I don't like Roy Golez coz I know what stuff he's made of. But you see, not all Annapolis graduates deserved to graduate from the prestigious US Naval Academy.

Anyway, good speculation DJB but I believe there's something deeply idealistic in Lim's brain.

The guy is no pushover - he's a West Pointer too - imbued by an idealism which he holds supreme: the military as guarantor and protector of the Republic.

He sees that Gloria is converting the military into a private army and the Republic into a potential war zone between the military and the people. Believe me, he sees Gloria today as the enemy of the Republic.

An idealist (a kind of military fundamentalist) cannot allow that to happen.

I don't believe the whistle blowing thing!

What is sad is if it's proven that Gringo (that desk officer renegade) is behind this because Lim should not go with a Gringo - the guy should be considered nothing but an extra bit player on noontime coup d'état show because that's what he is! Of course, Pinoys who love a nice face on TV put him in the starring role.

However, Lim should make his own stand, his ownd position known and launch his attack without brainless Gringo in tow!

Deany Bocobo said...

gringo has been charged but not danilo lim or querubin from what i can tell. Is that because many others in their units would get mad if they were charged and may be demand that they be charged too?

btw. why do you not think its possible trillanes et al were whistleblowing to gma? i don't really know if they were, its pure spec, but what else might they have been talking about, because trillanes seemed to make it clear in Senate testimony that Magdalo and GMA were in touch before the Mutiny.

Unknown said...


Re: Trillanes

I tried to post a message saying as soon as I've colated my facts, put my notes together, my interviews (right from the HORSES' - plural - mouths), etc. on the Trillanes affair, I would send them to you - but your leave your comment box keeps getting frozen. (But am warning you - am the eternal procrastinator!)

Basically, Trillanes WAS COMPLAINING to GMA but not necessarily whistleblowing...

Hope this message gets in.

Re: Lim
Palace finds itself between the devil and the deep blue sea. I REALLY HOPE THEY CHARGE LIM & QUERUBIN! Boy, oh boy! In miltary law, those guys should be facing a court martial in a couple of days!

If they do, a part of the military will be pushed to finally "defend the State against the enemy".

You will be facing the prospect of a civil war (a very sad prospect but there it is!)

Unknown said...

If Peping was truly in cahoots with Lim, all of them preparing to launch a coup d'état THEN WHY THE HELL IS GLORIA NOT ASKING SENGA TO PUT LIM UNDER ARREST RIGHT NOW AND PROPERLY CHARGED? Coz, the evidences are NOT solid! Mere hearsays and speculations - simply an imminent something to the imminent imminence of an imminent coup d'état!

I guess someone indeed spoke to Peping, the eternal YABANG, about this but I will bet it was PEPING who overheard something and wanted to join the fray - in other words, these are mere speculations.

PEPING & LIM? Rubbish!

(DJB, I strongly suggest that you look at the Miriam Defensor corner, maybe you'll find something more tangible than the PEPING-LIM JOINT CONSPIRACY; it's better than that silly speculation!)!

Deany Bocobo said...

yeah blogger's been getting bogged down lately. maybe it's all the new visitors. been having a good week, but even i've noticed stickiness. in your last comment you must've meant MIKE nor MIriam defensor?

Interesting on the news just now on the news general mayuga tells the story of what happened last friday. in the end, the marines VOTED 9-6 to stay in the chain of command according to pinky webb's report. Would those be company commanders or platoon leaders? what's a battallion 15 platoons or companies in the marines?

Unknown said...

No, DJB... I was very clear: MIRIAM DEFENSOR's camp! Look there.

Unknown said...


9-6 VOTE?

Aha! 15 officers eh?

OK, the tree can be easily pruned.

Depending on the size of the Marines, i.e., 1500 or 2000, the Marines would be divided into 2 or 3 battalions (very movable numbers depending on size) of say 800 officers and men ; each battalion of that size will have 5 companies of 120 officers and men whichin turn are composed of platoons of 30 or so officers and men.

So say, the Philippine Marines only has 2 battalions (1500 officers and men) under Colonel Querubin, he should have a deputy commander (a juniorish Colonel or a LtColonel), 2 Lt Colonels (as battalion Cdrs + 2 deputy Bat Cdrs), and 5 Majors or Captains (company cdrs and their equivalent deputy company cdrs) then Captains and Lieutenants (and so on and so on....

From there, you have to do a bit of dedeucing:
Who were the 15 officers who voted?

