Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yo! Barack--She's Zelaya in a Skirt

Even as her loyal House allies desperately push Conass at home, President Arroyo leaves for Washington D.C. today and a long-hoped-for personal meeting with US President BARACK OBAMA (whose kids have probably sampled exotic fare like adobo already at the White House). Mrs. Arroyo claims they are going to discuss Nuclear Nonproliferation, Veterans Affairs, Global Climate Change, and the Global Financial Crisis (all in 20 minutes). (I hope he sees Zelaya in a skirt). The Explainer Dialogues with Manolo Quezon analyzes the recent State of the Nation Address in last Monday's episode with Business World's Vergel O. Santos and Black and White Movement's Leah Roque. I was on the panel.

SOURCE: Philippine Commentary


john marzan said...

but the obama admin supports zelaya.

and if edsa dos happened in 2009, the US gov't would quickly label it a coup too (which it was).

manuelbuencamino said...

Zelaya was going to extend his term through a constitutional amendment against the wishes of Congress and the Supreme Court, So they overthrew him. Zelaya claims he has the people behind him. So he comes on as the pro democracy guy

Gloria, on the other hand has the representatives of the people with her but the people they represent are against her. .

Jm Benavidez Estoque said...

sa tingin ko ay wala na nga atang maimumuka pang maganda ang Pilipinas sa buong mundo sa panahong ito sa usaping pulitika.

ay! Kaawaawang Pilipinas...
kailan kaya tayo matututong tumayo sa sariling mga paa nang hindi dumedepende sa mga balikat ng Estados Unidos?

Kailan kaya makikita ni Juan De La Cruz ang kaniyang sariling kakayahan na makalipad kung gugustuhin niya?