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(1125 GMT+8) President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has just declared a STATE OF REBELLION throughout the Philippines! Arrests have been ordered of conspirators, financiers, and other participants. Chief of Staff Michael Defensor describes the Proclamation 1017 just signed by the President. He warns Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay not to hold the big rally promised for later today with former President Cory Aquino at the head of guest speakers. He says anyone participating in rallies today calling for the ouster of the President will be arrested. Mike Defensor will be remembered now as the new Francisco Tatad, who, on a bright morning such as today, announced the declaration of martial law in September 1972. THE GOOD FIGHT BEGINS ANEW! I mourn the death of Democracy in the Philippines with a grievous sense of irony and a lachrymose deja vu for I myself was arrested on the very first day of martial law in 1972. Thirty-four years later, we face again the arrival of a fascist dictator. Yes, GloriaMacapagal Arroyo is an enemy of freedom, and a traitor to all that we as loyal Filipinos and Americans hold dear. I call on all my beloved countrymen in the United States to spread the word. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE -- you who live in Liberty's glorious protection. Uprise. Stand for Liberty.

(1145) Violent dispersal of the rally at the Edsa Shrine has begun. Police are using truncheons and water cannon. The crowd is fighting back with stones and bottles. (AM Radio 588). Vice Pres. Teofisto Guingona is giving a stirring speech at the Edsa Shrine. Negotiations are going on with Gen. Casuelo(?) and VP Guingona because the dispersal order is being enforced but the crowd is holding firm and won't go. Heavy armor is arriving...
(1215 GMT+8) Newly made Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales of Manila just issued a statement saying this move does not evince the true spirit of Edsa. (But I don't trust this cleric. He will dance with the dictator is my feeling from his actuations and statements in the past.)

Here is DICTATOR GLORIA MARCOS ARROYO's justification of Proclamation 1017.

There is some argument about whether this is State of Rebellion or a State of Emergency or what? I call it FASCISM and DICTATORSHIP. It will not stand. It will not!

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(1300) The just concluded Press Conference of Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz and Chief of Staff Generoso Senga produces a mystery: Ave Cruz, who is parner in the Firm of First Gent Mike Arroyo, and a brilliant lawyer, could not cite what Constitutional provision supports Proclamation 1017. He ascribed it to general powers of the President to enforce the laws. And Senga was evasive when asked about the circumstances surrounding the relief and custody of Gen. Danilo Lim, (said to be a West Pointer and brigadier general fighting the terrorist NPA and Abu Sayyaf) , whom he accused of plotting an action against the govt today. But Senga also pointedly said that the planned actions of Gen. Lim did not involve the former President Joseph Estrada. Both seemed to be unfamiliar with the script. They better practice for the next few days because I don't think this will be like Marcos in September 1972 because the Filipino people are not a bunch of brainless idiots anymore. Hell, four million of us live in America and we know what freedom is! I tell you folks what Arroyo is doing is against everything you and I believe in, just talking plain and simple. This is an evil betrayal of democracy, freedom. It's spitting on motherhood and trampling on the apple pie. Simple as that. No need for any fancy Philippine Commentary. Well maybe just a lil...I think the Press and Civil Society and all those brilliant lawyers (we need you now Rodel!!!) will swarm all over this and dare I make a prediction...not yet. I think I'll take a walk right now to the Edsa Shrine so I can report to you some first hand accounts. Rizalist! Saddle up the mountain bike and get the Nikon Coolpix out...

(1320) SCARY: Ed Nachura, is talking about the right of the govt to take over public utilities and private corporations (including Media!) "tainted with public interest" in times of emergency. The Permit to Carry Firearms has been rescinded immediately. I said it before PDI: we shall be together on the ramparts in the defense of Press Freedom. Sec. Raul Gonzales claims "this is not martial law" even if warrantless arrests, according to this capo consiglieri is really just like a citizens arrest. INFAMY!