Unknown said...

But I have to jog my memory a bit - I believe in the Philippine Marines hierarchy (which is different from US & UK Marines or French Marines), a battalion is led by a FULL COLONEL which in any other marines would be led by a Lt Colonel if not a Mjor.

Gotta check with a marine friend in the Philippines tommorrow morning your time.

Unknown said...


Ex-Marine commandant bares disappointment

"Miranda said he was informed during the meeting that the Navy was planning to relieve him of his Marine command. He said the plan was connected to Querubin's idea of joining the rallies last week."

Miranda obviously jumpd the gun to protect his military future (he' got another year or so to go before retiring). Pretty standard stuff too in the military to hand in resignation when he feels that his superior has lost faith in him "Sir, I'm prepared to relinquish my command, blah, blah...".

Just the same, he was already going to be relieved so he jumped the gun.

Why can't Gloria do this? She'll be a hero if she does it today...supreme sacrifice thing and you know Pinoys, they will cry - even the most rabid anti Gloria will cry if she jumps the gun! Heheh!

Unknown said...


Just received this e-mail from a member of a cybergroup I belong to:

"gloria is now asking advertisers to pull out of the tribune to kill the paper.

we may not always agree with the editorial policy of that paper but we cannot allow GMA to kill it. as the cliche goes we may not agree with somebody but we cannot abridge his/her right to say it. moreover an abridgement of free expression anywhere is a threat to free speech everywhere.

one concrete way for OFW's to frustrate glorias effort at muzzling the press is for most of us worldwide to take paid email subscriptions of the tribune. this can be arranged with the circulation office of the tribune and we can campaign for this worldwide in all the internet fora we can reach. this effort should also be
broadcast in print and other mutltimedia outlets for it to have the maximum impact psychologically on GMA and her psychopants. and of course it will provide financial succor to the beleagured tribune.

we may not like what Ninez writes all the time but her feistiness and dedication to press freedom should not be left without support - unprotected from the malicious mischief being wrought by the lilliput in malacanang."

I seconded the motion - sent a reply that I am buying subscription to the Tribune.

Kevin B. said...


Thanks for the coverage and analysis you've been providing throught this incident.

Just thought I'd offer my perceptions as an American who has recently married into a family of Pilipino citizens (wife living in the US and in-laws living in Luzon).
While it does seem that panic was a factor in the issuance of 1017, and while I appreciate your vigilence towards the preservation of liberty, I don't share the sense of panic that you in turn appear to be reflecting. I do agree that citizens should always keep their guard against governmental abuse of power, and I can see potential for such abuse in EO 1017 if the state of emergency is to be prolonged for an unreasonable time and/or if steps are taken under the order that are extreme or out of the scope of it's stated purpose. I have yet to see signs that either are the case.

I realize that I have a lesser understanding of Filipino law and somewhat less at stake than Filipinos-- except that if the consequences of an overthrow (or, if your fears are correct, an Aroyo dictatorship) really go south, there's the potential of being severely limited in returning my wife to visit her family, my future children from knowing their Lolo and Lola, etc.
My wife plans to get a dual citizenship because she loves her country and doesn't want to give up Filipino citizenship. I am also interested in pursuing dual citizenship if possible, as we hope to retire in the Philippines--- I hope to eventually have the same say in the affairs of the country I intend to make my home as I presently enjoy.

I think a great deal of this crisis is dependant on one's perceptions, that it's a highly subjective situation. If for example, one is predisposed to the opinion that Gloria "stole" the 2004 elections, then everything she does can easily be construed as the act of a tyrant, including and especially EO1017. If, however, one accepts that she is a duly elected President, then it can easily be argued that her duty and responsiblity to the office requires her to take measures to uphold the rule of law, even if it means, in extreme cases, to temporarily suspend and disable those who would overthrow the rule of law.

I don't see a great deal of credit being shown towards the second scenario here. I would encourage you to apply the same standard of evaluation that you have called for in asking whether there is evidence of a coup de'tat afoot-- Is there also evidence of tyranical abuse of power afoot? It has been reasoned here that those who condemn the anti-Gloria movement because of the participation of the NPA and other extremist organizations are hypocritical because there was no complaint about their participation with the installation of Gloria when it's what the Gloria supporters wanted. On the other hand, isn't the dismissal of their involvement in the current anti-Gloria movement equally hypocritical by those who happen to share the sentiment that Gloria should be ousted now? Again, I call for an equal application of standards.

