Thursday, January 19, 2006

Oakwood Rebel Website--A New Radyo Veritas?

NEWSPAPER MALAYA REPORTS that ARMY CHIEF GEN. HERMOGENES ESPERON is threatening to close down a website created by former Oakwood Mutineer CAPT. NICANOR FAELDON after the latter escaped from military detention several weeks ago. I've decided to link Philippine Commentary to this website in the hopes of finding out why. And also because the answers to the clamorous questions all over the Main Stream Media this morning might actually appear there: Philippine Star reports on the nationwide RED ALERT that has been triggered by the ESCAPE of four more former Magdalo members who conducted the 2003 Oakwood Mutiny. There is a suggestion in the Philippine Daily Inquirer headline story that some elements of the military "knew of the escape plan" from a high security detention facility in Taguig, which was apparently accomplished by the "piling up of chairs" to scale a wall. But lawyer Rene Saguisag, are wondering if there was an escape at all. And ABSCBN News reports that the Oakwood defense lawyer Atty. Ruel Pulido, who was in the middle of the events surrounding the presumed escape, fears for their life.

Perhaps answers will be forthcoming at WWW DOT PILIPINO DOT ORG DOT PH

WHY IS THE PHILIPPINE FLAG AT HALF-MAST on the Oakwood Rebel Website put up by Capt. Faeldon? Many think it is just symbolic of the Oakwood Mutineers lachrymose feelings over the last devastating half-year of the Gloriagate political crisis. During the last few weeks since th site was put up, he has been posting video and photos of himself at various regional military command headquarters, including GHQ at Camp Crame in Manila. But I think a statement made by the Oakwood Mutiny leader, Navy LT. SG. ANTONIO TRILLANES on tv the other day explains the flag at half mast best for me. Trillanes said that the rank corruption of the top brass in the AFP is "costing us lives" -- evidently referring to the fighting men in the field, mostly younger, professional officers like themselves, -- who must fight a war against Communist insurgents and Islamist terrorists -- while contending with a corrupt system. Even though the Oakwood Mutineers have accepted their fate for their role in the failed 2003 event, and subjected themselves to the legal processes, reform in the Military they served and apparently love, has not been forthcoming. In fact while they have suffered detention for over two years, horrendous scandals have engulfed the military and proven their charges of rampant, systemic corruption in the Philippine military.

A NEW RADYO VERITAS? It would be interesting if Faeldon would use his website to begin substantiating their accusations and claims or rampant graft and corruption against the top brass and the system. Give the VOICELESS SOLDIERS AND OFFICERS of the Philippine Military a channel to give witness to the Filipino people they serve, of how their Armed Forces are used for selfish, partisan and illegal purposes. That would be a substantial, not just a symbolic act of patriotism. The EMAILS page of Faeldon's website contains some very interesting conversations with him from soldiers and civilians alike. Worth a visit.


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