Monday, August 24, 2009

An email to a student who thinks she is a flunker

Dear Ms_______

i read your email about your decision to drop the course.

At this time, I would suggest that you meet with your program adviser, revise your program of studies and take at least one refresher course such as Statistics 101 and if needed Math 11 before re-enrolling in my course. I don't believe that there are dumb or "tanga" students. All students have what it takes. What is important is to bring it out of them! You are indeed on the right path. One half the "it" has been brought out and the bringing out the other half shouldn't be that difficult anymore.

Sometimes it may require what it seems to be superhuman effort but in school there are no such things. Nothing is a miracle, everything is due to our efforts. Everything is possible and everything is doable! I recalll the movie "Stand and Deliver" where the underprivileged and discriminated high school kids which the education bigwigs say they couldn't pass the math and calculus exams. With sheer determination from the teacher and more determination from the students, they topped the exams over the privileged and "smart" kids. Sometimes it is just how we and a few silly people believe we are supposed to be but in fact THIS IS NOT WHAT WE REALLY ARE!

I'm pretty certain that you will succeed. Just do it.


your Prof...

SOURCE: Philippine Commentary

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