So, the Tribune has been closed down. Is that extreme? If I understand correctly, the Tribune was taking an aggressive promotional stance in encouraging the public to rally against Gloria, virtually an attempt to relive Edsa 1 and the overthrow of Marcos. While I comdemn the suppression of lawful free speech, I don't think "Freedom of the Press" was ever intended as a guaranteed protection against the consequences of campaigning for the ousting of a sitting President-- it does not protect sedition. Is there evidence of other media suppression? You've provided MP3's of an evaluation of the legality of 1017, characterizing it as possibly the last instance of free speech in the Republic. Again, I call for an equal application of standards in evaluation... is there evidence supporting that characterization? Doesn't the ongoing media discussion of such legality prove that non-seditious media is not being supressed, even though concern of legality is being expressed? Doesn't that show that critical free speech is still being enjoyed?
You appear to share the opinions of the Tribune that Gloria had "stolen" the election, and under such opinion, it could be easily rationalized that one's actions are more in harmony with democracy than sedition-- however, under the framework that she is a duly elected President, the actions of the Tribune can be seen as sedition.

So, she has attempted to reign in a withdrawal of military support-- under the framework that she is a duly elected president, isn't such withdrawal of support a mutiny? Isn't it her responsibility to the rule of law and the protection of liberty require her to supress mutiny and chaos?

So, she has shut down the Edsa celebration rallies which the Tribune was promoting as a venue to call for the ousting of Gloria-- again, isn't it her responsibility to preserve the rule of law? Isn't it the adherance to just law which protects liberty? I don't feel the ban of rallies should be enforced for long-- if it continues beyond a reasonable time, then civil liberties have been violated. If it is enforced only as long as necessary to subvert the subverters, doesn't that protect civil liberties against the unknown result of an overthrow?

If Aroyo's intentions were really a back-door method to implement martial law and install herself at the head of a tyranical rule, doesn't the anniversary of the ousting of Marcos seem like particularly poor timing to engage such an effort? To whom does the emotion of the Edsa rallies most favor among the people, the sitting president, or those intent on an overthrow? Again, I call for an equal application of standards.

I see a correlation between the Filipino desire to relive the emotion of Edsa 1 with the American left's constant desire to relive the emotion of the Vietnam peace protests and Nixon's Watergate-- even if it means manufacturing it where little or cause exists. In the case of Edsa 1, of course, it was the right thing to do. But Aroyo is no Marcos. Yes, it's good to remain vigilent to ensure no politician has the chance to become a repeat of Marcos.
But isn't it detrimental to the stability of democracy to cry "Marcos!" and launch a new edsa every time a President moves to preserve the rule of law or buys a new pair of shoes? When will it stop? When will the lust for change be satisfied?
If such upheaval is allowed to become precedent in the will of the people, chaos and violence will never cease, and liberty cannot remain preserved, because there will always be evil or corrupt individuals willing to bribe or force by arms another overthrow for the chance to be the one in power.

If Aroyo has acted illegally, the correct initial response is a legal challenge, not an extra-legal uprising. If redress of wrongs cannot be obtained legally, and the burden of her actions are proven to be tryanical, then it is the duty of friends of liberty to reinstate the proper rule of law by force if necessary, but it should not be the initial reaction.

Currently this appears to be, at worst, a poor execution of a necessary action against seditioners-- but I will be quite willing to change my opinion if actual acts of tyrany are shown to be taken.

Unknown said...


One entry for the road (got to go to a late dinner party):

You said there was a 9 -6 vote (to return to barracks).

The 6 officers who voted against, tehcnically, will be put on a watch list so that means we have here some pretty good officers (could be company commanders, whew!) who will be potential bad news, i.e., coup d'état rakers.

I can't remember the final make up of the Philippine Marines but if we base it on the average marine size (for small armies like the Philippines AFP) then the votes were likely put in by the following, which would fit in my 2 battalion Marine theory or 1500 officers and men (but this is all plain arithmeticking on my part, ok?):

(1) Deputy Corps Cdr, (2) Battalion commanders (2) Deputy battalion commanders, and (10) company commanders, Querubin abstained!

TOTAL: 15 votes

However, am not formally ruling out other vote scenarios, although I will be surprised if the men (NCO rank and whatever) took part in the actual final voting. The non-officers, most likely just gave their "grunt" to their platoon and company commanders at best!

