Saturday, August 1, 2009

2,000 Years of Christianity

We are told that the foundation of Christianity is to be found not in its style of worship, nor in any particular stance on social issues, nor in a new line of moral philosophy, but in one single event: The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Well, well, my dear reader, if you would only bother to read the bible, you might discover that resurrection from the dead was never anything original with Jesus Christ. It was already great entertainment in the open field recorded the Old Testament.

Herewith are the following characters who also came back to life from the dead according to the bible:

Elijah stretched himself upon a dead child three times and the kid recovered. 1 Kings 17:17-22
Samuel said to Saul: “Why hast thou disquieted me, to bring me up?” 1 Samuel 28: 7-15
Elisha raised the dead son of a Shunammite. 2 Kings 4: 32-35
“The bones of Elisha were touched as a dead man was lowered into a grave and the dead man was revived.” 2 Kings 13: 21
“Moses and Elijah come back to life at the time of the transmigration.” Luke 9:28-30
The dead saints arise just after the resurrection.” Matt 27:52-53
“Jarius’s daughter rises from the dead.” Matt.9:18-25
“Nain’s widow’s son rises from the dead.” Luke 7:11-15. Also, “Lazarus rises from the dead.” John 11:43-44

All these people did that perfectly “ordinary” miracle before Jesus entered into the miraculous picture. So what’s unique about Jesus doing the same thing? Was he not just imitating something old and ordinary? When we also consider that quite a few of these “resurrections” were accomplished by crackpots who had been dead long enough to rot and stink, it would surely be a greater miracle if we can still have much “faith” in these Biblical accounts.

In the ultimate analysis, if only during biblical times the resurrection not of dead bodies, but dead minds were resurrected back to life with knowledge and wisdom, Christianity could have ended up not as a deadly and an insane superstition, but as a lively and a sane religion. Poch Suzara


blackshama said...

Faulty relativistic reasoning again. Jesus Christ according to Christian belief ROSE FROM THE DEAD since he had the power to do so. The other cases you mentioned involved other people trying to raise someone from the dead. They hadn't that power but someone who had the power gave them that faculty. BTW in Lazarus case, it was Jesus that raised him from the dead.

GabbyD said...

in addition to blackshama's correction, i'd say that its the life, death, resurrection and ascension of christ thats central to christianity. all are important.

Anonymous said...

bravo to christianity! 2000 years of existence, my, that's a powerful darwinian meme, isn't it?