Monday, July 6, 2009

The Media Are Not The Message

I've just posted a replay (without all the commercials and station breaks!) of the Media in Focus episode aired last Thursday on ANC and still in replay until Thursday, but available here for our commentaries and discussion. The participants are listed in the caption of the Video Clip. There are thumbnails from the broadcast and the entire video at the Archive, now. The central point of the discussion has to do with the relationship between professional or commercial journalism and the evolving genres of new media, such as blogging, facebooking, twittering, and various other manifestations of Web-related developments that deserve our scrutiny and understanding.

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rc said...

Interesting...Huffington Post represents the 'New York Times/Washington Post' view of new media...that one side of the political spectrum must control the message. They won the war of the message in the last US election.

The other side of that coin is that free people, everywhere, don't need 'journalists' to interpret the news for them. As an example, the media in the US has now shown itself to be completely partisan stooges of the current administration. It's not that way at all in the Philippines. I wish the US had a media that was as honest.

But in any case, this is a non-debate. Just as television and radio changed the way information is disseminated, so will the web. Debating it is not an issue as long as no one tries to kill access to the new source. The real issue for the Philippines is to ensure that most people have access to this medium in their homes to participate in this new communications revolution. Sad to say, most don't.