Friday, February 6, 2009

Rodolfo Garcia, Jerk

More quick notes on the ABSCBN special this evening, Mindanao: The Way Forward:

LISEO MERCADO makes the cogent point that the utter lack of trust in President Arroyo (as confirmed for example by several years of SWS and Pulse Asia nationwide survey results) made it impossible for the people to accept the MOA-AD last year, especially given the complete lack of public discussion and consultation of so sweeping a "Peace Agreement." The people's instincts and angry rejection of the MOA-AD was merely confirmed by that unanimous SCoRP decision that scathingly struck down the MOA-AD. 

And to think, it was all just Gloria wanting a cheap headline out of her SONA 2008.

MILF head honcho MOHAGHER IQBAL told the ABSCBN panel that there was no relationship between the MILF and Jemaah Islamiyah that he knew about. Yeah, right!  What a liar he was made out to be, however, by MARIA RESSA who revealed what Mrs. Sophie Dulmatin told them after she was apprehended and before being deported back to Indonesia. That they were staying in the residence of Chairman Hashim Salamat inside Camp Abubakr before some kind of policy change did result in their being turned out of the MILF camps -- after several years of training rebels there in the fine arts of Bali Bomb Making!

I suppose it's possible that Mohagher Iqbal did not know Dulmatin and his wife were living with Salamat. . . Naah!

But the Biggest Jerk of the Evening prize goes to Gen. Rodolfo Garcia, the real totum factotum of Gloria's peace panel just before he handed off his handiwork to Gen. Hermogenes Esperon, who got to be scapegoat in North Cotabato vs RP.  Like the cat who ate the canary, he just smiled as Esperon took the heat for the most embarrassing fiasco in the entire Mindanao peace process under GMA.

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