Thursday, August 13, 2009

Honor, Shame

Along with the quaint idea of delicadeza, this country is now in dangerously short supply of honor and shame. Palace apologists are turning the tables on the media, with GMA lawyer Romulo Macalintal claiming the media is just as immoral as his boss.

What the fucking hell is going on? In a nutshell Macalintal is arguing - yeah, well everybody's morally bankrupt anyway, so sod off?

On Filipino Voices some people are also arguing, "well, its not taxpayers' money, so what's the big deal?"

First, whatever these public officials do once they finish their terms is their business. As private citizens they can do whatever the hell they want with their money. But President Arroyo is the highest (elected?) official in the land. She is the supreme holder of public trust. We also take in context the many, many allegations of corruption that has plagued her administration. And lately, there's the PCIJ report on the Arroyos spectacular amassing of wealth.

And here you tell me, there's nothing wrong with GMA spending almost 2 million pesos on 2 meals that we know of?!?!?

I repeat, what in the fucking hell is going on?!?!?!?! Is this some alternate universe where up is down and left is right? Excuse me while I vomit, I'm losing my bearings here. Before we completely lose sight of what is right and wrong, let me cite recent instances of normal reactions to allegations of wrongdoing.

In other countries the slightest hint of malfeasance has top officials on explanation mode. Let me cite Benign0's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's car-dealership imbroglio. Rudd even goes so far as to guest in a popular talk show to air his side.

In South Korea, former President Roh Moo-Hyun committed suicide when his good name was sullied with corruption allegations.

And here our Speaker Nograles is telling us to move on, Rep. Romualdez who reportedly paid the bill is avoiding reporters and the President is essentially telling us to "Fuck Off"?????

SOURCE: Philippine Commentary


john marzan said...

GMA's mouthpiece is just trying to change the subject.

peoples sentiments said...

It is indeed ironic that people would set aside honor just for the sake of money. How I wish GMA could face her grandchildren and say to them "Your lolo and I had left an honor for your name".

peoples sentiments said...

The poeple who speaks for GMA are well paid and doing their job well. My gosh, anything that money can buy. All accussations hurled at GMA, their answer is just copy paste Ït is politically motivated, they just want to pin down GMA, of course she should be, after all the corruption and scandals. She is the worst President, and will be the worst of all. her allies are whinning. Why? because they now have nothing to wet their beak.