Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kidnap for Territory--A New Terrorist Tactic

The Philippines is presently home to at least two groups of apparent war criminals: the New People's Army for their recent use of internationally banned land mines and the Abu Sayyaf Group of Albader Parad, for their kidnapping of three Red Cross workers in Mindanao and a whole slew of recent kidnappings.

In a new twist perhaps necessitated by an apparent inability to extort a monetary ransom, the ASG leader Albader Parad, (who has been responsible for many kidnap capers including Fr. Giancarlo Bossi which led to 10 Marines getting beheaded in Basilan) has told the media they would not negotiate the release of the Red Cross workers unless the Philippine Military first withdraws from "their territory" in Basilan and Sulu.

I do believe that this is an ongoing terrorist crime under the Human Security Act that is being commited in flagrante delicto by Mr. Parad. He is commiting an "index crime" -- kidnapping -- and he is making a clearly illegal demand on the government -- that it withdraw from Philippine territory.

It's time to take this piece of  inhuman trash out. 

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