Sunday, February 26, 2006

1017 Outlines of a New Conjugal Dictatorship in the Philippines

The die is cast in many ways, by the brazen, gang-banging nature of Proclamation 1017's mandates and the manner of its execution. A red line has been crossed in the closure and seizure by the Philippine National Police of the opposition Daily Tribune, and open threats by General Arturo Lomibao of closures and seizures of other newspapers, television, and radio outlets that do not toe the line of "Responsible Journalism." The thinking of some now is that Proclamation 1017 does not give the Executive enough powers to contain and quell the rising anger and mobilization of Civil Societies and mass organzations across the entire political spectrum at the audacity of the government's crackdown. The attempt to paint everyone as coup plotters and military adventurists as the reason for the pogrom is melting as the government is starting to go after patently legitimate opposition. Clearly the President needs the vast powers of Martial Law now in order to survive. But the 1987 Constitution grants those powers to the Congress to control its declaration, extent and duration. She needs House Speaker Jose de Venecia now more than last year when he saved her from the First Impeachment attempt. He needs her too now because his rivals in the House like Prospero Pitchay are outdoing him in sycophancy. (JDV's big-jawed rival said Friday, "It's about time the President did this."). What they could not do together through the radical, self-administered brain surgery of Chacha, they may do through a marriage of mutual survival and co-dependence, our new Conjugal Dictatorship between heedless Executive and headless Legislature. The legal analysis is at Ye Olde Philippine Commentary.

But there are those wanting to speak now and will never hold their peace.

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ria said...

Unfortunately for the Philippines, most of our legislators lack the guts and conviction to go against the administration.

-Maria A. Jose
Filipino citizen