(1400) Professor Randy David of the University of Philippines and a well-respected writer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer's Op/Ed, has been arrested without a warrant while walking along EDSA with lawyer Argee Guevara. ReichFieldMarshall Vidal Querol justifies it to Ricky Carandang by saying he had no permit to rally. But he couldn't answer Pia Hontiveros question: "Does that mean anyone just walking on the street can be arrested." He mumbled something mangled, but it didn't sound like denial. "Warrantless arrests are just citizen's arrests!" ORWELLIAN NEWSPEAK!

The small group led by former Vice President Tito Guingona that initially resisted being dispersed from the Shrine earlier this morning were "persuaded" to leave shortly after noon by police and military in full battle gear, or at least truncheons at the ready. One curious onlooker (selling cigarettes by the stick) said they thought the octogenarian Tito Guingona might get hurt after some minor scuffling. (am in an Internet cafe near the Shrine, perfect observation post folks). The big action will be in Makati though, where Sec. Raul Gonzalez said he would be willing to arrest even Cory Aquino if they continue with a planned celebration of the Edsa 1 People Power Revolution. TOTALITARIAN SMOOTH-TONGUE! NAZI CONSIGLIERI!

Whenever I am forced to endure the risible intonations of idiotarians like Secretary Gonzalez and indeed, the Little Prince Fascist himself, Chief of Staff Mike Defensor, I feel a supernal ENVY for those most fortunate descendants of the great American Freedom Fighter Justice Frederick O. Douglass who said, "Your forefathers were men of peace; but they preferred revolution to peaceful submission to bondage. They were quiet men but they did not shrink from agitating against oppression. They showed forebearance but they knew its limits. They believed in order but not the order of tyranny. With them nothing was "settled" that was not right. With them, justice, liberty and humanity were "final" -- but not slavery and oppression. You may well cherish the memory of such men, for they seized upon eternal principles, and set a glorious example in their defense. Mark them."


(1500 ...Come Marching In...) There's a huge crowd now on Ayala Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas. Congressman BUTZ AQUINO, brother of NINOY AQUINO, has declared that the Makati celebration of the Edsa People Power Revolution will continue even if the Palace threatens to arrest anyone rallying today under the state of national emergency. Senate President FRANKLIN DRILON is there marching on the street too, saying he is willing to be arrested if need be! He says they are there to do a wreath-laying at the Monument to Ninoy Aquino. Resigned Social Welfare Secretary and ex-First Best Friend, DINKY SOLIMAN expressed anger that on the very day that democracy was won in 1986 it has been strangled on its 20th Anniversary. Atty. Anselmo Cadiz of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines denounced the declaration of a state of national emergency which he said needed the authorization of Congress. Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay is appealing to the police to leave the wreath laying ceremony at the Ninoy monument by Cory Aquino alone. I'm wondering about these phalanxes of the police dispersal units. You can see their eyes past the Lexan visors. Poor underpaid chaps, they look more scared than the those celebrating a victory against the dictator Marcos. Their shoes look worn to me, their uniforms dirty. Only their truncheons look new!. I wonder who they will side with if this comes to bloody confrontation later... CORY AQUINO will be here later...In what should be an omen to the Palace, yellow confetti is gently raining down on the crown from the surrounding office buildings, as they did 20 years ago...

(1600) Guidelines for the closure of newspapers, TV and radio stations under the state of National Emergency have reportedly been seen by some reporters. BLOOD IS BOILING. PRESS FREEDOM! What were we just talking about recently at Danish Breakfast?

(1620) Monitoring AM RMN Radio...Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay and Ground Commander Nicolas Gregorio are in a tense negotiation to allow his group to join the commemoration at the Ninoy Aquino statue. They are arguing about the group with Mayor Binay who've been stopped just a few blocks from the corner of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas. Steel barricades are going up in the Central Makati Business District. At the Palace, Michael "Rasputin" Defensor is still talking up the great Philippine economy and how they had dinner--with a bunch of Japanese moguls last night. Hmm. .. I'd like to interview one of those Japanese businessmen to see what they think now in the light of this state of steel barricades on posh Paseo de Frigging Roxas!


