Wednesday, August 5, 2009

College Educated Fools

Most of the college educated men and women, especially those from any of the 1,000 Catholic schools, colleges, and universities established in this poor and backward
country know virtually nothing of the real Jose Rizal as a scientific thinker and a freedom-fighter humanist.

The one and only thing they know, however, is that hours before he was executed by inspired
Catholic friars - Jose Rizal “retracted” and that he > died as a penitent Catholic. Shame on all of you college educated fools.

Poch Suzara, high school expelled student of De La Salle University.


Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

Even fools can read poetry!

Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

And be uplifted thereby...however it would seem the statistic you assert surely applies to non-Catholics in equal measure. Ignorance is not monopolzed by Catholics any more. Moreover, it's the fault of all those faulty Rizal movies that have him wearing a rosary around his neck after he has determined to go to hell as an excommunicated apostate, convicted by his own hand, in letters to Pablo Pastells.

Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

And you must concede, Poch, that Rizal himself was college educated fool from several Catholic schools.

Juan Miguel said...

Oye, Jake, C*nyo! Please educate the Filipino people, the Philippine media, and most of all the Filipino politicians about the true meaning of the Spanish word "conyo." It is all over television in Manny Villar's ad, but any proper college educated fool would know that it does not mean"elite" nor "mestizo." Oye, Jake, it means "vagina" in its most disgusting and vulgar sense, "cunt." We look so stupid all over the world when we and our President are grinning with a laban sign and saying "conyo." Joder, Jake, conyo!

Juan Miguel said...

Oye Jake, I'm not joking conyo! You have to google the word. But if you actually went to college, you should not google the spelling"conyo." Because that's wrong, conyo! Neither should you google the spelling "conio!" Because that's also wrong conio! You know what Jake? You should be a properly educated college fool, and google the proper spelling with an enye, like this: coño. That's the right way to spell conyo Jake. You wil see. You will see! All kinds of disgusting meanings will come up on your screen.

Anonymous said...

like, duh. granted: i know nothing about rizal (i can't go past the 3 capters of those tiring rizal textbooks in high school--ah, we're talking college here pala, erase, erase): who's to stop me from thinking scientifically and fighting for freedom? one thing i know for sure though, the schools that thought me this discipline and concepts are--tadaah--catholic!

fool that i am, i lab it!

inodoro ni emilie

Poch Suzara said...

Dear Dean,

Rizal was not executed by high school expelled students like me. He was killed by college educated men as Rizal himself was college educated. Isn't it incredible that a college educated man would be killed by other college educated men as they could not agree what exactly college education should accomplish for all of us to live under a healthy and a sane country? I rest my case.

Poch Suzara

Why, Andres, of course! said...

Jose Rizal is a pantywaisted, pacifistic, euro-trashy, shit-kicking, controversy-whore who liked writing books that didn't sell.

Andres Bonifacio is a colonizer-killing, freedom loving, patriot who didn't care for reading books written by pantywaisted, pacifistic, euro-trashy, shit-kicking, controversy-whores. Andres was badass too. He was so badass that the original buttkissing, two faced, spanish/american whoring, brown monkey, trapo Emilio Aguinaldo had to kill him.

Rizal can kiss Bonifacio's ass, everyday.