Friday, February 24, 2006

Cory Aquino Asks President Arroyo to Resign

IN A MASSIVE SHOW OF OPEN DEFIANCE against Proclamation 1017, former President CORAZON AQUINO, (flanked by the Senate President FRANKLIN DRILON, Reps. BUTZ AQUINO, Rep. ROILO GOLEZ, and about 10,000 prominent and not so prominent personalities) just called on President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo "to make the supreme sacrifice of stepping down from office." Despite being threatened with dispersal earlier in the day, the celebration of the 1986 People Power Revolution in Makati City, at the corner of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas in the heart of the Central Business District is ongoing as I post this. This has been the finest hour of the "Middle Forces" so far in the Gloriagate controversy. In the crowd were many who supported Mrs. Arroyo in 2001, and many who fought Marcos, like me. We shall never surrender the way of life that we know all human beings deserve. At least those who accept that eternal vigilance is the price they must pay for their Liberty! Now will the Filipinos discover the meaning of People Power. When they have to do it again. And again. World without end!

in stone, forever descending to the tarmac, watches and waits.

US GOVERNMENT STATEMENT Matthew Lussenhop of the US Embassy read a statement on behalf of the US Government. It read in part, "We call on the Philippine Government and the Filipino people to respect fully the Rule of Law, to protect Civil Liberties and Human Rights, and to reject violence." He declined to give an assessment of the situation other than to say the US is monitoring the situation.
Here is an MP3 of the entire US Embassy statement. [audio recording of ABSCBN News telecast]

Here is a better (and complete) recording of the President's speech proclaiming 1017. (MP3)

TRANSLATION INTO ENGLISH: Since it is in Pilipino national language, I have provided the following translation of the President's speech into English for nonbilinguals--
PRES. ARROYO: "My Countrymen,

I have declared a state of emergency because of a clear and present danger to the Republic which we detected and foiled. There are several who attempted to deviate from the chain of command, in violation of civilian government, and to establish an unconstitutional regime. We defeated this plot. Part of our action was to capture the military and civilian conspirators. We shall also not let pass the financial and political support for the rebellion. The govt has stopped this illetgal action. Aside from the few who who broke away, all officers of the military are properly in line down to batallion level. As Commanderj-in-Chief I have full control of the situation. I just finished meeting with my Cabinet, who are united in the public service inspite of the security calamity. I am calling on all local govts to continue to serve. The people's safety and security should not be endangered. Meantime, I am leaving to the Chief of the AFP and the Chief of the Police, all required actions. They will report to media about what will happen next. The Foreign Affairs Secretary will brief the diplomatic embassies. But here is my warning to those plotting against the nation, the full force of the law will fall on your treachery. You are harming the poor in dragging us down from our proper level in the world (senseless phrase here she read the prompter wrong!) You are unmooring the economy from its strengthening fundamentals. My countrymen I ask you all to stay calm. I ask the Media to report events according to public duty, and don't allow harmful rumor and wrong news. Thank you for believing in our naton and our bright future. May God bless the Filipino nation."
The text of Proc. 1017 follows --

WHEREAS, over these past months, elements in the political opposition have conspired with authoritarians of the extreme Left represented by the NDF-CPP-NPA and the extreme Right, represented by military adventurists — the historical enemies of the democratic Philippine State — who are now in tactical alliance and engaged in a concerted and systematic conspiracy, over a broad front, to bring down the duly constituted Government elected in May 2004.

WHEREAS, these conspirators have repeatedly tried to bring down the President;

WHEREAS, the claims of these elements have been recklessly magnified by certain segments of the national media;

WHEREAS, this series of actions is hurting the Philippine State — by obstructing governance including hindering the growth of the economy and sabotaging the people’s confidence in government and their faith in the future of this country;

WHEREAS, these actions are adversely affecting the economy;

WHEREAS, these activities give totalitarian forces of both the extreme Left and extreme Right the opening to intensity their avowed aims to bring down the democratic Philippine State;

WHEREAS, Article 2, Section 4 of our Constitution makes the defense and preservation of the democratic institutions and the State the primary duty of Government;

WHEREAS, the activities above-described, their consequences, ramifications and collateral effects constitute a clear and present danger to the safety and the integrity of the Philippine State and of the Filipino people;

NOW, THEREFORE, I Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President of the Republic of the Philippines and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested upon me by Section 18, Article 7 of the Philippine Constitution which states that: “ The President…whenever it becomes necessary,…may call out (the) armed forces to prevent or suppress…rebellion…, “ and in my capacity as their Commander-in-Chief, do hereby command the Armed Forces of the Philippines, to maintain law and order throughout the Philippines, prevent or suppress all forms of lawless violence as well any act of insurrection or rebellion and to enforce obedience to all the laws and to all decrees, orders and regulations promulgated by me personally or upon my direction; and as provided in Section 17, Article 12 of the Constitution do hereby declare a State of National Emergency.

IN WITNESS HEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Republic of the Philippines to be affixed.

Done in the City of Manila, this 24th day of February, in the year of Our Lord, two thousand and six.

Republic of the Philippines



De l'audace, de l'audace et toujours de l'audace!

