Monday, August 10, 2009

Gloriastic is the new Imeldific

imeldific adj. ostentatiously extravagant to the point of vulgarity

gloriastic adj. shamelessly imeldific to the point of impunity.

Suggest your own neologism and definition.

Here is the New York Post article by Richard Johnson that broke the story of a $20,000 dinner in New York's Le Cirque restaurant that "President Maria Gloria Macapagal Arroyo" had with US based allies and her local entourage: Eat and Drink

Manolo Quezon on Facebook published several interesting posts on this over the weekend including a pointer to a food critic's piece: Only a Jerk Would Eat at Le Cirque.

Ding Gagelonia has some choice adjectives already At Midfield.

SOURCE: Philippine Commentary


blackshama said...

Gloriaboombastic is more appropriate for someone with a PhD!

blackshama said...

Gloriaboombastic: adj vertically challenged,extravagantly ostentatious display of wealth, privilege, power and insecurity!

rc said...

It's obscene. Really, I just got back from Cebu 2 weeks ago...from what I saw, not many people there are having $20,000 dinners...mostly 20 peso dinners, if the have dinner at all...I won't even describe the hardships of the some children I saw there. Unreal...she has a tin ear and a wooden head. No doubt, she is SHOCKED by the reaction this is getting.

Anonymous said...

Baka kasi may dapat i-celebrate? Can't Afford ba ni gloria ang fine dining? mahirap ba sya? Sana kasi naman dapat, Nagblowout na lang sa Jolibee or mcdo! wala pang issue.

Jm Benavidez Estoque said...

there are two kinds of people here in the philippines;

one, are those who makes fun of others, who best criticized others but does nothing but to open their smell mouthes.

the other, are those who shut up their mouthes but who make at least some effort to the bad things that was happening around them...

Why are you such that kind of things? You forget that our president is also a human like you?
Why are you so much angry with Gloria? ... in which in fact that... there are many things other than that that is needed to be done.

Kawawa naman sya...

I believe at least, she also had done her part even at least only about 1%.

People here in the Philippines, they love to criticized. To make things worse, what they only knew for their country is to criticize!
What a shame?!

There are some who easily conclude that the government is totally bad after all without knowing fully the criterias for a total bad government.

How about you? Are you not like the person whom you are making fun of?!

Jesusa Bernardo said...
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Jesusa Bernardo said...

My neologistic contribution:

Arrobobastic - adj. 1. plunderously bombastic; 2. extremely ostentatious in lifestyle, beyond any reasonable SAL (Statement of Assets and Liabilities)

Jesusa Bernardo said...


Speaking of "kawawa," I remember events leading to Edsa 2. A number of Catholic schools made/allowed the students go to anti-Estrada protests instead of holding classes. Those adolescent students took part in unbelievably disrespectful deriding of Estrada, a properly elected (translation: no cheating) President.

Edsa 2 came & this Rossana Roces took the stage & directed something like this to Estrada: "P_I mo ako naghuhubad ako para kumita, ikaw magnanakaw ka...." & the crowd cheered.

Gloria's not kawawa. For what she's done relative to what her predecessor supposedly did, she's only getting a fraction of what befell Erap, the man she conspired to get unseated. & may I add, she's actually lucky (even 1 of her men said so) because she has so far managed to receive just a fraction of what she really deserves.

Anonymous said...

the fruit of edsa 2, aka, text street party: "in gloria we rust".


Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

Hahaha! these are really creative and clever folks.

blackshama said...

A politician is never "kawawa". This kawawa mentality will never bring this country forward. Politicians have an occupational hazard and that is being made a butt of jokes.

You have to open your mouth and work with your hands!

Jm Benavidez Estoque said...

ok... ok... I agree with you.

however, as I grow up and become a fully filipino citizen someday... I pray that I may contribute something (even how small)that at least could help change and reform this "stained" country.

I pray that may God will guide me through that path and also those people of the next generation.

Anonymous said...

for over a decade, isa lang ang napatunayan ng mga pilipino..

they don't get satisfied..
at ang gusto, pag sinabi ng mga pulitiko na "i-a-ahon ko kayo sa hirap", in an instant dapat maginhawa agad..

ayoko rin ng mga nangyayari sa atin ngayon with our government.. masyado silang mapagsamantala..

per dapat din nating tandaan na we have to do our part as well.. hindi yung laging nasa kalye at masisigaw ng "_____ resign" o "oust ____"..

paano kaya uulad ang pilipinas kung lahat ng pulitikong uupo ay patatalsikin agad? bat hindi natin subukan na gawing maluwag para sa namumuno ang kanyang pamamalakad at magbigay tayo ng suporta sa kanyang mga ginagawa at gagawin.. kesa naman siraan agad at patalsikin..