Thursday, January 19, 2006

Escaped Oakwood Officers Issue Defiant Statement

akwood's four recently escaped military officers, (First Lieutenants Lawrence San Juan, Sonny Sarmiento, Nathaniel Rabonza and Patricio Bumindang) have issued a statement, reported here by ABSCBN News. confirming that they had indeed escaped from a "high security" detention facility of the Philippine Army, with the aid of persons unknown. (The commandant of the facility was sacked yesterday after rampant rumors of growing support for the Oakwood mutineers among other officers and units of the AFP circulated. Their "escape" by piling up chairs and scaling a wall was considered hard to believe, though not by me!)

"In fulfillment of our sworn duty" "We have bolted from the repression of a bogus regime. We will no longer go along with the repression that this regime has to impose in order to continue its illegitimate rule."

"...those who insist on the neutrality of the military and who now occupy the positions of power...are...enemies of the people."

"The people's mandate is clear: Corruption, illegitimacy and neglect must end. Therefore, we do not merely seek a change in personalities. We seek the change of a system that installs the people's enemies in power and perpetuates the exclusion of the majority.

"We are not alone in this struggle. We are thankful for the officers that helped us. We believe that most of the Armed Forces are still loyal to their oath and are one with us in our vision. We make up the New AFP. And we join our fellow Filipinos who now refuse to be cowed."

The statement has apparently been given credence by Atty. Pulido, one of the lawyers defending the Oakwood Mutineers, earlier accused of aiding in their escape.

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Bernardo F. Ronquillo said...

The escape was bold. The statement is even bolder. GMA has been bluffing the people, but this is a bigger bluff, if it is a bluff. But who has the winning hand. When the bluff is called, who will win?

The trouble is it is always the people who loses. We are still paying for the trampling of the Constitution by the Military, Civil Society, Cbcp, and the Supreme Court when they illegitimately installed Gloria President. The they just stood by as Gloria cheated FPJ so that these "mere actor" will not be proclaimed president. Well, their choice sucks! And we are now suffering because of their choice.