Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Noel Blinks, GMA Winks, Is Chacha Dead Til 2010?

GMA has established who really wears the pants in the Lakas Family now--not FVR and not JDV--although both were given stellar roles in the carefully scripted meeting of the Council of State yesterday at Malacanang Palace.

FVR was allowed to register his warning that cancelling the 2007 elections was "a disaster waiting to happen" but not his earlier sensational call for GMA to step down after six years in office in 2007. The Council's heed of his warning is today's PDI headline.

JDV meanwhile delivered a lecture on the urgency of Charter Change and the "clamor" of the people and their leaders for it. Later, talking to Media, he said the Senators in attendance were impressed by this clamor and broad support for his ideas. Really? A clearly irked Senate Majority Leader Francisco "Kiko" Pangilinan and Sen. Ralph Recto put the lie to that . They apparently expected to tackle something less lofty but concrete, like say the unfinished 2006 Budget. Sen. Dick Gordon, also thought political and electoral reforms have to be tackled before Charter Change can even be contemplated, because any change will have to go through a plebiscite. Given the total lack of credibility of the Commission on Elections after the Gloriagate mess, I agree: the next election, whether plebscite or regular elections, will determine the fate of Philippine democracy. Newspaper Malaya reports

With its main Transitory Provision dead ("No Elections in 2007") what will now happen to Chacha and the Constitutional Commission's Draft Charter containing JDV's absurd Franco-Anglo-Filipino Parliamentary Model? Asked about it last night by Pia Hontiveros, the mercurial Palace operative, Rick Saludo, made it clear that Chacha was Congress' baby -- and that the Palace will just as soon see it trashed too, though he didn't quite say that except by his body language, which was slyly dismissive of Chacha.

Perhaps Chacha will be used like Virgilio Garcillano, as a decoy target for the Palace's critics in the Opposition, the Media and even the Senate, like those toys used to infuriate fighting pit bulls -- to give them something to chew on, to debate, to criticize and to waste their time and energies on -- instead of going after the wiretapping and voterigging charges against GMA in a Second Impeachment attempt, or passing a budget that would NOT have all those juicy items for the Palace to reallocate at will in a perforce re-enacted budget.

More than likely, JDV's Chacha will enjoy a heyday in the Lower House, but it will surely suffer a slow, ignominious death on the steps of the Senate, which really cannot be ignored on the matter. Like Noel, JDV's fantasy of a Parliament-in-the-Sky, with Jose Abueva's architectural drawings, can be allowed to take up time and energy in the Congress this year until the Second Impeachment crisis is past, (sometime in July)

Actually, I think that JDV's Chacha is dead, just like FVR's Cut Your Term Short. The proposed transistion from a French style (strong President, weak Prime Minister) between 2007 and 2010, to a British Model (strong Prime Minister), is just too contrived and impossible. The Palace really has no stake in Chacha, except as a prop in a diversionary play that can be shoved aside at the proper moment. The real concern has got to be those Senate Defense hearings on the ISAFP wiretapping and the coming Second Impeachment.

Oh and today, there's more of Garci at the last hearing of the hapless Five Congress Committees...Ugh!

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By their recent pronouncements and press releases, members of this Gloria-led administration of thieves and political clowns including her military's armpit generals are propagating and challenging the Filipinos and the rebel factions in the Armed Forces of the Philippines to stage an armed revolt.

This is what we call destabilization.

This illegitimate government that has been accusing people in the Opposition, people like you and me of distabilizing this already distabilized government is guilty of treason.

The nation should come to their senses - the very same people in this government of thieves headed by Gloria and her rough operator of a husband, Mike Jose Pidal Arroyo and their rotten boy Mike Defensor are the very people who are threatening to utterly destroy an already very wobbly republic.

The media should expose the recent pronouncements by Mike Defensor, Bunye, idiotic DoJ chief Gonzales, General Senga (a.k.a. Gen Tanga) as disstabilization moves by Gloria. Her motives are evident.

The media and the few intelligent people left in the country (what with over 8 million or so Pinoys of better caliber having left the country) should train their guns on this corrupt government before it transforms the country into a Rwanda !