Saturday, February 25, 2006

From the Ministry of Truth and Responsible Journalism

[With gratitude to George Orwell for something he wrote a long time ago...but click HERE TO HEAR the new Da Apo.]

Journal Entry of the Editor-in-chief at the Ministry of Truth and Responsible Journalism--
An English Translation of the Commander-in-Chief's Proclamation Speech on the Prime Directive 1017 is now available from the responsible weblogger at Ye Olde Philippine Commentary and should be read and disseminated by all.

The Prime Directive 1017 itself is available at the responsible media organization, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism.

These are the Footnotes to Events That Really Happened on 24 February 2006 in the Ever-Loyal City of Manila, capital of the Philippines. The Prime Directive 1017 authorizes the Ministry of Truth and Responsible Journalism to ensure that media does not publish HARMFUL NEWS or practice IRRESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM. We must correct all records to be in accord in the Prime Directive.

[1] A newspaper called the Daily Tribune and another called Abante were NOT raided without search warrants late yesterday. NO documents were taken and the Rule of Law has been preserved, per the Prime Directive 1017. This has been recorded in the Journal of Events.

[2] Twenty three minor age children walking with the crowd at Edsa corner Santolan yesterday were NOT arrested along with dozens of others. Nothing happend at that location except some bottles and stones half the size of hollow blocks were thrown by hooligans at no one in particular. There is NO Truth to the Vile Rumour that 20,000 Children in Conflict with the Law are in Philippine Prisons. If it were true, why would the State want to ADD to such an annoying and embarrassing situation?

[3] A professor of the University of the Philippines and columnist of the responsible newspaper, Philippine Daily Inquirer, was NOT arrested without a warrant by plain clothes operatives, nor was he released later. The police have submitted the corrective memo and the Ministry of Truth has duly recorded it.

[4] The United States Embassy issued a Statement that did not call for upholding the Rule of Law and the protection of Human Rights and Civil Liberties. It was just a "Warden-warning" to the foreign citizens enjoying the gracious hospitality of the Strong Repulic. It may be IGNORED in light of the following.

[5] The Prime Directive 1017 does not authorize the President-in-chief to violate the civil liberties of the Citizens, as long as they do not rock the Boat of State.

[6] The Prime Directive 1017 does not suppress Press Freedom. The Ministry of Truth and Responsiible Journalism will see to that.

[7] The Prime Directive 1017 does not empower the President to seize any private enterprise without compensation and run it in times of national emergency, if such enterprises are "tainted with public interest."

[8] The Prime Directive 1017, Consiglieri Ed Nachura has already declared truthfully that NO such private enterprises in which a tainting by public interest has been detected. Let this be so recorded under the Journal of Provisional Policies.

[9] There are NO newspapers, television stations or radio broadcasters that are not practicing Responsible Journalism at this time and tainting themselves with public interest. The Ministry of Truth and Responsible Journalism is fulfilling its mandate under the Prime Directive 1017.

[10] There is NO truth to the wild rumors that FREEDOM HOUSE will downgrade the Strong Republic of the Philippines to the status of NOT FREE in 2006.
It feels just like the Morning After, on September 23, 1972...some men and women were huddled together in the Camp Crame Officers Gym..Ninoy, Pepe, Chino, Haydee, Jerry... (I was there too, shivering in fear at the shit I'd gotten myself into, the youngest I think, and a case surely, of mistaken identity and worth compared to that company).....outside it was a bright sunny morning too, with the sounds of normal life honking in the distance...the roosters were crowing all night long, at least thrice, as new detainees arrived. Martial Law was smiling and truthful and responsible too...But as someone said recently in Washington, "We love our Freedom and we will fight to keep it!" So the result will be the same, Freedom and Justice and Liberty will win in the end. And Truth.


Via RICKY CARANDANG REPORTING this letter from the internationally respected Editor in Chief of Newsbreak Magazine --
Twenty years ago, we regained our freedom of the press. Today, we stand the risk of losing it. It is ironic that on the day we celebrate people power, a glorious and festive moment in our history, we are reminded that our freedoms are fragile. They can easily be taken away.

We view the raid on Tribune, an opposition newspaper, with alarm. It appears to signal the start of a crackdown on media organizations.

We have always believed that repression is never the answer to a critical press. We remind the authorities that a free press is a cornerstone of a democracy. Without it, we cannot claim to be a democratic country.

Marites Danguilan Vitug

Editor in Chief
Newsbreak Magazine

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