Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reston Ebola Virus Watch

23 December 2008
First  ebola Reston virus detection in pigs -- First Reston ebola virus detection in pigs confirmed by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in at a hog farm in Bulacan, Philippines.

23 January 2009 

23 February 2009
According to Sec. Duque of the Dept. of Health, up to 6,000 pigs are to be "Depopulated"
at a hog farm in Pandi, Bulacan.

24 February 2009
The DOH has announced "wider" inspections of hog farms in Luzon to check for Reston ebola virus infections or outbreaks.  The DOH also maintains an FAQ Page on Ebola Reston Virus developments.

A Stanford University Honors Thesis on the ebola virus by Tara Waterman seems to be a substantial scientific introduction.  There is a wiki on the virus, and general info on Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, which is NOT -- thankfully -- associated with Reston ebola virus infections in human beings. 

No human being has ever been known to have any illness due to ebola Reston virus. 

Let's hope it stays that way.

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