Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In Our Medium, We Spiders Welcome the Flies


Your Right of Reply to anything I write is established by the Constitution's Bill of Rights, and even when you do not choose to exercise it, your Right of Reply at Philippine Commentary is implemented by the always-open Comment Threads.  

The only requirement is non-anonymity as defined by Blogger, the Publisher of this blog, and its associated Terms and Condition. 

All posts, comments and contents of commercial-free Philippine Commentary have been, are, and always will be in the Public Domain, except where laws require otherwise or as stated therewith.  

The Writers and Repliers of Philippine Commentary  disclaim any control over the policies and actions of the Publisher who has ultimate physical and existential control over all published materials, and whose terms and conditions may change without notice at any time, as stated and agreed to at the point of creation.

1 comment:

ellumbra said...

In answer to your question over at FV -
"Is anonymous speech free speech?"

I say it is the voice of those wishing to be anonymous to their own hearts.

Also in answer to another question, same thread -
" . . . but here are FV isn’t the playing field level and fair . . ?"

I say a resounding "NO!"

It is partial, xenophobic and plagued by cronyism.

To another posting on FV -
"By virtue of its watchdog function, the only acceptable form of media regulations is self regulation."

I say - unfortunately, in the blogosphere, there are those fluent in the language of dog eat dog.

Dogs who roam around in packs, cashing in on their territorial markers.

There are those skilled in the art of corraling flocks of nodding, mindless sheep and hoodwinking them into wearing the skin of a wolf.

There are dogs, entrusted by the blind for guidance - who abuse that trust - leading them astray.

There are those that guard, trained to attack - with a crude loyalty that only protects and defends the hand that feeds.

Sorry for being sexist - of course, there are bitches as well.

Going to the dogs

I am banned from commenting there.