Sab. said...

thanks for posting the mp3s and the coverage. :D

Bernardo F. Ronquillo said...

DJB, the Philippine Marine incident was a TELEGRAPHED PUNCH and it therefore fizzled out by a vote of 9 against 6 even without Garci. EDSA Uno cannot be repeated and no coup d'tat will succeed. These two are also telegraphed punches.

Congrats DJB for this post. Brilliant, as usual. You are fast becoming an Alternative Media. Better than most for sure.

Deany Bocobo said...

A Warm Welcome Kevin! Thank you for a very long and thoughtful post. Your points are all well-taken and I shall endeavour to demonstrate more of a care to explain the factual bases for my blog's rather, uhmm, panick-stricken mode right now. But that is because as an 18 year old innocent I was arrested by Marcos on the first day of martial law, and in the next 14 years Filipinos saw how this thing works. Dictatorship is smiling dictatorship then and now. You will never have a single dramatic instance in which EVERYONE or most everyone is actually tyrannized. Take the situation with the Daily Tribune. That teensy weensy daily newspaper (circ<10,000!) has no ability to call the Filipinos to sedition! But Philippine Daily Inqurier (at 300,000 daily circ) can report a lot of bad news for the President. So can the hundreds of other newspapers, tv and radio stations in the country. Seeing what happened to the Daily Tribune, every single one of them is looking over their shoulder when they do their work. It's called the CHILLING EFFECT.

But to what I think is your main point, which many abroad have taken up: that there is no one to replace Gloria and that all the alternatives to her are worse.

This has been the Palace's strongest line. But it's an utter lie. Look at your own wife's family, I'm sure the gene pool hasn't run out there either. We've got several great Senators that could win a snap elections called for by the Constitution, should the President and VP both resign.

Am really still reading your post and hope you will find this place a reasonable one to understand the country to which your own life has become connected. Thanks again. -- DJB

Anonymous said...

Re: 15 Votes.....

I have a feeling that the result of the 15 votes of the marine heirarchy....

was a result of long consultations with retired officers...and it was those retired officers that influenced the result...

water under the bridge...for now.

what is sad for me is that there are good men from both sides...The army spokesman was a decorated and brave officer...Col. Querrubin was once left for short someone who would die for his beliefs.

forgive me for my silly point in the other blog..somewhere out there...

Deany Bocobo said...

Karl, HB--Does this mean that they also voted last week about what to do. What could the vote have been then? 100% or 9-6 also?

Welcome Sabby!

Unknown said...


I agree with BFRonquillo!

Meanwhile, there is a very interesting point raised by a commenter in MLQ3's blog on the subject of "disciplining" Lim & Querubin which got me going.

I posted these comments as a follow-on to the commenter's question:

11. a de brux wrote on February 28th, 2006 at 4:43 pm


Firstly, thanks to Wabbitga for note re Max.
Re Diciplining BGen Lim and Col Ariel Querubin:

Questions come to mind that would have legal military bearing on “disciplinging” BGen Lim and indirectly, on the bases of the declaration of Emergency Rule.

1. During BGen Lim’s talk with Gen Senga, did he in fact simply ask the CSAFP to “join HIM in his plan to withdraw support for the commander-in-chief”?
2. Was BGen Lim alone and unaccompanied by officers ‘under his command’ when he discussed with the CSAFP?
3. At any given instance, during the discussion did he ask CSAFP to join him AND HIS GROUP to withdraw support for the commander-in-chief?
4. At any given instance, during the discussion, did he say CSAFP that Lim and/or/with his group ARE planning to ask for the resignation of the commander-in-chief and that he would like the CSAFP to join them?
5. Was BGen Lim ARMED and accompanied by 2 or 3 other ARMED fellow officers (understably with Lim in command) when he talked with CSAFP?

Obviously, there was a string of statements made here and there between the two but it is quite important to be exact here since “disciplining” is in question.

1. in which case, Lim may be disciplined solely on a charge of INSUBORDINATION
2. again, a disciplinary case involving INSUBORDINATION - there cannot be a mutiny charge against BGen Lim - technically, the act of direct confrontation with Senga inciting to mutiny MUST INVOLVE 3 or MORE officers/men. The involvement of ONE military person alone cannot constitute inciting to mutiny let alone commit an ACT of mutiny.
3. that again involves INSUBORDINATION but may involve inciting to MUTINY depending on other factors
4. asking for the resignation of a commander in chief? plain outright insubordination
5. that is ATTEMPTED MUTINY but government must be absolutely sure that there was an ARMED threat of any kind for the charge to stick!

