Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Secrets of the President's Health

As far as I know, the only reason for getting breast implants is for cosmetic purposes. So, when Presidential mouthpiece Lorelei Fajardo says that it was necessary for the President to get breast implants in the 80s, without giving the reasons why, I can’t help but scratch my head at this new idiocy of the Arroyo administration.

The issue of the President’s health, and how it is being handled by her spin doctors, has effectively captured the spotlight, and has once more given focus to the inadequacies of this administration.

It apparently all started last week, when the President supposedly submitted herself to self-quarantine after arriving from one of her numerous foreign trips (at our expense, but that’s fodder for another post), only for the public to learn that her hospitalization was for other reasons aside from the possibility of having contracted the dreaded A(H1N1) virus.

At first, Presidential spokespersons said that biopsies were done on lumps taken from the President’s breast and groin. Then the rumor of the President’s breast implants surfaced, and the whole issue took a left turn to the realm of fantasy.

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde initially denied the rumor, only to later appear before the media and confirm the existence of the implants. Then, yesterday, Fajardo came out about the supposed necessity of the implants. Of course, since the main purpose of breast implants is cosmetic in nature, one can only wonder at what sort of necessity this might be, although I’m certain that the Presidential mouthpieces will probably try to spin it in some way that they think the public can swallow.

While this seems a rather absurd issue for the media to be covering, the less-than-forthcoming stance of the Palace is disturbing, to say the least. How can we trust the government to tell us the truth when a more serious issue crops up? It brings back memories of the time of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, when his underlings covered up the fact that the dictator was suffering from lupus, in order to avoid any sign of weakness. However, much like the situation today, the cover up didn’t work.

This administration seems to have gotten so used to lying that, even with issues such as this, its first response is to lie first, and then scramble madly to do damage control when it gets found out. It’s not reassuring that our government appears to think that the Filipino people are so gullible that anything the government says will be readily believed. As it is, with each new revelation, it buries its credibility even deeper into the mud.


anna said...

Re: "While this seems a rather absurd issue for the media to be covering, "

I don't know if it's absurd for media to be covering Gloria's boob job. She took it upon herself -- she left herself wide open to mockery for having resorted to such vain artifice. If she had been a good and exemplary leader, perhaps nobody would be laughing at her.

Eric said...

It's absurd compared to the other issues in the Philippines and the world in general, but, yes, I do see your point in that the President, because of her being less than honest about the issue, left herself wide open to ridicule.

Anonymous said...

Do at least consider the possibility that she might have had one or two radical mastectomies first. Indeed, without establishing that that DIDN'T happen comment would be premature and arguably inappropriate.