Friday, February 6, 2009

Still Outside the Obama Kulambo


ABSCBN News is reporting tonight that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo did not even come close to meeting with President Barack Obama during the latter's First National Prayer Breakfast, despite ever-so-fervent hopes for such a meeting being assiduously stoked by Malacanang Palace. This as the President's party scandalously spent a bunch of the Filipino people's money lolly-gagging around Washington D.C.'s poshest hotel. Meanwhile there is a rumor that Senator Chiz Escudero has been briefing Obama insiders about the situation in the Philippines...(psych!) But he is in Washington D.C. trying to get a hold of that World Bank report on bid rigging corruption in the Philippines. I don't agree with Sen. Miriam Defensor that it is incumbent on the World Bank to supply a SECOND copy of the Report to the Senate. I wish it would, but isn't it a shame the Philippine Senate cannot get a copy from the Philippine Ombudsman?


The EQualizer said...

It is disgusting that these disguised "junkets" are being done at a time of great economic difficulties in the country.

DJB Rizalist said...

No, really. Makes my blood boil. It is atrocious what Gloria has brought the Presidency and this country to. You know, she may not make it all the way to 2010, at the rate she is going.

domingoarong said...


The Washington Post reports (Feb. 6) that the Philippines is not among the countries Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Cinton will visit during her East Asia travel (her first) Feb. 15.

Anonymous said...


I have not been blogging for over a year - but I'm the Purple Phoenix blogger. The line regarding rumors that Senator Chiz' is briefing Obama insiders caught my attention. I'm now part of Senator Chiz' staff and I really don't think he briefed Obama insiders. But he did receive an invitation for the National Prayer Breakfast way ahead of the resident of Malacanang :)