Monday, February 23, 2009

This Is Getting Scary

A massacre of hogs is being ordered in Bulacan because of an apparent outbreak of Ebola Reston Virus.
The Ebola Reston Virus (ERV) has spread among 6,000 pigs of all ages in a hog farm in Pandi, Bulacan, and they need to be killed or depopulated to prevent it from further spreading, Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap said.
There are 13 million hogs in the country and pork is a major part of the Filipino diet. The big question is will there be a major outbreak among this very large and widespread population of animals. Although the ebola Reston virus is nonpathogenic in humans, it can be fatal in monkeys. The pigs are a major source of worry though.  We could be facing a major outbreak with summer just around the corner.  The Dept. of Health has a page on FAQs on Ebola Reston.

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