I’m puzzled that the Palace has been throwing spins/charges that there was and is a coup d’état conspiracy - an extremely serious military CRIME - and at one point even said, FOILED coup d’état (absurd in the extreme) yet during Gloria’s proclamation of Emergency Rule (1 step towards Martial Rule) she did not divulge or show evidences, which she should have done, the dicovery of WEAPONS caché sequestered by supposed perpetuators of a planned coup d’état, list of names of the ring leaders, some details of troop movements.

If Gloria did not/could not present evidences that a component of the military (there’s lots of military men on her staff, i.e., retired LtGen Ed Ermita for starters) of which she claims she is commander-in-chief have conspired to overthrow her government by means of a coup d’état, then the case against those officers is simply that of INUBORDINATION!

The State has been in a state of rebellion, what with NPAs, MILFs, MNLFs, etc. staging armed attacks on the government military since the end of WWII, so what else is new that she should find the Republic under threat of violence, etc.?

What exactly did she declare SEO for? I see no evidence of a COUP D’ETAT conpiracy! Gloria and her government might just fabricate evidences to release to a credulous public but really, they’re too late; they missed their chance. I agree with you entirely MLQ3, government panicked and they’re still panicking. Their panic is going to drive the already restive military to go for the ultimate act: an actual COUP D’ETAT!

Unknown said...


Retired officers? Allaga or Mayuga accepting retired officers votes?

No way, not under BGen Allaga nor Adm Mayuga!

If vote had taken place right then and there at Fort Boniface, the votes would have been made by officers with their men on the spot.

Unless of course, troublemaker Commo Calajate was in the premises! Even then, MARINES officers in active service, by tradition only obey to their immediate commanding officer's command!

Anonymous said...


So I Stand corrected and I submit to that.. Re:retired officers influence(asked dad for opinion he just said he was consulted but that was it..he did not know if others were consulted as well anyways...
RIP to Commodore Calajate,who died more than a year now...

Unknown said...

Holy shit, Karl! Sorry about Calajate. Didn't know...What about his "second in command", is he still alive?

Yeah, I submit to that too that retired officers may have been consulted but actual voting - I guess I must stick to my guns.

Sorry for saying this (I don't in any manner belittle the wisdom of your Dad and other retired officers) but if indeed retired officers were consulted prior to the MARINES voting, then the whole thing is even more ridiculous - shows a very unprofessional military.

Anonymous said...

Change topic.....

On a lighter note...

Are we now a state of the US of A ?

Follow up...will our state be called..the state of emergency?

Unknown said...

hehe, karl, just posted comment on ricky's re that line of yours.

Unknown said...


Just read that "US state dept. official arriving for 3-day visit".

Hmmm, interesting, ...

baycas said...

enjoyed the thread, guys...same drift as mine:

Lord Dracula said...

The AFP talked about an Operation Final Talk 2, and presented a document as evidence that there was collusion between the left and the right. That's their evidence?!?!! Even Rizal was arrested (and then exiled to Dapitan) because of planted evidence!

Again, I firmly believe there is no coup. My line of thinking is that the Fortress at the Pasig is creating a believable scenario that the gullible people will take as gospel truth. Take all those prop lines - they are very consistent, almost a straight line, pointing to the scenario that they used to issue Proc 1017 (I don't have to enumerate, but Operation Hackle fits into this; it is just one out of many).

The propaganda machine is effective - look at the foreigners' reactions - exactly to the Fortress's expectations!

Unknown said...

Yep, Lord Dracula!

They are now forced into a corner wherein they must produce some paper document as "evidence"!!! Holy cow! When a commander in chief goes on TV and declares emergency rule based on security threat - he or she must also include in that televised proclamation a semblance of presentation of evidence and decisions she's made (prior to going on TV) to address the imminent threat! But heck no...she didn't do that so what gives?

The only, real, concrete, physical evidence that they could have presented to the public as basis for declaring the SOE (remember, Querubin's insubordination happened AFTER the SOE) - and which they failed miserably to present at a time when it should have been made it - that would come remotely come closest to a potential coup conspiracy charge is BGen Lim's insubordination when he spoke to Senga!

BUTE Imagine declaring a State of Emergency on the basis of a senior military officer's INSUBORDINATION?


Gloria and her government are insane!

