Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nicole Flees To America, Fires Activist Lawyer Ursua

ABSCBN News reports on this not unexpected, not unpredicted development. She has left the Philippines saying she could get no Justice here, has fired her grandstanding, ideologically motivated nut-case of a lawyer, Evalyn Ursua, who got her walking papers from Nicole's Mother. Well no wonder. Neither mother nor daughter nor any decent person, even after having gone through such an ordeal, wants to become the Permanent Battering Ram of the CPP-NPA_NDF Lynch Mob against "U.S. Imperialism". I would have none of a legal strategy either that involves the abrogation of a half century old Mutual Defense Treaty and its implementing agreements like the Visiting Forces Agreement. Note that Nicole went to America, not North Korea or Utrecht. Get a real lawyer who won't make radical politics her agenda, Nicole. Justice must still be done! The full news article follows...
“Nicole,” the victim who was raped in Subic rape case, has left for the United States, for good.

This is according to a statement by her lawyer Evalyn G. Ursua, who received the news from Nicole’s mother.

Ursua added that Nicole’s mother gave her a letter Monday afternoon at about 5:30, stating Nicole’s “‘notice of termination of [my] services as [her] counsel in the criminal case” against Daniel Smith and all ‘other cases arising from or related’ to it, ‘which are pending before the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.’”

Ursua also mentioned that she asked Nicole’s mother for an explanation for the termination of her counsel services.

“Nicole and her family are tired of the case and they do not want anymore to be bothered by it because ‘there is no justice in the Philippines,’” Ursua’s statement read.

The letter also said thank you to Ursua “for all the time and effort that you have devoted in the prosecution of the case.”

Ursua noted in her statement that there is no way for her to confirm with Nicole the details of the letter. She then presumed that the letter correctly states Nicole’s decision.

“I will therefore respect it,” she added.

In addition, Ursua said the letter noted that copies of it were or will be furnished to the Office of the Solicitor General and Smith's lawyer, Atty. Jose Justiniano.

American serviceman Lance Corporal Daniel Smith was found guilty by a regional trial court of raping Nicole in Subic in 2005 while he was on R&R. He has appealed the decision.


manuelbuencamino said...


You are the mirror image of the leftists, you’ve been lynching the left for the past 2 years over this case.

You and the left made Nicole and Smith pawns in the great war between pro and anti Americans.

The conviction of Smith stands until overturned by a higher court. You and the left should understand that that is the issue that matters most for Smith, Nicole, and the Rule of Law.

DJB Rizalist said...

This serves the Lynch Mob right for trying to use her as Battering Ram.

manuelbuencamino said...

Nicole’s so called recantation damned Smith even more! Read her affidavit. She was dead drunk when Smith fucked her! Smith had admitted that he fucked her. That means he fucked a woman who was not in complete comtrol of her mental faculties so how could she have consented? No consent ergo rape! Smith is a convicted rapist. And rightly so!

john marzan said...

Note that Nicole went to America, not North Korea or Utrecht.

sino ba namang pilipino ang hindi gustong pumunta ang manirahan sa amerika? that relocation to the states was probably part of the settlement or areglo.

Get a real lawyer who won't make radical politics her agenda, Nicole. Justice must still be done!

and OJ will find the real killer.

Dave said...

Well, we shall welcome here here and hope she makes a go of things.

Long-standing principle under our law is that if woman was impaired
(intoxicated) and man was not, it was rape.

However, If man was bombed out of his gourd too, then it was not rape.

I rather imagine that night Nicole was in a blackout when Smith made his starting advances and became aware of what was happening way too late to even protest. And Smith himself was entirely too drunk to recognize her inability to give informed consent.

Then the political opportunists
rushed in and turned an undesireable but correctable situation into a morass. Scumbags, every one of them.

At least one unfortunate has freed herself from their clutches. It now remains to succor the other.

And BTW: Three decades ago, I was real well aquainted with alcoholic blackouts. I could have been killed or killed somebody else during any one of them. Yet, anybody observing me might have concluded that I was merely "tipsy"
rather than wiped out. So my comments above have to qualify as
INFORMED speculation.