Saturday, February 11, 2006

ABSCBN the Wowwowee Stampede--A Week Later

There doesn't seem to be anything left to say about the stampede that killed over 70 people just last Saturday at the First Anniversary celebration of ABSCBN's Wowwowee hit noon time show with Willie Revillame as host at the Ultra Sports Complex in Pasig City.

Though there may never be enough said about it. Ever.

[Graphic Made with Caligari Truspace rendering a Lightwave 3D model of a bull and using a portion of Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights as a background image. Go see the original in full color.]


Marcus Aurelius said...


I have noticed a touch of "All Things Beautiful" here!

Rizalist said...

thanks marcus. I admire that site a lot, so it's flattering to be compared to them.

Major Tom said...

The Ultra tragedy ain't suppose to happen if only some people had the minutest amount of foresight..but it did.

Rizalist said...

UPDATE: Wowowee! Wowwowee! Criminal charges are being filed against executives and show personalities in this case.