Deany Bocobo said...

good evening folks...sorry I've been gone since around 3pm ... regarding the nothing-doing attitude of the Supreme Court, I was just talking to my bro-in-law who was a law student at the time martial law was declared by Marcos. He says that Supreme Court considered the Proclamaaton 1081 so important the SC held 24 hour sessions for 3 or 4 days until all could be heard. Of course a few days later they issued Javellana...blessing martial law. Today the SC has postponed further oral arguments for March 7 a week away.

That Panganiban is GMA's new consigliere.

Lord Dracula said...

DJB, Sir, I posit that there's more to that scheduling that meets the eye....

First, the cabinet of the Lady at the Fortress will meet this weekend whether to lift 1017 or not. Then, the SC says it will hear oral arguments on Tuesday, March 7.

Now, I think that the gameplan is that the Fortress will lift 1017 either this weekend (March 4 or 5), or March 6, Monday, to preempt the SC. This is not without precedent. Gloria did this in 2001, in the course of the May 1 Siege of the Fortress by the Pasig.

Deany Bocobo said...

LD--We were talking about that at this party I was in tonight. But an interesting opinion was raised that it might be a lil difficult for the Fortress (nice term) to actually just lift the order, because some real damage has been done to the Press' confidence that they will be allowed to do their job freely. IN fact that will never be restored now. Next, it is beginning to get clearer that the real target is to silence the Media, because they are the really effective enemy of the Fortress. But I doubt that that can be done b4 Tuesday. The President has to balance this political consideratin with the economic danger--ironically!!--posed by 1017. Apparently business people are telling the President there's gonna be an economic cost to this misadventure.

She could be damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. Delish.

Unknown said...

Hey Rizalist,

Thanks for the note - I can't access "comments" site of the blog, never was able to!

Nice of you drop by.

Btw, got any lodown on the forthcoming State Department TOP gun official's visit?

Deany Bocobo said...

They say he's in Asia because it looks like Thailand's having it's own "unconstitutional" problems.

I don't think the US wants to see these countries descend into chaos, but fresh from the Mohammed cartoon controversy, and the drive to promote global democracy, it would be mighty embarrassing for the US to lose the First Iraq to the CPP NPA for example, or Thailand to the Islamists.

I think too, they know that you can't put a lid on the Philippine Press without the kettle exploding in your face. Times have changed since Marcos. The free press is NOT cowed. In fact all night and all day long all over the Shire, the elves and dwarves and human beings are making arrows and axes to slay the orcs with.

Finally, it has been no secret that the US wouldn't mind if GMA went bye bye as long as they can ensure the replacent will be friendly to America.

Maybe he wants to have closer look at the Drilon, Jun Magsaysay, Pong Biazon...because they know she's lost and I know they won't lift a finger unless there is some real violence like NPA attacks on civilians.

I think the commies are about to do another Plaza Miranda bombing though because they might not get a better chance.

Unknown said...

Gloria will have to drive a hard bargain!

The Americans are her only chance of a decent backing to keep her in power. The minute the military senses something is wrong, they will seize the chance and TOPPLE her most elegantly...

Jusmag chief's report will come in very, very useful here as well as US military attachés. These are the "wink, wink" conduits to the military. They don't need to say in no uncertain terms anything like "Uncle Sam is withdrawing support..." A wink, wink is all it takes.

Unknown said...


What have I been saying? There were no physical evidences of a coup plot that even Bondoc a pro-Arroyo (rather pro Mike Arroy) is hard put to report otherwise...

Read on!

Coup plot detailed, charges still flimsy
GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc
The Philippine Star 02/28/2006

"The AFP belatedly began Monday to declassify documents on a Left-Right conspiracy with the Opposition to topple Gloria Arroyo. Too the PNP charged with rebellion 15 Leftist and past coup leaders. And the justice department listed 50 Leftists, including legislators, wanted for questioning.

The flurry of activity aimed to justify and apply Friday’s declaration of national emergency. But it still did not clarify why the police selectively broke up rallies, raided newspapers without court order, and arrested two congressmen and a retired general on skimpy charges. Tuesday    February 28. 2006

Home | The Philippine STAR | Pilipino Star Coup plot detailed, charges still flimsy
GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc
The Philippine Star 02/28/2006

The AFP belatedly began Monday to declassify documents on a Left-Right conspiracy with the Opposition to topple Gloria Arroyo. Too the PNP charged with rebellion 15 Leftist and past coup leaders. And the justice department listed 50 Leftists, including legislators, wanted for questioning.

