Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bloggers! The Google Dance Is On

The first major update (in a long time) of Google's Page Rank for all the websites that its spiders crawl apprently began in the last 24 hours. The Blog Herald reports on the long-anticipated reappearance of the famous GOOGLE DANCE, during which all of Google's global network of servers updates what Google thinks of your website! More on this major Blogospheric news item at Problogger. It takes up to one week for all the servers to report the same result for any given website. You can look at what the Future Ranking will be of any website when the Google Dance is over by putting in any valid URL and clicking Check:

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Some early results from the Google Dance for the Philippine webspace are as follows: PCIJ and its associated blog looks like they have solid PR6 and PR5 rankings coming. INQ7 is dancing between PR5 and PR7 now--will they suffer a demotion to PR6? And what in the world is going on with the Philippine Star? Right now their website has been give PR-ZERO. Has the crony paper been bad lately?? Will they go the way of BMW, which recently got banned by Google for unsavory attempts to full Arachnida Googleum ? Maybe they are being punished for not providing permlinks to their articles! (Or this could a rest in the Google and wait.) I guess it was an early dance transient. Here is the Crony Paper with PR6

MANUEL L. QUEZON III (PDI columnist and Pajamas Media uber-blogger) should hold on to a well-deserved PR5, along with Connie Veneracion (Manila Standard columnist and long-time blogger) also at PR5 -- both in quasistable server results. The J-Spotter has a solid PR5 again. Newspaper Malaya can't do better in the Page Ranking than these last three bloggers at PR5. But have a look at tantalizing results for newcomer ELLEN TORDESILLAS (Malaya Columnist and fellow blog-starter late last year)--playing with PR5 in just 3 or 4 months! Ricky Carandang (ABSCBN-ANC News Anchor and fellow bloggers) is registering on the boards, as is RG Cruz.
PinoyTopBlogs is still dancing between PR4 and PR5 yet surprisingly the "B-List" PinoyBlog is outranking the latter with PR5 and PR6 marks thus far. Top-ranking Rickey Dot Org is in PR6 territory among the entertainment blogs. Retzwerx Pinoy Big Brother fansite surprisingly low-ranked at the moment PR4-5, but this may be a transient. Bryanboy, previously at a lowly PR3 is banging on PR5's gates.

All these numbers are subject to a final algorithmic flourish from Google which may be a few days coming yet.

Of course I am curious to see how Philippine Commentary, currently ranked PR Zero (the lowest), will be ranked by Google after four months in operation. Bloggers are by no means the only ones eager to see whether they go up or down or sideways in the Google Page Ranking. Anyone who is trying to optimize the Search Engine performance of their website is tuning in. You need to install the Google Tool Bar to see Page Rank of sites you visit. In a very real sense, Google is the most important visitor to any website. The actual algorithm used by Google to determine Page Rank is a closely guarded trade secret, though the links above have plenty of information, especially from Google itself. Okay, here is what Google says Page Rank is:
PageRank or PR(A) can be calculated using a simple iterative algorithm, and corresponds to the principal eigenvector of the normalized link matrix of the web.
Stick that in your billion-by-billion matrix inverter!


AmericanPainter said...

DJB: I like Philippine Commentary no matter how Google may rank it. I seriously doubt that I'll like the ones that they give high rankings.

Rizalist said...

Thanks very much AP! From the looks of the Dance results thus far, it looks like Google even agrees with you. And I WAS only kidding about Google being the most important visitor! Haha.

Amadeo said...


Ditto, here.

Your entries are always well-thought of and typically scholarly. Thus, interest quotient is high for those who visit. And never extreme on either side.

I say it as one who was among the first readers of the original Philippine Commentary, during which time comments were sent via email.

I know that in the PI, the MSM is still the primary reading choice of many in the provinces like those in Mindanao. Thus, your getting into some printed news might still be a good idea and a righteous path to pursue.

Rizalist said...

Hi Amadeo,
I feel like you are an old and dear friend, even if we've never met!

Without Borders said...

i like independent and original thinking that's why i like philippinecommentary.

Rizalist said...

Thanks WB!

Folks visit each other's websites okay? I'll be over to see you guys more. Been working on NEW WEBLOGS coming. Politics is not all there is to life on this Archipelago called Earth! So I got Science, got Tech, got Literature, got poetry reading, got video, got SEO -- hold on to your hats Philippine Commentary is multiplying its bandwidth. haha. It's gonna be fun. These are is still "in Beta," but check out GOOGLEMOGUL and my WordPress Experiment: Rizalist Radio

I wanna have fun blogging the Entertainment world too, that seems so lethal. There are other lethal mental constructs in our society too, as the Danish cartoonists warn. And it is these things that actually enforce the religious and cultural apartheids that still exist.

ricelander said...

You have a great content, forget the rating. It is said, build well and they will come. As for me, I just wanna have fun. About politics especially the Philippine kind, it could be poisonous to your being haha.

Rizalist said...

Ricelander--I know how hard you work on your website. Boy do I know how hard we all work on these serious blogs. Hey and surprise! surprise! Check out the Google Dance Future Prediction for Philippine Commentary But the Dance isn't over. And Google is known to be such a TEASER!