Wednesday, October 4, 2006

COMELEC: The Ombudmamasan's Legalized Whorehouse

TELEVISION's unblinking eye last night revealed a jubilant bunch of old whores, with big paunches and crooked teeth, sitting around clinking glasses of celebration at how decisive their Mama-san Merceditas Gutierrez (1, 2, 3), was in rescuing them from the mean clutches of those old party-pooper fuddy-duddies at the Supreme Court.

Not only decisive but brazen. Bribed, blackmailed, conniving bitch -- I don't know which -- but all have been absolved by her of all liability in that juicy deal with the Tansipeks, (or whoever the fuck the rest of the avaricious malevolents are behind this 1.2 billion peso piece of grand larceny cum graft and corruption.

Of course, the news coverage of Comelec Commisioners reacting to the Ombudsman's report was "silent movie" -- but one could almost read their lips, each mentally kissing Merceditas' kind hands and feet for the amazing escape that leaves them all untouched, free of all criminal liability."

What a perfectly Orwellian idea! A crime with no criminals. (Oh call the Ministry of Truth and have the records corrected so History will accurately reflect the Truth).

Who would have thought one could escape even such a stunning decision of the Supreme Court in a matter of graft and corruption, striking down one's "glaring grave abuse of discretion" as this was, and yet end up free as a bird and jubilant?

It's the legalization of a retail and wholesale whorehouse that will be open for business in the 2007 MANUAL elections.



I don't think Mrs. Arroyo has the credibility to ask all those who had taken the nursing board exam this year to retake such exam again. Mrs. Arroyo's credibility as a president is still a present-day problem. And Miriam Santiago even has the guts to ask Mrs. Arroyo to be nominated as a successor to Mr. Kofi Annan's U.N. position as Secretary-General. The record of human rights' violations of the Arroyo regime has been a nightmare in the Philippines. Mrs. Arroyo's presidency has been using tactics that continuosly threaten and degrade the democratic institutions here in our country. I would rather want Miss Aung San Suu Kyi to be the next Secretary-General of the U.N.. I want a man or a woman from the Yellow or Asianic race to be the next U.N. Secretary-General. Such would-be successor of Mr. Kofi Annan at such U.N. post should be a peaceful and lawful champion of human rights and democracy, so that the U.N. Organization can peacefully and lawfully embrace real and moral democracy. Jackie Chan is also a likely nominee for such position. Jackie Chan is a well-known defender of responsible human freedoms and democracy in Hong Kong. Jackie Chan is well-known all over this world as a true lover of democracy. I would like to ask those readers that sympathize with these objectives to visit and click this web page: . Democracy for the whole U.N. Organization now! Peaceful and lawful democratization for the U.N. Organization! Thanks.

Suttung said...

damn right you are to be angry. never read such colorful words before in your blog. indeed, p.i.--that's what a mamasan in a whorehouse actually is.

Lord Dracula said...

but one could almost read their lips, each mentally kissing Merceditas' kind hands and feet for the amazing escape that leaves them all untouched, free of all criminal liability.

Hands and feet only? I am thinking of other body parts. Ugh!

Dean, I hope you can do a post on what you think is the best for an automated election system, including specs! That will be geek heaven he he.

Tom said...

It's not Gutierrez's but the Doña's hand that they are kissing. Gutierrez is merely a consiglieri.