Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Attack of the Rainbow Warrior

he Philippine National Police, the National Bureau of Investigation, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and prosecutors ought to have a look at this Greenpeace International, Inc. website, and this MP3 audio recording.

These are pertinent to the recent Masinloc Plant "protest action" conducted by Greenpeace, International, Inc., reported on here by ABSCBN News. I think the contents of both represent prima facie evidence of blatant violations of Philippine Law, including criminal trespass, disturbing the peace by provoking lawful authorities, inciting to violence or riot, rallying without a permit [sic!] and other serious violations of the Revised Penal Code.

The website is effectively a voluntarily-given, self-incriminating confession of guilt to the crimes commited by the team of several dozen foreign and local activists, which evidently was composed of an assault force, offshore "command and control" aboard the Rainbow Warrior, a ship often used by Greenpeace in such operations, and local allies in charge of covering the Philippine media.

The material in the website is written as a kind of war journal by one of the members of the assault team who illegally and in wanton violation of Philippine and international law, interloped into the Masinloc Power Plant in Zambales, for purported purpose of castigating that coal plant's contribution to global warming. One of the Greenpeace paramilitants, a German nicknamed Jens, got a crowbar to the head for his troubles.

But he served his purpose: photographs of him on a stretcher are circulating webwide thanks to Enviromentalism Inc.'s global reach. Their purpose WAS to provoke a publicity baiting incident of civil disorder, with grand success only painful to Jens. Their method was a paramilitant style of attack they have perfected as standard modus operandi in the conduct of radical environmental politics. This "confession" is in the form of a detailed narration of events that can no longer be erased from global info-caches at Google and Yahoo, even if they now rush to take such self-incriminating evidence down.

Here is a bit of the breathlessness from the Greenpeace weblogger embedded with the attacking force:
The day was dawning when we arrived in Masinloc. The water was calm and the mountains in the distance were covered with mists. The stillness and splendor of the place momentarily took my mind off to what we were about to do. But as I scanned the surroundings, my eyes found our target -- the red and white-striped smokestack of Mickey (Masinloc Coal-fired Power Plant) sticks out like a sore thumb in the beautiful land and seascapes.

The eastern sky was turning pale orange as we launched all five outboard motor boats from the Rainbow Warrior at around 5:30am. All went well with the launching and we proceeded to our meeting place in the sheltered bay. There were two additional boats from Greenpeace Philippines waiting for us. It was almost a sacrilege to disturb the tranquility of such a beautiful place in the early morning, but there is a mission to be accomplished. Mickey uses coal, a highly polluting energy source. Coal is a major contributor to climate change – the biggest environmental threat we face today. Something has to be done to stop and replace this environmental menace with cleaner and renewable energy.

It was nearly 7:00am, the sun had dispelled the last vestiges of darkness when all the people and gears needed for the action were ready to go. We carefully negotiated the shallow parts of the bay while moving closer to Mickey. The boats kept together at low speed but when Dave gave the signal, all the boats fanned out and the drivers revved up their engines heading to their designated entry points. As the boats deposited one team of activists near a gate, a security guard was already approaching. However, they boldly walked past the security guard like they owned the place. When it was our turn to be brought to our entry point, I was aghast to see the rest of the team already over the fence and security guards were moving in fast to remove the ladder. It was only Deb and I who were left behind. We were in shallow area and Dani cannot bring the boat closer to land. We had to jump out of the black water, our feet sinking in the soft bottom as we walked stirring up coal sediments.

Deb climbed over the fence. She jumped over the barbwire unfortunately tearing her arm and legs in the process. It was difficult crossing over the fence because it was about 3 meters high and the ladder on the other side was removed already. I followed next and was at the top of the fence when two policemen in fatigue uniform arrived. They cocked their armalites and threatened to shoot me if I enter the premises. I just sat there dumbstrucked, I was being threatened with my life for the very first time while sitting on the barb-wired fence. When I found my voice, I told them that we are not going to do anything bad, that we are just doing a peaceful protest for the environment. They asked me again to back-off or they’ll shoot. Only one security guard remained and I ridiculously asked for his assistance to get down feeling I was about to fall. He didn’t help of course but I did manage to clamber down, a bit shaken. Then I had to crawl under the coal conveyor belt to get to other activists already in their position. Coal particles covered my wet overall giving me a look of a coal miner.

Noom, Deb, Abby and I were to serve as blockers. Deb and I climbed about 3 meters up the ladder to guard the climbers who were assigned to hang the banners. Noom and Abby remained on the ground to talk to the security. Then the nightmare begun as a fat little man in gray t-shirt arrived and started harassing the blockers on the ground. He yelled at them saying again and again “you don’t have a right to be here.”

Fat Little Man In A Gray T Shirt

That's telling them, Kabayan! You may be just a "fat little man in a gray T-shirt" to these enviro-psychos but you tell'em: "You don't have a right to be here."

This gets better for the prosecutors looking for evidence that will properly and humanely convict these interlopers. This MP3 is a recording of a phone call between Australian activist Shannon and Derek Ou, web editor on board the Rainbow Warrior after the above "Ladders, banners, cameras and lawyers" attack had been held at bay, but was still ongoing. It is amazing we have such a record of criminal wrong doing. Thanks, uhm, Greenpeace!

Several things emerge from a careful listen:

(1) This was a carefully coordinated plan of attack with compleat foreknowledge of the likely responses the authorities would mount, and premeditated counteractions, namely publicity-baiting dramatizations and immediate projection into the global Web, where it is already being picked up by subsidiaries and mutating into the environmentalist's form of redactive persecution complex. That is why they had video and digital cameras with them and an embedded weblogger, who may wish to turn state witness.

(2) Command and control was exercised directly from the Rainbow Warrior in ooordination with the person whose voice appears in the MP3's container website and is identified as "Australian activist Shannon" -- both foreigners whose visas ought to be cancelled, or better yet be arrested then deported, after a suitable introduction to the meaning of global warming at Bilibid Prison.

(3) The violations of Philippine Law were not only premeditated, they were conducted with utter disdain by so-called First World activists for the country whose deep civil libertarian traditions they now appeal to for justice for their fallen comrade (who got a crowbar in the head for his insouciance). May he recover from his head wounds, both physical and ideological.

Someone please make a transcript.

I hereby APOLOGIZE to the Sassy Lawyer for misinterpreting her overall stance on this matter (by not reading most of her post initially which apprently comes in several clickable pages on her website.) resulting in rash judgment. Sorry! I thank her for her infinite patience, and the quantum of kind doubt to my benefit she granted for an erroneous claim. In fact it was Sassy who pointed out the tellingly funny clue to Greenpeace's real intentions. The activists brought ladders and lawyers!


Rizalist said...

Copies of the MP3 are stored permanently now at Philippine Commentary in case it is taken down by Greenpeace. They better get whoever Garci's lawyer was. Oops.

AmericanPainter said...


These idiots have really done some stupid stunts over the last several years. While we all agree that the fragile environment needs protection, the end does not justify the means.

Rizalist said...

You should see what they did to the reef at Tubatahha too. just go to their website. They call it "The Accident"