Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ces Drilon Released, Rescued, Ransomed?

I have advance information claiming that kidnapped ABSCBN News anchorwoman CES DRILON, her camera man Jimmy Encarnacion, and Mindanao State University Octavio Dinampo have already been "rescued" from, or "released" by her Abu Sayyaf captors. The official line that is being repeated on the 10 o'clock PM main news program on ANC claims that no ransom has been paid but that "livelihood projects" have been offered to the kidnappers. PNP Chief Avelino Razon was quoted as saying the captives will actually be released "in a few hours."

I have no reason to doubt the veracity of this information (which will in any case be proven true or false in a few hours). If true, I would rejoice with the family, friends and associates of Ms. Drilon and company. But if it is also true that a ransom has been paid (as many will surely suspect) I would mourn for the next victims. It would also mean that despite perfervid declarations by both ABSCBN News management and the government authorities of a "no-ransom" policy, it will now be open season on other journalists and potential victims, with kidnappers and law enforcement fully in cahoots. I hope that whatever "story" will be given to explain events is not only credible, but true.

CES DRILON RELEASED...Here is the confirming video

(6:11 am, June 18) Philippine National Police Chief AVELINO RAZON has just told Vice President Noli de Castro in an AM Radio broadcast that the release of ABSCBN News anchorwoman Ces Drilon and two others was secured without the payment of ransom money and was due to the mere threat of police and military action. A group said to be associated with the Abu Sayyaf terror group had been holding the group hostage for 15 million pesos. Many people will find this claim incredible considering the long, violent history of Abu Sayyaf in kidnap for ransom activities in the past.


Equalizer said...

I am very happy for CES and company and their families.

I'm sure that a hefty sum has been paid for their "board and lodging" in the Abu Sayaf Hostage Hotel.

Morale of the story:stop all the crazy on-the-spot-news coverage of these bandits!

Jaywalker said...

Don't you find it odd that Abu Sayyaf the group that was supposed to have abducted Ces Drillon & company never issued any statement?

I am more inclined to believe what the driver Marama Hasim is saying that it is the military that abducted Ces Drillon & co.