Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hope Ambassador Kristie Kenney Learned Something

The new Press Secretary (who is also the old Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process) advises the military and the police to "work with the MILF" on the recent terrorist bomb blast in Zamboanga City. He obviously buys into the usual alibi of "a lost command turned Abu Sayyaf" or a "new breakaway group." Say, isn't that we he said last year too after all those ambuscades and beheadings of over 50 Philippine Marines? And isn't that his second-in-command Gen. Rodolfo Garcia who, after 16 months, is still featured by ABSCBN News(ANC) intoning "We want to find out...who...did...the beheadings?" Of course, they never did find out, or even bother to, because they've always known who did it: their own partners in the peace process! It was Dureza and Garcia who pre-empted the Basilan RTC's warrants of arrest against over a hundred MILF/ASG gunmen/beheaders and ordered "a special independent investigation" whose results were never released! No one has ever really been brought to justice for those killings, while talk of peace fills the vacuum of acquiescence. With elections coming up for the governorship of the ARMM the government has released Nur Misuari who is calling for a settlement of the Sabah issue to needle the Malaysians (who are backing the MILF against the MNLF, sigh!). But has the MILF ever
helped the government bring the killers to justice? No, and they are beating the war drums again.

I wonder if the new AFP Chief of Staff, Alexander Yano, really means business when he vows to end the Moro and communist insurgencies by 2010. I think his greatest problems will be with the "peace processors" like Dureza and Garcia who have the craziest notions about what peace really means. And justice.

La Zamboanga Prensa captures the mood of defiance being put up by Zamboangue├▒os, led by Mayor Celso Lobregat, in the face of the latest terrorist bombing attack on their city last Thursday. Mayor Lobregat calls on the citizens to "be vigilant, show no fear" and to give all assistance to the authorities in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Although the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) website has officially condemned the bomb blast, Zamboanga police director Jaime Caringal has raised the ire of the MILF insurgents for saying that the bomb materials used bear the signature of the MILF Special Operations Team.
Khaled Musa, deputy chairman of the MILF committee on information, denounced the linking of the MILF to the latest bomb blast in Zamboanga City.

“This is a serious allegation against the MILF. This is an irresponsible statement. The MILF is a partner of the government in the search for genuine peace in Mindanao.”

He called on Zamboanga Peninsula Police Office (ZPPO) Director Jaime Caringal to retract his statement.

Caringal said the bomb carries the signature of the MILF's Special Operations Team (SOT).

According to Caringal, the type of bomb that was used in Thursday morning's bombing has similarity to the explosives used by the MILF in previous bombings here in Mindanao.
US AMBASSADOR KRISTIE KENNEY did something very foolish last February--she met with the Al Hadj Murad of the insurgent Moro Islamic Liberation Front in what was widely seen as a major propaganda victory for the Muslim insurgent group MILF, the armed Moro secessionist group currently fighting the Philippine government. who have all but admitted complicity in several of the ambushes and beheadings that took the lives of over 50 Philippine Marines in Mindanao last year. Ambassador Kenney also got a lot of praise from the local media, who usually take the position that there would be peace in Mindanao and with the CPP NPA if only the government would be willing to talk things over with them. Maybe, Ambassador Kenney thought that talking to the poor aggrieved ambushmen and beheaders with the axes and AK47's would help jump start "the peace process". I guess she got her answer last Thursday, as the MILF exploded a deadly bomb in Zamboanga City, right in front of the Western Mindanao Command air base gate, killing two and injuring 14. But on her visit to Zamboanga today, the US envoy decided to skip a visit to the bomb site.


blackshama said...

If this country's government had some guts, Kenney's visit should have merited a strong diplomatic protest at least. Or it should have kicked out the US Ambassador.

Kenney's visit is giving recognition to a terrorist group that has pretensions to sovereignty.

A US Ambassador to China wouldn't even dare meet with the Dalai Lama in Tibet or the President of the Province of Taiwan!

DJB Rizalist said...

Something around here must be catching. Ambassador Kenney was ill-advised.

Richard said...

Yes, Kenney's visit was disgraceful...remember that she is a part of the US State Department...a branch of the Executive not exactly known to be especially tough on terrorists (or, as I'm sure many of them like to say, 'insurgents'). Bush should have cleaned that house (and the CIA's clock) a long time ago...that he never did is one of his biggest failings, IMHO.