Saturday, March 28, 2009

Please Pass Until Angela Stuart Santiago Gets It

grim appeal has been made by the International Committee of the Red Cross President Jakob Kellenberger to the Abu Sayyaf Group of Al Bader Parad as a March 30 deadline approaches in the two month old terrorist kidnapping crisis that once more holds the Filipinos hostage...
Manila / Geneva (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is appealing to the Abu Sayyaf Group, which is holding Mary Jean Lacaba, Eugenio Vagni and Andreas Notter in the southern Philippines, to ensure that the three remain unharmed and to let them go immediately.

The appeal is in response to threats made by the abductors that they will kill one of the ICRC employees on 30 March if their demand for a pull back of troops goes unmet.

"I am very concerned by the threats of the kidnappers," said the ICRC's president, Jakob Kellenberger. "I am asking for their safe, unconditional and immediate release."

"The sole purpose of Mary Jean, Eugenio and Andreas' work is to give help to those in need. It is impossible to understand what the kidnappers could possibly achieve by hurting them. Harming a humanitarian aid worker cannot be justified under any ideology or religious law."

Since the abduction on 15 January, the ICRC and the Philippine National Red Cross have been working vigorously to resolve this ordeal. On 27 March, Mr Kellenberger spoke with Philippine Executive Secretary, Eduardo Ermita, the country's second-highest ranking official, and asked him to ensure that the authorities do everything in their power to save the lives of the hostages, while avoiding any action that could put the ICRC staff at risk.

"The ICRC's priority is that Mary Jean, Eugenio and Andreas remain safe and that they be able to return to their families, who miss them desperately. Their children, parents, siblings, spouses, friends and colleagues will not give up hope of seeing them again soon," added Mr Kellenberger.

Please pass this post on until some utterly deluded and misguided folks, like Angela Stuart Santiago should receive it and have their eyes opened to the terrible evils and injustice they are abetting, defending, rationalizing, even glorifying.

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