Thursday, June 19, 2008

Catholic Miracles and the Delusional Nation

Catholic Bishop of Bacolod, Vicente Navarra claims that divine intervention is what saved Ces Drilon from the Abu Sayyaf kidnappers who held her for ransom over ten days recently in Sulu. This of course after he prayed for just such a happy outcome...
"This should also remind you that this is a very clear intervention of God in your behalf. So be always grateful to Him and dedicate your life and your work for the glory of God and for the advancement of the Filipino people," said Navarra.
I wonder WHICH God the good Bishop is referring to? Yahweh, Allah, Bathala (or someone who looks uncannily like Ninoy Aquino on lots of paper bills in a duffel bag?) Or maybe the Goddess Worshippers would like us to believe God is someone in skirts like Loren Legarda?

I wonder who's been giving the Catholic Bishops all this great anti-terrorist intel? Could it be this miraculous stone with the image of the Virgin Mary that is growing in Bicol whose miraculous "growth" has been definitively confirmed by yet another holy Man in a funny hat?
A Catholic bishop has confirmed the existence of a ‘miraculous,’ "growing" stone in Catanduanes which bears the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary and is said to heal illnesses.

“What is unexplainable is not that the stone grew in size over the years, but the fact that the image of the Virgin was never distorted as it grew," Virac Bishop Manolo A. De Los Santos said in a news report posted on the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) website Friday.

Bishop De Los Santos said the stone has been in Barangay Paloway in San Andres town, Catanduanes for over a century now.
Maybe bishop De Los Santos should sit upon this rock and establish a new Church of the Stoned there.

Meanwhile the Philippine Army has posted a 5 million peso reward for a Fr. Frank Fernandez, a Catholic priest who heads the CPP-NPA in Negros (the same bishopric where divine intervention was prayed for and apparently secured for Ces Drilon by his old bishop?).
Col. Francisco Patrimonio, deputy commander of the Army's 303rd Infantry Brigade, said the offer will hopefully lead to the immediate capture of Fernandez and his group, which allegedly carried out a series of atrocities in the province of Negros Occidental.
These Roman Catholic hierarchs are one of the principal causes for the delusional state in which the hapless Filipinos have found themselves for centuries, (despite Jose Rizal's and William Howard Taft's most fervent efforts to save them). Every Sunday they want people to believe that by uttering a few choice Latin incantations they literally ARE turning a cracker and some Mompo into divine flesh and blood.

Is it any wonder that it seems you can fool most of the people all of the time around here while they fervently kneel in supplication for "divine intervention"?

Of course, everything is explained by the Catholic Church as some kind of miracle from Edsa One to Edsa Two to whenever it rains because the bishops have prayed for it. And of course overpopulation is the Devil's handiwork, not theirs.

At Philippine-American Commentary, Rizal Day is in June, not December when the Spanish Taliban annually murder's the excommunicated national hero. Happy Birthday, Pepe!


The Nashman said...

during my time..(10 years ago) be a bishop requires an above-average intellect..we seem to have lots of dumb bishops nowadays...what happened to the likes of Father George Coyne..oh wait, Pope Benedict sacked him...

Dave Llorito said...

dean, i admire your courage for taking on the catholic hierarchy. now, tell me dean, should we start taxing the properties of the Church? Seems like thats the best way they could contribute to the development of this country. lol!their prayers are good, but the country needs cash.

blackshama said...

Hey hey DJB

The Philippine Star has finally published my essay on Rizal. You can get it at

BTW, the essay takes shots at our common adversaries and of course I couldn't resist taking a shot at some of our small minded MDs (some are even with the prestigious medical societies) who say Rizal isn't really entitled to be called "doctor".

Well the truth is their MD is not what an MD really is (Their MD is just equivalent to a MSc). These medicos never submitted a doctoral thesis. Rizal at least finished one but lacked the money.

BTW, none of our Catholic Bishops are as sharp as Benedict XVI. That is a result of the almost interminable John Paul II papacy and the Cardinalate of the SIn.

DJB Rizalist said...

thanks for the link ben, will be sure to check that out...

john marzan said...

wow the link works. i thought philstar links are unusable/dead after a day or two.