Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pope Benedict Condemns Millions to Die of HIV/AIDs

This post is NOT about the existence of God, but the existence of Evil.

God, if you are there, please save Africa and the rest of the world from annihilation at the hands of Your hard-hearted Pope!

In his first public statement on HIV/AIDS and contraception since taking office, Pope Benedict XVI recently told African bishops that "The traditional teaching of the church has proven to be the only fail-safe way to prevent the spread of HIV/Aids." The Pope categorically rejected the use of condoms, even to prevent infection with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, because he says they contribute to a "breakdown in sexual morality".
"Even amid the greatest suffering, the Christian message always brings hope," the pope said.

But with U.N. estimates of 10% or 90 million people in Africa becoming infected with the deadly virus by 2025, unless a massive prevention and education program is undertaken, Africa cannot hope to prevent a total breakdown of African societies as limited resources are stretched to the limit by the epidemic, and break.

Instead of seeing this looming catastrophe, the Roman Pontiff has hardened his dogmatic heart and has instead been busy rationalizing the excommunication of schismatic Holocaust-denying Catholic Bishops. I was afraid that Cardinal Ratzinger, former head of the Roman Curia, would turn out like this as Pope. Despite acknowledging the worldwide furor over his decision, Benedict did not apologize or reverse the reinstatement of rabidly and openly anti-Semitic, even Neo-Nazi-like bishops.

Benedict also gives encouragement and support for the reactionary Philippine Catholic Church's own insane stand on reproductive health measures, contraception and life-saving pieces of latex.

Is there any doubt that the virus of dogmatic religion is the most lethal brain infection ever created by Man?

This post is NOT about the existence of God, but the existence of Evil. In Rome.


Tom said...

Thanks for your appearance on the 'The Explainer', outnumbered but unbowed!

Marcus Aurelius said...


Problem being most HIV/AIDS activists argue against the only known 100% prevention against STDs and that is abstinence.

Uganda implemented a very successful policy called the ABCs. Abstinence first, Be faithful next, and Condoms as a last resort. I am Catholic and support this approach, however many HIV/AIDS activists are as against abstinence as the Pope is against condoms. For some reasons, it seems to me the UN types are probably more influential in this matter than the Pope is.

Other African nations focusing on condoms only did not have the success as they did in Uganda.

Erichan said...

DJB, I am 100% your advocate in this issue!