Friday, January 20, 2006

Were Smart Or Globe In On ISAFP Wiretapping?

I have been wondering to what extent Smart Telecommunications, Inc. and Globe Telecomms, Inc.—the two big cellphone Service Operators in the Philippines-- may have been involved in the alleged wiretapping operations conducted by the ISAFP last year.



(1) GENERAL RODOLFO CANIESO, former Director of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, testified before the Senate Defense Committee of Sen. Rodolfo Biazon yesterday that it was the voice of his son in one of the illegally recorded cellphone conversations submitted to the Philippine Senate by Sammy Ong, former Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Investigations. At the time his cellphone was wiretapped, Gen. Canieso was working for the Presidential campaign of Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, and his son was reportedly running his cellphone communications for him.

(2) COMMODORE REX ROBLES, a Member of the Feliciano Commission tasked to study the 2003 Oakwood Mutiny, also testified that his voice appears in the recordings supplied to Sammy Ong by T/Sgt. Vidal Doble of the same Intelligence Services of the AFP. Robles was apparently wiretapped during a call he thought was going to the office of Senator JUAN PONCE ENRILE, but which was actually routed to that of former Senator GRINGO HONASAN and accidently recorded as part of the wiretapping operation.

(3) MICHAEL ANGELO ZUCE, a political operative of the Arroyo campaign working for Secretary for Political Affairs JOEY RUFINO gave perhaps the most interesting testimony yesterday (some of it a repeat of earlier testimonies he has given to the Senate Defense Committee). He said that it was he who picked up a brand new cellphone for delivery to his boss, VIRGILIO GARCILLANO, from the home in a posh Greenhills-area home of Mr. & Mrs. BONG and BABY PINEDA (reputed Jueteng Lord and political supporters of Pres. Arroyo) early in 2004. Noticing that the box and unit had been opened, Zuce was told that a SIM CARD had already been installed in the cellphone for Garci, which would be used as hotline to the President during the election period. This is important to the question I am asking in this post because the need for cooperation from the Network Service Provider or Service Operator depends critically on whether the SIM CARD of a cellphone to be wiretapped is physically available to the wiretappers prior to its actual use. As apparently was the case in the cellphone given to Virgilio Garcillano. It is possible that THE ISAFP DID NOT NEED COOPERATION OF SMART OR GLOBE, if Zuce’s testimony is true. According to SPYLIFE.COM --"If cooperation with network operator is not possible but there is an access to mobile phone, information can be extracted directly from SIM card, Extraction time – 15 Min., SIM card" provided you add a specialized scanner.

CHAIRMAN RODOLFO BIAZON -- after yesterday’s televised hearing at the Philippine Senate, gravely observed that elements of the Philippine Military, namely the Intelligence Service of the AFP, have evidently been used to commit culpable violations of Republic Act 4200 (The Antiwiretapping Law) for partisan political purposes.

There are further technical details forthcoming here at Philippine Commentary on these technical points. (There ARE laws that are beyond the reach of GMA, JDV and the Lakas Political Mafia's consiglieri you know. I refer of course to the Great Artificer's Laws of Physics, under which even the wiliest capos regime may be indicted, prosecuted and convicted.


manuelbuencamino said...

So if Canieso, Robles and Mira sue, the tapes will be the evidence right? And they will have to include the whole slew of recordings to prove that they are all a part of the recordings that came from Doble the ISAFP agent, right? So does tthat mean that since the tapes are now part of the public record, they cannot be suppressed anymore? I am not a lawyer so please enlighten me on the implicaions of such a suit. Can Garci now be called to testify on the tapes?

Rizalist said...

MB--The Senate has taken the first step on a long road. But it is the right step. The testimonies prove that illegal wiretapping was going on and that ISAFP was doing it. That is a crucial breakthrough. The individual cases will help to make the lil seam created by Biazon grow and grow until we can drive a truckload of truth through it!

manuelbuencamino said...

Let's hope the truck reaches the finish line before the chacha train

Rizalist said...

Well, there's the matter of Garci's Second Peitition. That could actually derail the Senate investigations. If his Prayer is granted, I think the Decision would also apply to the Senate. That could precipitate a Constitutional Crisis. Altho, we're already in one!