Saturday, July 25, 2009

Membership has its privilege

The National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzalez and his comrade Fr. Romeo Intengan met and proposed the establishment of a revolutionary transition government to Bishop Gaudencio Tobias and Chief Justice Reynato Puno. Is this not sedition? Shouldn’t the Palace be alarmed that the National Security Adviser is proposing the overthrow of the government?

Not according to Palace boob, Cerge Remonde. ( (READ HERE)

Remonde told dzBB radio, “Well, ah, hindi kami na-alarma riyan. Medyo sanay kami riyan sa mga ganyang klaseng initiative ni Sec. Gonzales. (We are not alarmed over that. We are already used to those initiatives by Gonzales) These things he does, he does as National Security Adviser.”

Gonzalez is the national security adviser, Cerge. Let me wipe the coffee off my nose first before I ask you, what the heck, you’re telling the public he often proposes initiatives to topple the government and this is part of his job as national security adviser? Abcerge!

And so the national security adviser is going to be made to explain, that’s all?

“The actions of Sec. Norberto Gonzales insofar as a transition council are entirely his own. He has no authority from the Cabinet or the President and therefore Sec. Gonzales lang maka-explain sa bagay na yan [therefore only Gonzales can explain his actions].”

Why is Gloria not ordering the Department of Justice to investigate the matter and to file charges against Gonzalez and Intengan if warranted? Why doesn't she put him on leave, is he not a security threat until cleared by an investigation?

What the hell is going on? It’s okay if a call for revolution comes from within but not okay if it comes from the opposition?

SOURCE: Life in Gloria's Enchanted Kingdom


rc said...

Hope and change, my friend. You are right about what this means...a permanent state of 'revolution'...which means a permanent state of the status quo. It's so insane that it might just work for Gloria. She and her allies are pulling a very transparent, yet effective trick. The message is clearly that the insiders are now the agents of change. Of course, they aren't, but marketing is a powerful tool.

Will the Filipinos be fooled by this? We'll see. The Americans were...there is a lesson there.

manuelbuencamino said...

RC, the Filipinos will not be fooled by it. However, whether they will resist it is another matter altogether.