All "three forces" - upper, middle, lower forces must converge and uphold the Constitution that Gloria, the constitutional insurgent, consorting with trapos, warlords and other constitutional insurgents have breached and continue to breach. This is the only way to keep democracy from dying.

The Filipinos must go that extra mile - they cannot allow this fascist state of things to go on.

They must put Gloria on trial.

Rizalist said...

what a day HB! Wasn't it just a few days ago we were having a nice quiet Danish breakfast? This is very very bad.

vonjobi said...

it's very bad. and very sad. i just don't know why cory keeps getting into bed with the likes of jinggoy and satur. like daughter, like mother?



We know very well that Arroyo's proclamation of a state of emergency is a covert declaration of Martial Law to allow her to quell calls for her ouster, to stiffle legitimate dissent and FREEDOME OF EXPRESSION. Hasn't she ordered the arrest of Randy David, respected newspaper columnist because David delivered a lecture on the true state of the nation?

Arroyo is the single biggest threat to Philippine democracy. Edsa I revolution toppled Marcos to bring democracy but Arroyo shortcircuited the return to democracy. Not content with stealing the presidency once, she stole it a 2nd time in 2004; she's even stolen the returned Marcos loot to pay for votes; now, she's stealing freedom to call for her ouster.

Has she got support of the nation? NO! Admittedly, she's got the support of a portion of the confused population but most importantly, the support of trapos who must ask themselves: What honor is there in supporting Gloria? The disregard with which she has cast aside, is thwarting the rule of law and all other standards of decency has wiped the slate of obligation.

DJB, you and I have travelled kilometers and kilometers of discussions on democracy but I believe no amount of circumnavigating the world will bring the vessel of democracy to the Philippines while Gloria is in power.


manuelbuencamino said...

What we saw today was not a state of emergency what we saw was a state of panic.

Rizalist said...

It's a two stage plan. First state of emergency, then martial law, then take over of public utilities and media! diabolical thing is, she used everybody against everybody today!



The basic democratic rights and freedoms that you cherish so much - freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of expression is about to be stiffled right at your doorstep!

National Telecommunications Commissioner Ronald Solis is reported to have warned that his agency would "not hesitate to recommend closure of any broadcast outfit found violating rules set out for media coverage when national security is under grave threat."

Inq.7 reported Solis saying that "broadcast entities should refrain from airing statements from parties that "incite to sedition" or those that are "rebellious" in nature."

Meaning what? Those columnists or reporters who write about or publish their interviews or report that political personalities have asked for Gloria to resign will be inciting to sedition?

'Rebellious' meaning what? Media reporting on people calling for Gloria to stand trial on accusations that she's corrupt will be charged with rebellion?

What other inanities has Gloria and her lackeys in store for Philippine media?

Gray said...

It's quite sad, dont you think, how the rally ended?

Rallyists very much like lost sheep. Lost their shepherds and easily herded by riot police. It seemed at first they were planning to stay, but i guess it wasnt so. So much power in the people, but sad to say no control, no direction. I dont like GMA. (<<--understatement) She isnt really a worthy antagonist. But those against her aren't proving to be worthy opponents either, especially with their alliances based on ends rather than shared values and principles.

I hope we find someone worthy we could fight side by side with.

manuelbuencamino said...


Ramon Magsaysay Jr. think about it.

Rizalist said...

haha cmon gray -- the SOE is less than 24 hours old. How long to get rid of Marcos? As I said last night , we all sleep well tonight. she hasn't slept since last June! She's aging by the minute every dvd i take of her i can count the eyebags like treerings, each a new season of scandal, each a new outrage to our senses and sensibilities.

Oh yeah, sheze cruizin for a bruizin.

HB -- And I was so hard on my new co-barricaders at the ramparts of Press Freedom recently!

Rizalist said...

I like your suggestion MB. And Pong Biazon for VP. Heck come to think of it, several good men in the Senate. Drilon! Lim! Even Kiko Pangilinan,Majority Leader is lost to GMA.

Amadeo said...

Aside from the score of blogs based in Metro Manila that have a handle on the unfolding events in the capital, I also visit those I have linked to in Mindanao.

Except for some sketchy reports from Davao, it appears to be business as usual in the rest of the island. People and government officials sifting through and worrying about their everyday problems of poverty, violence, tourism, agriculture, etc.

Here’s a sampling of the comments on the few reports that dealt with the ongoing unrest in Metro Manila:

“ usual, most of the mess is happening in manila. i’m beginning to warm up to the republic of mindanao idea. or even a federal system.

“Thanks ……………….I’ll keep an eye on this. I’ll be in Manila (hopefully) on March 23rd then GenSan after April 14th.”

“What the country needs is an all out revolution.”

And on the rally protesting the GMA government during the EDSA anniversary, it is reported only 300 people showed up in Davao.

Is it a well-orchestrated revolution, only to find empty ranks?

Or are we maybe in the blogosphere and those in media hoping to create a self-fulfilling prophecy?


Yep DJB.

There are a couple of good people in the Senate who are as qualified and better qualified than Gloria.

Rizalist said...

Amadeo, Proc. 1017 is less than a day old. Give it a lil time. NO one saw this coming today, of all days ! But Marichu Lambino last night on Dong Puno wondered why it was a "national" emergency if indeed trouble was limited to Manila.