The Public Thing said...

so it begins...

Jon Mariano said...

My personal question is, is it warranted? My gut feel tells me it's not. Gloria is just playing to her true self that is a person who doesn't back down. That is good, but if it's done due to wrong reasons, then it's foolishness. It's all air.

AmericanPainter said...

Who is President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's enemy? HER OWN PEOPLE??

I fail to understand her justification for this action - is there even WEAK justification???

Is there a genuine threat to her Government?

I just don't understand this!!!

Rizalist said...

AP -- am on my way to scout out the Edsa Shrine. But look up the term "fascist dictatorship"

minan said...

what is going on? getting mixed msgs from the u.s. media (no surprise)

john marzan said...

"He says anyone participating in rallies today calling for the ouster of the President will be arrested."

naku, wag naman sana. pupunta kasi ako sa edsa bukas eh.



Has it occured to you that Gloria wouldn't have dared issue this foolish proclamation without some thumb up sign from the US Embassy?

While she has that tacit backing, she will not be talked out of de-proclaiming that stupid proclamation.

She is a fool for listening to her constitutional insurgents of advisers.

You are a dreamer DJB if you believe that Gloria knows the meaning of democracy. Sovereign will resides in the people! To her the people can go hang.

Yes, American Painter, to her the people are the enemy!

The woman has no vision, she is full of personal ambitions.

Time to bring her down. Time for the people to put her on trial.

Cesar Lumba said...

This sure looks like deja vu all over again. But the Philippines is now a very different country from what she was in 1972. The people are far more sophisticated, have access to instant communication through text messaging and can therefore be mobilized very quickly.

While Gloria has the obvious advantage of support of the military, the people far outnumber the forces loyal to Gloria. I am not sure that Gloria will succeed in putting down the rebellion.

She has stopped the rumored coup dead in its tracks, though.



Mike Salazar said...

Operation Hackle is a shortened form of HAmmer and siCKLE which represents the communist ideals of CPP NPA.
This operation is a broad tactical alliance of the Left (CPP NPA and party list groups) and Rightists (military adventurists) to unseat PGMA from Malacanang.
The Left agreed to this alliance but insisted that they get the head of MGen Palparan, the so called Berdugo ng Mindoro.
MGen Palparan was rumored to have ordered the killings of the source for the Lefts leadership which are the aboveground party list groups. The Left was feeling the pinch for resources (due to being branded as terrorists) and now, leaders for the guerilla forces. I might as well add that the Sison faction Partylist representatives are using part of their pork barrel budget to finance firearms to the communist guerillas.

Majority of the military did not want to join said adventurism since PGMA has prioritized them in terms of good housing and raising their pay. Most junior officers have begun to realize that they willl be used as pawns for said uprising.

Apparently, 300 million pesos was given out for the Oakwook mutiny but only 10 million was received by the core officer mutineers for that operation to succeed. The soldiers were just given fares to go to manila and nothing else. The rest of the money went to the pockets of the organizers. One congressman was able to finance the building of condo units out of his share.

The Oakwood mutineers failed to deliver last time and now they are being pressured to deliver by the organizers. However, even though soldiers and officers wanted to help them , they did not want to participate in a power grab. They too have their families to look out for . Also, they could not help but remember the fact that no military uprising has succeeded without popular public support. This is where the CPP NPA come in, or precisely their party list organizations and other legal fronts.

The soldiers are tired of being used as pawns by interest groups. But they absolutely abhor having a tactical alliance with an old enemy, the CPP NPA. This is where the organizers of the failed coup the other day got it wrong. The CPP NPA is seen as a hindrance to the success of the Philippines as a nation.