The flurry of activity aimed to justify and apply Friday’s declaration of national emergency. But it still did not clarify why the police selectively broke up rallies, raided newspapers without court order, and arrested two congressmen and a retired general on skimpy charges."

Deany Bocobo said...

I'm definitely going to be watching his visit like a hawk since you brought this up. Three day visit is a long one. He'll be able to meet with a lot of people.

Btw, don't know if I mentioned this in regard to the Austin Bay blog's coverage of this thing, which actually started last Tuesday, not Friday. He seems to have picked up on a Voice of America broadcast that just "knew" too much for it to have been a lucky guess. But VOA is definitely one of the things to listen to as it reports on Hill's visit.

Unknown said...


You friendly with Babe Romualdez?

Leah Navarro said...

Hello, DJB. I just received a text from a lawyer friend - the members of the IBP plan to march on Friday morning from IBP HQ to condemn EO 1017. Late today, the students, faculty and Council of UP walked out and held a rally. There is another march scheduled tomorrow against EO 1017 that starts from the Shell station on Ortigas. Maybe we should thank GMA for that EO - it has brought more people back onto the streets.

I took MLQ3's advice and visited other blogs last night. I was surprised at the way the youth have taken the imposition so calmly, almost welcoming it. Why didn't their parents take the time to remind them of the horrors that accompany the stifling of our freedoms? Do they really think EO 1017 will quiet the current situation? Will they think the same way when, not if, the telecoms are shut down, when PBB is taken off the air? Will the loss of sms be the tipping point?

Deany Bocobo said...

No, not really why? And I've only read his column once or twice. They say he's the big crony of the President on the Star.

Deany Bocobo said...

Helga--I am not surprised at that reaction from the youth because they are by and large turned off by constant rallies and demonstrations. While those who are already convinced of a position are off marching constantly, the youth are left behind with their own pastimes. Maybe if instead of rallying on Friday the IBP fielded all its members to all the schools in Metro Manila first, explaining with power points in small fora and heart-to-heart talks about fascism and the past...maybe then in a week or so hold MANY such rallies.

It's like the old style of warfare -- obsolete or suffering from diminishing returns. We need guerilla warfare. I do not believe the anti-Gloria opposition has actually done a very good job of rallying the public to their side, because they are always rallying and just preaching to the choir.

Now is the time to reach out to those who are not yet convinced the President needs to go. Now is the time for explanation to inform the people. Do a good job on that and the people will do a great job on GMA!

Leah Navarro said...

Great point well made, DJB. Old tricks don't elicit wonder anymore. I'll take your advice and suggest it to my little group. We had about two forums in mind, maybe we can create more. Let you know!

Unknown said...

Just received this from a US based friend member of an e-mail group I belong to. It's a wild but excellent suggestion to confront Gloria and her SOE head on:

"let hundreds of thousands of disgrunted soldiers lay down their arms and join the college students who will be lining up to be put in prison by arroyo. let arroyo worry how to feed the millions that she has threatened to put in jail.

"you want to throw people in prison? here, you got millions of volunteers to satisfy your insatiable gluttony of power! we are not afraid of you and your prisons. do with us what you will while the whole world watches."

Deany Bocobo said...

helga--Yes! Brother Armin has the keys to CEAP (Catholic Education Association of the Philippines) and all the B&W's friends are connected to such institutions. Now is also the time to encourage the promotion of blogging for students in schools with computers and networks. Not even mainly for politics but to create an information and communications network in these all impt institutions that aid in academics and information dissemination in general. They'll find all the political blogs on their own.

Unknown said...



I've just read that Arroyo has increased wages of state employees "granting a 1,000-peso-increase in monthly salaries of more than one million national government employees, including members of the military and the national police."

Malaya reports that "Andaya said Arroyo is not trying to bribe soldiers, policemen and employes into supporting her."

A US-based fellow cyber activist immediately posted the following very relevant comment:

"Arroyo's right. It's not a bribe. It's a reward. For refusing to mutiny."

Deany Bocobo said...

The stuff going on in Congress really bears watching. The five Congressmen have been surrounded by the police who threaten to arrest them as soon as they come out. JDV, the treacherous pusillanimous pole cat, has offered to surrender them to the police.

HB--it's both bribe and reward, but I think people know that. Sometimes a move like this can backfire by confirming people's suspicions.