Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Hostages Released, ASG Demands Total Pullout

After hundreds of govt troops were pulled out of Abu Sayyaf "territory" in the hopes of saving one or more of the hostages from death-by-beheading, the ASG's Albader Parad has rejected the "partial pullout" and has not released any hostages. Going by the grim and gruesome record of Al Bader Parad, the likelihood is strong he will carry out his threat to behead one or more of the three kidnapped International Red Cross workers by Monday. (That's tomorrow as I write this post.) Unless that is, the government abandons the entire island of Jolo in Sulu province, headed by the hapless Gov. Abdusakur Tan, who has been reduced to being the emissary of Mr. Parad's merrie band of decapitating extortionists. Well now if President Arroyo and Secretary Puno give in to that demand, we shall be forced to apply the Human Security Act against them -- for being terrorist accomplices and accessories.


Steven said...

Every time a kidnapping wins cash or concessions, another kidnapping is guaranteed. Before we give in for "humanitarian" reasons we might want to think about how the next one in line is gonna feel about it. If no ransom had ever been paid for the Sipadan victims and those of the other kidnappings of that time, some lives would have been lost, but how many more would have been saved?

Look at the Somalian pirates... why do they keep seizing ships? Very simple: because they pay. And when one pays, 5 more get pirated. You have to draw the line sooner or later, best to draw it sooner. Unfortunately when it comes to ASG, sooner passed a long time ago.

Curbside Puppet said...

what solution do you have in mind then?

Bren said...

I saw this question asked in FV, and I think whoever asked it has a good point.

Is the answer pagtatawanan lang sila to the question.

How come the Muslim kidnapper-thugs holding the teachers are not threatening to behead a Filipino teacher if Malacanang does not order troops out of Jolo?

DJB Rizalist said...

The key is that ICRC never pays ransom. Unlike all the other hostages who are willing but unable. ICRC is unwilling and unable.

West Wing said...

Don't bow down to those terrorists even if your family is among the hostages.

Just to save the few life and you are going to put million people in fear of future being taken hostages.

Think of the hundreds of soldiers and inocent lives that have been killied by those terrorists.

If you back down today, the future will be worst and the killing will not just stop because we withdraw. Terrorist is terrorist and those who serve there know their fate when they signed up to serve even in the name of GOD.

If withdraw just for few hostages, what if the President family is being held hostage, surrender the country, I believe. No negotiation and hit them with a greater force to show that we will not be timid by any coward way like holding hostages or putting human shield.

Think of the greater population instate of a few. Like what the Chinese Government did in TM square and we are all sad but what if they didn't do it, what do you think China will become today?