Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Walking Dead

The religious morons of our sick society are now telling me that there is a difference between restoration of the dead back to life as told in the Old Testament; and resurrection of the Jesus dead on the cross back to life as told in the New Testament.

Well, if there were really a difference between restoration and resurrection, why would God get any one dead in the first place? Why not keep them alive in order to avoid the useless drama of either silly restoration back to life or silly resurrection back to life?

And what’s the big deal about the power of God where God uses that power only to impress the dead but not to equally impress those who are still living? Surely, the Filipino, among the poorest people in the whole of Asia today can certainly use some of that power from God. But where is God? Poch Suzara

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Anonymous said...

where is god? surely, not in you...