Monday, November 7, 2005

Is Paris Europe's Pearl Harbor?

MERICA, it must be recalled, did not convincingly join the War against Fascism that Europe was already fighting on the ground for many years. Until December 7, 1941.

Likewise, Europe, (except for that funny lil archipelago on its shoulder), has not convincingly joined the War against Terrorism that the Anglosphere was forced to undertake beginning on September 11, 2001. Perhaps until that day, less than two weeks ago, when the riots started.

The Paris Riots are now over ten days old. And their significance is a thing over which the Global Mind is having a conniption fit.

Like Pearl Harbor, it was largely unexpected, certainly in this introverted part of the Globe. We too, are heedless, even though we were attacked by Al Qaeda long before Nine Eleven and certainly on Rizal Day December 30, 2000, when the Jemaah Islamiyah through Fathur Rohman al Ghozi bombed to Kingdom Come dozens of innocent Filipinos riding Manila's LRT just one breathless day before the true start of the new Millennium. And many blamed Erap for that bombing!

But perhaps, the attack on Paris will do to Europe in the War on Terror, what Pearl Harbor did to America in the War on Fascism. I'm willing to give the French a chance to admit that as much as they believe in Liberté et Egalité, they've been really lousy at the Fraternité required to secure the other two.

Perhaps it will indeed awaken them to the GLOBAL nature of the War on Terror. If they see it is already in their backyards as the Parisian Intifida makes clear, then we might have reason to be optimistic for France and the Europe she has led into THIS quaqmire.

The global Main Stream Media are I think sorry they have not done one of those obsessive-compulsive acts of yellow-jacket 24/7 television coverage of the unfolding events, thinking it ought to have died down over a week ago, but hasn't. And it means far more for the world than perhaps we yet realize.

And I am still hoping for a response to my earlier post: Can the Left Please Explain the Parisian Intifada.

THE CANARY JUST DIED: Oh, and someone else is waking up to the terrorism of the One-Woman State: the Philippine Daily Inquirer in Terrorizing the Media cries foul over the Julius Babao Affair and asks...
We are under no illusions; we believe the ABS-CBN network needs to make a full accounting of the events that transpired on April 26. The network's official statements give us hope that such an accounting is on its way. Most likely, it will address the ethical issue specific to media: Where does a journalist draw the line between the active, enterprising pursuit of a story and intervention in the story itself?
Ahem. I suppose in fairness to ABSCBN News, PDI should ask itself that same question. And all of the demagagosphere for that matter.

But the warning is out and I salute PDI for shouting it out loud to all the MINERS in the TUNNEL looking for the Truth: "The canary just died. It's name was Julius Babao."


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