Thursday, January 12, 2006

EDSA II Retrospective: When Gloria Resigned

THINGS SEEMED TO HAPPEN WITH LIGHTNING SPEED IN OCTOBER 2000: As we approach the 5th Anniversary of the EDSA II People Power 'Revolution' -- with its climax on 20 January 2001 -- I've been able to dredge up some old mementos from those days that may make for some interesting recollection and comparison with present day events. Vice President Noli De Castro, who just lost his long running ABSCBN TV Show, to Gloriagate, may be interested in our retrospective here...More to come in January!

OCTOBER 4, 2000 Ilocos Sur Governor Luis "Chavit" Singson sings the Odes of October. He reveals that Erap has been accepting bribes from JUETENG LORDS. Chavit claims an attempt to kill him occurred the day before by men associated with then PNP Chief now Senator Panfilo Lacson.
October 5, 2000 SENATOR TEOFISTO GUINGONA delivers Privilege Speech: "I accuse..." against Joseph Estrada for involvement in JUETENG.
October 11, 2000 JAIME CARDINAL SIN, titular head of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines calls on President Joseph Ejercito Estrada to resign, declaring he has LOST MORAL ASCENDANCY NEEDED TO RUN THE COUNTRY. This after a week in which Singson claimed Erap received P400 million in jueteng payoffs, and after the House of Representatives tried to gag his testimony repeatedly calling Erap LORD OF ALL JUETENG LORDS.

OCTOBER 12, 2000 On the very next day after Cardinal Sin's call for Erap to resign, then Social Welfare Secretary GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO resigned from the Cabinet and joined in calls for Erap to resign.




Wish you could also provide a running commentary of the one year or so 'subversive' negotiations with various elements of the society and the military that Gloria's glorified hunk of a husband was doing prior to Chavit's jeteng song - to raise Gloria's seat ...



I looked up website but only found:

"6. In "People versus Oliver Lozano, et al.," Criminal Case No. 86-49007, the Court finds that the Prosecution failed to prove the guilt of the Accused beyond reasonable doubt for the crime charged and hereby acquits them of said charge;"

What was Lozano accused of exactly?