Thursday, June 5, 2008

Angie Reyes, Unpunished Mutineer, Do-nothing Scumbag

ANGELO T. REYES, presently Secretary of Energy, together with Hilario Davide and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, will go down as one the most despicable scumbags to litter the shit-strewn by-ways of Philippine History. As the unpunished, self-confessed Mutineer of Edsa Dos, who conspired with Mike and Gloria Arroyo to steal the Presidency, and with then Chief Justice Hilario Davide, actually did it, he went on to be rewarded by his patroness with no less than five major Cabinet and government positions, including head of the National Disaster Coordinating Agency, Secretary of National Defense, Environment, Local Government and now of Energy. You would think him the most talented Filipino ever to be born, considering how indispensable she makes him out to be. Yet his accomplishments in all these positions are next to NIL. Yesterday he issued a gag order on oil companies against informing the public of price movements in the oil industry because he claims this unduly alarms the public. I guess he wants them to find out how bad things are just when they go to fill up at the gas station. What a fruitcake. I feel nauseam vomitus whenever I think of Angie Reyes, because of the fact that we have to live in a regime that exalts excrement like him. To all those who still somehow support People Power madness like Edsa Dos, you need to have your heads examined!

Ninez Cacho Olivarez, editor and publisher of the Daily Tribune, has been found "guilty of criminal libel beyond a reasonable doubt" by the Makati Regional Trial Court, and has been sentenced to 6 months - 2 years imprisonment plus a hefty 5 million peso fine. Ninez is a personal acquaintance, I sympathize entirely with her predicament, and agree it is probably an unjust ruling. She has been granted bail pending appeal. But I disagree with the outright decriminalization of libel in the Philippines as Vergel O. Santos of the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility came on ANC-TV at noon to pitch. That would be throwing the baby out with the bath water and will only empower those many arrogant and corrupt people in media whose occupation is less like Journalism and more like Extortion and Blackmail. I only wish real examples would be made of some of the worst of this ilk, for example on AM Radio.

Now here's a guy that OUGHT to be in Bilibid Prison right this instant, and not just on the front page of the Daily Tribune: Joc Joc Bolante, who will soon be deported from the US back to the loving arms of the Philippine Senate.


Jego said...

Come on, DJB. Dont hold back. Tell us how you really feel about him.

ricelander said...

aray!!! hahaha

Gabby said...

whats the problem with it? isn't it true that price projections by oil players will create a price anchor on which consumers' inflation expectations will be based, as a way to coordinate price changes in the oil industry?

Should consumers know about price changes? definitely. but price changes announced by the industry group? why?

DJB Rizalist said...

I think the question is WHY NOT?

Or is the fact that the industry IS cartelized something we must keep hidden or sweep under the rug.

Reyes is doing nothing good by it, nor is he preventing some evil. In as much as the price of oil contains the best information about the commodity, anything the oil companies want to say in public ought to be welcome, as long as it's not dishonest.

I see the industry players banding together now after they saw what the govt tried to do to meralco, so they ought to have as much right to a united front without outright colluding with each other on prices.

Anyway, the Univ. of Asia Pacific study showed that the price increases they've done the last few years were more than reasonable.

What the govt is doing is pure balderdash: trying to deflect criticism from their ineffective do nothing ways.

Reyes, most especially, the jerk!

Jaywalker said...

This is the dilemma when it comes to press freedom because there are also quite a few scalawags in the field. Support is lukewarm but on the other hand if our legal system is working there is always a recourse because extortion is still a crime. I am wondering why the "aggrieved" parties do not resort to this instead of that ridiculous libel suit?

On Joke Joke Bolante, I read part of the decision using a drug traffickers case in reference to his brilliant "persecution" as basis for his asylum which reads:

"As a matter of simple statutory interpretation, let alone sound public policy, we do not deem criminal behavior that is commonly and properly condemned by civilized societies to be a valid basis for a finding that a perpetrator, or suspected perpetrator, falls within a "particular social group"

Anonymous said...

Subtract one from the five major positions because being national master of disaters is concurrent with the defense portfolio.

what he could do is change the virtual just in time delivery and no inventory or what ever the oil industry calls those techniques.para pag tumaas intenationally me dahilan tayo magsabi bakit me inventory pa naman kayo good for three months bakit sasabay tayo sa pagtaas.

gusto ng mga transport group ibalik ang oil price stab fund;that won't work.

Anonymous said...

gusto ng mga transport group ibalik ang oil price stab fund;that won't work.

oil price stabilization or any price control subsidies for oil will not work.

now on power..
that energy summit was useless
like this one proposal for preventive maintenance of plants.
even a simple proposal like that,no one in is office is available for follow up.kailangan pa ng power broker(kaya nalaman ko)kailangan pang me lumapit sa kanya na kailangan na makinig sya.