Friday, June 6, 2008

Joma Prosecution Could Incriminate His Local Henchmen in Front Organizations

Joma Sison will be prosecuted by the Dutch for murdering his own former comrades and organizational rivals in 2003 and 2004. He's largely their problem now of course, having become a welfare ward on Dutch Treat for 20 years (which his idolaters call "self-imposed exile"). But, I guess even the Dutch are tiring of being an unwitting state sponsor of terrorism. f the allegations of "remote control murder" are to be proven, the trail from him to the actual triggermen will have to be uncovered and those involved exposed and possibly prosecuted as well. I certainly hope it leads to ferreting out those minions of his right here in the Archipelago, who provide material, logistical and political propaganda support for him to play out his lethal fantasies and carry out his brutal orders. Joma may have intellectual pretenses, but the corpses that litter his life's path, paint a grimmer and more grotesque portrait of an inhuman monster in ideological clothing. He may be the evil brain, yet there are those who are his willing hands, all deserving to be brought to Justice and punished for their misdeeds. For every armed communist insurgent playing with landmines in the field, there may be four or five others that supply him with guns, ammo, food, medicine, money, etc. The armed left are a deadly extortionist syndicate with nationwide operations (mainly attacking cell sites and getting paid off by Smart/PLDT.) The Filipino People have long ago rejected their madness and mayhem, yet on they go, heedless, reckless, arrogant...until the coming Day of Reckoning. The Dutch and Philippine authorities really only need to monitor Google Blog Search during the next few weeks to get good leads from the noisiest and most obstreperous of his subalterns, who are waging revolution on his behalf from the comfort and safety of their homes and offices, rather than the mountain fastnesses.

BANGSAMOROSTAN IN THE OFFING? The Left has no monopoly on intellectual Pied Pipers however, as this worrying piece of news -- little-noticed by most really-- shows. Here we have the "peace processor" -- General Rodolfo Garcia, who saved the MILF, MNLF and Abu Sayyaf ambuscade gunmen and axe-wielding beheaders of over fifty Philippine Marines in 2007
by preventing the serving of arrest warrants against them by a Basilan RTC Judge-- getting ready to re-establish the old Maguindanao Slave-raiding Confederacy by giving them a 1000-barangay "homeland" in Mindanao (one of GMA's announced insane plans). I guess he and she are determined to give the Long Beards from Waziristan a new base to operate from in Southeast Asia. Especially after that dastardly bombing in Zamboanga and those ambuscades/beheadings last year, I think it's time to put the MILF on the international terrorist organizations list, where it belongs: with the see pee pee en pee ayy.

Slave-raiding confederacy? I've been re-reading Horacio de la Costa's classic, The History of the Jesuits in the Philippines. This magnificent history ought to be made required reading, especially for bloggers and writers who dabble in Philippine History. For here we encounter the centuries of the Muslim Maguindanao Confederacy's slave raiding forays into the Visayas, their annual kidnapping and capture of hundreds if not thousands of hapless women and children, and their eventual enslavement and sale to Islamic Bornean and Sumatran potentates. This is the history ignored by the Supreme Court when it ruled as Constitutional the Indigenous People's Rights Act (IPRA) in an indecisive 7-7 tie in December, 2000.


blackshama said...

While Joma Sison is going to face an EU court, it is better that he be extradited and tried in a Philippine court of law.

In that way all the victims of Communist terrorism can give evidence to the court. The evidence will damn Sison.

Sison's acolytes has likened him to Ho Chi Minh! For crying out loud!

BTW, evidence of Visayan and Luzonian resistance to Muslim slave raiding is all over the coastal towns of the Philippines, e.g. fortress-like Churches, Watch towers.

father bDe la Costa paints a thrilling account of these in his essays and books.

DJB Rizalist said...

Not enough credit is given to the Catholic Church for their righteous defense of the hapless inhabitants, which later on was repaid in sincere conversions to the religion. I must say, the accounts of individual Jesuit friars and other Spaniards are inspiring, and as you put it, thrilling. Yet it is a history that is very little known nowadays. We shall have to do something about that!