Sunday, March 1, 2009

What's Pimentel Really Up To?

Nene Pimentel is not stupid. He knew this would happen: that there would be a hue and cry over Press Freedom and Freedom of Speech. So why is he doing this RORB thingy? I think it’s an intentional Red Herring. He is actually setting things up for his Media Pals and prepping the ground for his own entry into Post Retirement Press Punditry ala Panganiban! He is about to champion the Decriminalization of Libel.  Which I oppose!   I propose the licensing of Journalists as professionals just like these professions.

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manuelbuencamino said...

License journalists? License news photographers? If a citizen were to phone cam a rub-out would he be arrested for unlicensed journalism?

Journalism unlike those professions you enumerated does not require any technical skills. The only thing required in the practice of journalism is the ability to tell a good story.

Now there are certain ethical standards that need to be followed because on those standards rest the credibility of one's work. But hey those who do not follow those standards commit professional suicide.

What would a journalist professional exam look like?